What is the movie aftermath on netflix based on

What is the movie aftermath on netflix based on

Video What is the movie aftermath on netflix based on

While the events of the film are wild, they are no less wild than the aftermath of the real-life story. In case you haven’t seen the movie and just want to know the story behind it, here’s a quick overview. Broken couple Kevin and Natalie need a new direction for their crumbling marriage. Kevin works as a crime scene cleaner and ends up negotiating a deal at a house he cleans, where a husband fatally shot his wife and then himself. they move in and strange things start to happen.

Is ‘aftermath’ based on a true story?

Yes, even though we’re told at the beginning of the movie that the events are inspired by real life, the story is just as crazy as the movie.

real-life couple jerry rice and janice ruhter spoke exclusively to people in 2015 about their horror story after buying a house in san diego.

They moved in with their young son when Janice was 9 months pregnant, and almost immediately strange things started happening.

what happened to jerry rice & janice rühter?

first, his house was seen for sale on numerous real estate sites. they had just bought it, so this was obviously weird.

just like in the movie, which also saw kevin and natalie’s new place up for sale, jerry and janice started having problems with the mail; In the movie, Kevin and Natalie receive dozens of mailings that they didn’t sign up for. In real life, Jerry and Janice had their mail suspiciously stopped, and worse, the neighbors started receiving Valentine’s Day mailings from the couple, who sent nothing.

It gets worse. When Janice had her baby, according to People, “she was horrified to discover that her name, photo, and address had been posted online as an advertisement for strangers to have sex with her while her husband was away.” “.

who was responsible?

In the end, it turns out that kathy rowe, a 53-year-old woman who missed out on buying property on the same block, was behind the torment. She pleaded guilty to felony stalking, alleging that sleep deprivation and care for her disabled daughter and her sick husband led to her behavior.

talked to abc and said, “i had high hopes for this house. when I walked in, I felt like home… it’s almost like, you know, you hear the blue birds sing and play music. I went in, it was my house.”

what happened to kathy rowe?

in the end, kathy rowe was sentenced to one year of house arrest and then five years of probation. She did media interviews and the case had a very high profile in the San Diego area.

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