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What is the movie awake about on netflix

Video What is the movie awake about on netflix

what caused the massive insomnia?

for those who need a refresher, wake begins with a look at the life of jill. she is now a security guard at a hospital, she steals and sells drugs to earn extra money. Having lost custody of her two children, he picks up Noah and Matilda from her mother’s house for a scheduled visit, but while they’re in the car, the electronics fail, causing a devastating car accident.

the car enters a body of water and while trying to get her children out of the submerged car, jill realizes that matilda is missing. As Jill and Noah break the surface of the water, they notice a police officer resuscitate Matilda on the shore, but more on that later.

Informed that the electronics are not working, the three head to the hospital where they discover comatose patients. Returning to Jill’s mother’s house, they soon discover that no one can sleep besides Matilda.

Now, this is where things get interesting. Returning to the hospital, Jill meets her former army chief, Murphy, who tells her that there is massive insomnia, except for one woman who can sleep. Jill later tells Murphy’s son Brian that Matilda was asleep after the ‘event’ occurred.

towards the end of the film, jill and her children head north to find “the center”, where the only woman who can sleep resides. Once there, Jill begs the woman to become Matilda’s guardian, however, she reveals that the situation shouldn’t exist, because when the ‘event’ happened, she should have been dead.

but what caused the mass insomnia in the first place? Murphy then finds Jill and tells her that she believes it is due to a solar flare that affected the glymphatic system of humans, which in turn causes the internal clock to disintegrate and causes insomnia.

Do they find a cure for massive insomnia?

at the end of the movie, the sleeping woman dies, leaving jill to rescue matilda. Noah, heavily affected by insomnia, finds himself tampering with electronic devices and eventually electrocutes himself and dies.

Matilda tries to use a defibrillator on Noah, however the shock renders her unconscious. When Ella Matilda wakes up, she discovers that Jill is mourning the loss of Noah, only for him to start breathing once more.

But what does all this mean? well, it’s clear that the cure for mass insomnia is, well, die and immediately revive.

what happened to jill at the end?

As for Jill, once Noah wakes up, the three of them start heading back to their truck when Matilda gets an idea. Remembering the car accident at the beginning of the movie, she realizes that the reason she can sleep is because she technically died in the car accident. And just like Noah, she died before she could resurrect him.

To make sure their mother survives the insomnia, they use their hypothesis about her. Carrying Jill into the water, Noah and Matilda drown her and Noah immediately begins CPR as viewers look directly into Jill’s lifeless eyes and hear one last gasp. which can only mean that the family found the cure, demonstrated by jill being successfully revived, which means that she will now be able to sleep.

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