Signed, Sealed, Delivered Movies in Order: Chronological Order

What is the first signed sealed delivered movie

in 2013, the distinctive channel premiered signed, sealed, delivered; A light-hearted and heartwarming romantic comedy series about four postal workers at the United States Post Office.

All the signed, sealed and delivered movies follow the same plot, with each picking up where the previous one left off. Other than that, all the signed, sealed, and delivered movies follow the stories of the same characters. To fully understand what’s going on, here’s the list of movies signed, sealed, and delivered in order.

list of films signed, sealed and delivered in order

Although the Signed, Sealed and Delivered films can be viewed in any sequence, I recommended that you view them in the specific order listed below to fully understand the narrative and how the relationships develop. Other than that, the series has numerous allusions to earlier movies that will be missed if you don’t watch them in sequence.

The best way to watch signed, sealed and delivered movies is in release order as each movie continues the narrative from the conclusion of the previous one.

Below is a list of all films signed, sealed and delivered in order of release:

  • signed, sealed, delivered for christmas (2014)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: from paris with love (2015)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: true be told (2015)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: the impossible dream (2015)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: from the heart (2016)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: one in a million (2016)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: lost without you (2016)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: higher ground (2017 )
  • signed, sealed, delivered: Home Again (2017)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: The Road Less Traveled (2018)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: to the altar (2018)
  • signed, sealed, delivered: the vows we have made (2021)

films delivered sealed and signed in order of release

1. signed, sealed, delivered for christmas (2014)

The four postal sleuths who operate a fictional dead letter office have been busy. They’ve handled 20,000 letters addressed to Santa on top of their regular duty of delivering nearly undeliverable letters to their intended recipients.

When beloved postal detectives Oliver (Mabius), Shane (Booth), Rita (Lowe) and Norman (Gustafson) discover an important letter addressed to God, they postpone their travel plans to save a girl whose mother loves her. life is in danger on christmas eve. The Postables are shocked to discover they’ve been a part of more than one Christmas Eve miracle, thanks to the help of a mysterious Post Office volunteer, Jordan (Estes), and Oliver’s former Sunday school teacher, ross.

2. signed, sealed, delivered: from paris with love (2015)

The postables, oliver, shane, rita and norman, return to investigate the enigma of true love by serving a couple with divorce papers on the same day oliver’s long-lost wife returns. As they explore the story behind divorce papers from two years ago that have been lost in the mail, the postal items bring the romance and charm of the office of failed letters.

However, when Shane discovers an old letter from Oliver to Holly, his estranged wife, the business takes a personal turn.

the d.l.o. from the denver post office. (failed letter office) is back for another investigation to identify the recipient of the most recent letter delivered to his office. oliver, shane, rita and norman start looking for the woman who still hasn’t got divorce papers. their find offers everyone food for thought in terms of their personal lives.

These postal investigators are endearing and moving, with lessons for everyone. this is a story about love and how important it is to forgive. it also shows that if you face your fears, they lose their power over you. With its charming team of investigators and captivating story line, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love” will entertain the whole family.

3. signed, sealed, delivered: truth be told (2015)

four different people take us inside the investigative side of the post office in signed, sealed, delivered: truth be told. Shane is the ideal of a successful department head, affable and competent, but still in love with Oliver, a proud postcard perfectionist, expertly played by actor Eric Mabius. Shane and Oliver set out on a humanitarian mission, accompanied by the brilliant and eccentric Rita and her lovable, nerdy love interest, Norman.

They must reunite Phoebe, the daughter of a missing female soldier, with a 2-year-old damaged letter she received from war-torn Afghanistan. As they continue their search for the letter’s writer, Phoebe’s mother’s comrade becomes a labor of love for the team.

As the mystery behind the letter unravels, events threaten to tear Shane and Oliver’s unresolved relationship apart. he is forced to relive the emotions of abandonment as a result of the loss of little phoebe. When Oliver’s well-meaning father arrives, he takes Shane on a trip down memory lane, giving Shane a chance to help.

This aesthetically appealing and well-produced film conveys a lesson in perseverance as Phoebe never gives up hope, as well as a message of forgiveness as Oliver confronts the remains of his parents. On a lighter note, this movie can be appreciated by people of all ages, but young children may not be as engrossed.

