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One of the most beloved animated films throughout time is the series The Land Before Time. these movies became a rite of passage for those who grew up in the 90s, and this was the reason why many 90s kids grew up loving dinosaurs. but if you want to watch the movies again, how do you see the land before time in order?

The good news when it comes to the land before the time series is that all 14 movies can be seen in order of their release. that’s because all 14 movies follow the same chronological order of their release. as such, you can combine all the movies from 1 to 14 without getting confused about which one comes first.

How many films of the land before time are there?

many of us here grew up watching animated movies when we were younger. Most kids of the 1990s grew up watching the popular land movies before time since the first one was released in 1988.

But while many of us are familiar with the first two or four movies (especially if you grew up in the ’90s), you should know that there are more than a handful of movies about the land before time. so how many land before time movies are there?

As of this writing, there are a total of 14 Valley Before Time movies released since 1988. The first was the original Valley Before Time movie, which was released in 1988.

meanwhile, the most recent is the journey of the brave, a film released in 2016, nine years after the release of the last film. what this means is that binge-watching the entire movie series will be difficult.

land before time movies in order

It is quite common for movies to have timelines that get confused such that one movie was released first, but the events of the following movies happened before the events of the previous movie. but the land before time movies are not like that because all these movies follow the chronological order of their release dates.

That means all you have to do is watch all 14 movies in the order of their release dates. and we’ll give you a brief synopsis of all 14 movies to get you started.

1. the land before time (1988)

the land before time, which was released in 1988, is the film that started the entire franchise. what happened here is that an earthquake separates the main characters, who are young dinosaurs, from their families.

In the midst of all that, the main character Littlefoot, a long-necked dinosaur, lost his mother to the attack of Sharptooth, a large t-rex. after that, the little heroes go on a journey to reunite with their families.

2. the land before time ii: the great valley adventure (1994)

The events of the great valley adventure immediately follow the good ending of the first film. In this movie, the heroes saw a mysterious egg that eventually hatched into a sharp-toothed baby that they named a chomper.

That said, the movie revolves around the problems of raising chomper as a group even though everyone in the pack knows the dangers associated with the type of dinosaur that chomper is.

3. the land before time iii: time of the big delivery (1995)

At the time of the big donations, our little dinosaur heroes fight against the young older dinosaurs who bully them. however, there was a much bigger problem at hand as the thundering falls cease to provide the great valley with the water the dinosaurs need to survive.

And due to issues regarding how the older dinosaurs viewed his situation, father wax forbids him to ever play with littlefoot again.

4. the land before time iv: journey through the mists (1996)

In the fourth movie from the land before time called the journey through the mist, we see a group of long neck walkers who visit the great valley to tell the herd that their homeland has been transformed into the land of mist

Grandfather Longneck, the de facto leader of the group, falls ill, forcing Littlefoot and a new friend named Ali (a longneck from the visiting group) to go on a journey to find the cure for the disease of the grandfather. The problem here is that the cure can only be found in the land of mists, a dangerous place that is dangerous for any young dinosaur.

5. the land before time v: the mysterious island (1997)

Mysterious Island is the fifth film in the franchise. In this film, the Great Valley lost its entire green food supply to Leaf Eaters, forcing the heroes to set out on a journey to the mysterious island to find a new food supply for their herd. It was on this island that they were reunited with Chomper, who was now old enough to speak.

However, as it should be, the group grew suspicious of chomper, including his mom and dad.

6. the land before time vi: the secret of saurus rock (1998)

The Secret of Saurus Rock revolves around the story of a legendary long-necked dinosaur, who Littlefoot believes to be the visitor named Doc. However, the pack was quick to blame Doc for being the cause of the valley’s misfortune when the heroes accidentally broke Saurus Rock’s teeth.

This forces our diminutive heroes to find a way to clear Doc’s name, especially since littlefoot looks up to him as the legendary dinosaur hero.

7. the land before time vii: the stone of cold fire (2000)

while sleeping, littlefoot sees a flying rock in the sky. After that, the valley saw some visitors, including some rainbow faces, who ended up telling them that the rock Littlefoot saw could be the cold fire stone. Ducky is captured by one of the visitors, while the gang embarks on an adventure to rescue her from the visitors who wanted to capture the stone of cold fire and keep it for themselves.

8. the land before time viii: the big freeze (2001)

once again, in the big freeze, we see new dinosaurs visiting the valley. This time, the visitors were distant walkers, and one of them befriended Spike, who goes with the whole group of spiketails.

In an attempt to save his foster brother and bring him back, Ducky and the gang set out on a search. Throughout the entire movie, Littlefoot and Cera encounter their own set of problems.

9. the land before time ix: voyage to the big water (2002)

journey to big water follows the events of a surprising rainy season in the big water, which was flooded by the rains. In the movie, Littlefoot befriended a new dinosaur named Mo, who is actually a swimming sharptooth.

After an earthquake traps the gang, they set out on a journey to get back home as they make their way home on the road. however, not everyone in the group liked me very much.

10. the land before time x: the great long neck migration (2003)

little boy has strange dreams and then discovers that his grandparents also had the same dreams. They interpreted the dreams as a sign that they must travel to an entirely new destination, and this leads Littlefoot and the other Longnecks to leave the valley. At the new destination, Littlefoot was shocked to see that his bron’s father was still alive.

11. the land before time xi: invasion of the tinysaurs (2004)

invasion of the tinysauruses follows the story of the invasion of tiny dinosaurs, who have made the great valley their new home. While Littlefoot made some friends among these smaller dinosaurs, these little saurians became the target of blame among the adult dinosaurs who believe they are responsible for the dwindling number of candy trees.

Meanwhile, on the wax side, she was conflicted when her father fell in love with an old friend because she wasn’t sure whether or not she was ready to have a new mother in her life.

12. the land before time xii: the great day of the flyers (2006)

the 12th film the land before time is the great day of the flyers. this movie revolves more around petrie because he wanted to show that he was now ready to fly with the whole family. Meanwhile, Cera now has a new little sister named Tricia after her father fell in love with a new mother figure in the previous film.

then there is also the mysterious dinosaur named guido, with whom the group befriended but know nothing about.

13. the land before time xiii: the wisdom of friends (2007)

Goofy Yellow Bellis Loofah, Doofa and Foobie visit the Big Valley in an attempt to find their way to a place called Berry Valley. This sends our heroes on a journey to help these silly dinosaurs. Along the journey, Littlefoot teaches his new friends all about wisdom, which are important life lessons.

14. the land before time xiv: journey of the mighty

little boy is anxiously awaiting the return of his father, who returns once a year. The heroes learned that a volcano eruption prevented Bron from returning home, forcing Littlefoot to try to find a way to save his father and bring him back home. Despite protests from the older dinosaurs, the young heroes set out on a brave journey to rescue Littlefoot’s father.

do you need to watch land before time movies in order?

You don’t need to watch all of them in order except the first two movies because the second movie is based on the events of the first. however, all the movies are connected to each other in one way or another.

will there be more land before time movies?

Given that the last film was released in 2016, a full nine years after the release of the 13th film, it would be hard to say there won’t be more world films before time.

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