4. signed, sealed, delivered: the impossible dream (2015)

signed, sealed, delivered enchants and draws viewers into a simpler, more gallant world of potential, centered around postables, a squad of special detectives for the united states postal service.

one that is full of faith, innocence and unwavering optimism. Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius), the team’s captain and chivalrous wordsmith; Shane McInerney (Kristin Booth), a once cynical genius; Rita Hayworth (Crystal Lowe), a wonderful intellect with an equally amazing heart; and norman doorman (geoff gustafson), a bright but shy bookworm

We follow the crew as they bravely stand up to the US Congress in hopes of freeing a captive soldier on this journey. we learn about the time-sensitive letter that can reunite this American hero with his beloved daughter through flashbacks. Aside from the tight deadline and puzzling clues, the team must also help Rita in the Ms. special delivery contest, all while managing your relationships.

faith is sprinkled discreetly throughout the film in the classic martha williamson style of mr. O’Toole’s demeanor at the scriptures read and encouraging comments uttered: There is no doubt that every little miracle in this movie leads to a very big god.

5. signed, sealed, delivered: from the heart (2016)

The beloved postables discover a 200-year-old valentine who can alter history in “signed, sealed, delivered: from the heart,” while their investigation of a damaged letter leads them to a prominent person who could be brought down by its content. Oliver, Shane, Norman and Rita are dealing with tragic situations after Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, the lovely team of the Post Office’s DLO (Failed Letter Office) returns to tell a story of pure love. While Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman are investigating two unique cards, they’re also dealing with their own emotions about the big day.

rita must go to washington, d.c., before her and norman’s first special date, now that they are engaged to each other. oliver and shawn share a connection, but they don’t know how to express it to each other. Everyone must see the true meaning of love when Oliver and Shawn try to track down the owners of an undelivered letter from 15 years ago and Norman receives an extremely old letter.

6. signed, sealed, delivered: one in a million (2016)

At a nightclub, oliver and shane explore their budding relationship when they run into a woman who is mourning the loss of her lover and begs the postables to retrieve an important letter she just sent.

Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman from The Dead Letter Office are back with another exciting mystery adventure, but this time it’s not about solving a letter or a package. this time, they are on the hunt for someone who has stolen a large number of letters from various public mailboxes in one of the locations. the mail is being held “hostage” by whoever is doing it.

laptops, as always, show their camaraderie and collaborate for a good cause, like mail researchers. Everyone in the family will enjoy this charming tale. emphasizes that everyone’s life counts, with reflections on love, friendship and a job well done. you should be able to watch this movie regardless of the weather, the time of day, or the time of night.

7. signed, sealed, delivered: lost without you (2016)

Things start off innocently enough: topper, a veteran who works at his brother’s bike shop, delivers an essential item to his little nephew, who drops the damaged package in a fake mailbox where the boys from O’Toole had just finished filming a USPS commercial.

postables are still grieving the loss of their beloved colleague, eleanor of passports, when they receive the letter from topper, who has a life-or-death urge of her own.

The postables then undergo a sequence of circumstances that force them to learn important truths about life and death, faith and skepticism, all while delivering a dead letter. the journey is based on the idea that love can transport not only letters, but also people. And it can happen anywhere: a bike shop in Denver, a casino in Las Vegas, New Mexico, a cabin in the woods in the middle of the night, or even a hospital chapel.

Topper’s love for Sandy gave him the courage he needed to finally get over his inability to leave the bike shop: a metaphor for the power of love to allow even the most damaged among us to move on and start anew.

Norman’s quest to be bolder, spurred on by a job offer in Washington, D.C., reveals how love can make us not only more sensitive, but also empowered for the work of reaching our full potential right where we are, though. Let’s hope it can happen with a little less exposure to hot sauce for the good of all of us! Rita, who has traveled a similar path, walks with Norman to help him become the best version of himself.

8. signed, sealed, delivered: highland (2017)

higher ground: signed, sealed, delivery is a romantic movie that beautifully showcases the power of love in three different stories that fit together well. In The Office of Failed Letters, Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius) works with a charming lady named Shane (Kristin Booth), with whom he has an affair.

norman (geoff gustafson) and rita (crystal lowe), her co-workers, also like each other, although norman is reluctant to express his love for her. After Hurricane Katrina separated them years ago, a guy named Gabe (Keb’ Mo’) wrote letter after letter to a woman named Hattie (Karen Holness) in an attempt to track her down.

They were romantically linked since she ran a jazz nightclub and he used to perform for her. They begin to speculate about what happened to Hattie. Is it conceivable that Gabe and Hattie could be found and reunited by the tight-knit gang at the Failed Letters Office?

nothing worthwhile comes easy in life, and in this case, shane’s ex, steve (mark valley), shows up at the most inopportune time, right after shane’s date with oliver. Shane is recruited to accompany Steve to another nation as a government official in a cyber-hacking investigation, and he’ll be gone for at least a few weeks.

As the weeks go by, Oliver yearns for Shane, looking longingly at his empty desk, waiting for his return. He begins to fear that Steve is keeping Shane away for longer than necessary. Norman is still working up the courage to propose to Rita, and he has found Gabe. hattie, on the other hand, is she still alive?

9. signed, sealed, delivered: home again (2017)

This family flick blends romance and drama, with a dash of comedy thrown in for good measure. oliver (eric mabius) is a postal supervisor who has a crush on shane and has a nice old-fashioned story that includes some detective work (kristin booth).

This fascinating story is based on a mystery involving a specific vase and the three women who sent it in a box when they were young. they had sent the vase, which was a gift they thought was worth a lot of money, for appraisal years ago.

They’ve grown up, and the farm where they live with their elderly and ailing mother, Kim (Kim Delaney), is going up for auction due to unpaid taxes (except for a sister who is a war reporter).

oliver and shane, with the help of other postal workers, discover the missing box containing the vase at an incredible confluence of time. Not only are they running against time (the farm sale is just three days away), but a last-minute surprise can derail efforts to rescue the farm.

In addition to Oliver and Shane’s ongoing relationship, Norman, a co-worker, is hopelessly in love with Rita, whose father (played by Barry Bostwick) despises Norman. Norman is a one-of-a-kind character who is also fun. when he is asked if he loves children, he says “yes, I used to be one”. “I loved it.” this fantastic movie has a couple of great love stories, along with tension, strong acting, and beautiful music.

Our all ages pigeon seal is easily earned due to its healthiness. is not intended for children under the age of eight, as some content may be too slow for them.

10. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Road Less Traveled (2018)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Road Less Traveled follows postal workers who investigate mysteries involving objects at the defunct postal service post office. In one case, a child’s inscription on a camera from the late 1980s is found in the mail, indicating that he is in a gray vehicle and that “meet me, daddy” because he wants to go home. p>

eric mabius stars as oliver, the postal supervisor, with kristin booth as his girlfriend, shane, crystal lowe as rita and geoff gustafson as her fiancé norman in this excellently cast film. the four go to the place where they think the camera was sent after processing the images and discovering some clues in them.

These would-be investigators are up for the task, as they discover the camera was shipped just three weeks earlier, from a hotel where an “80s memorabilia” class reunion was held in 1988. sent, they have a decent chance of finding the child using the information in the images.

This is a mystery that will keep you engrossed in the history and life of these endearing people. What was the reason for the separation of the child from his father? Was it his mother who was behind the wheel of the car she was traveling in? if that was the case, why had she stolen the child from her father? this is an interesting movie that exposes everything towards the end.

11. signed, sealed, delivered: to the altar (2018)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Up The Altar focuses on Norman and Rita’s long-awaited wedding. leads the postal detectives to a letter with clues about a young girl’s missing mother.

There is also a new proposal! oliver proposes to shane and as you can see in the last title, it connects directly with this one, because we will see her preparing for the wedding in the next movie signed, sealed and delivered.

to the altar sees the return of five beloved recurring cast members: gregory harrison, barry bostwick, keb’ mo’, carol burnett, and the irrepressible zak santiago!

12. signed, sealed, delivered: the vows we have made (2021)

The latest installment in the series follows Shane and Oliver as they try to help a boy battling leukemia reunite with his long-lost friend as he prepares for his wedding. At the same time, Rita and Norman face the challenges of trying to start a family.

another amazing signed, sealed, delivered story you need to see, and you can check out our full review of “signed, sealed, delivered: the votes we’ve cast” at the link.

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