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What is the movie stillwater based on

Video What is the movie stillwater based on

still water is based on a true story?

The short answer is yes, however it’s worth noting that Stillwater’s premise was simply inspired by the murder investigation surrounding Amanda Knox.

writer tom mccarthy, who is also the brains behind the acclaimed film adaptation of the true story, stated that while stillwater is “directly inspired” by knox, the word “inspired” means that not all the little details They are an accurate description. Basically, McCarthy had a little wiggle room to dramatize things a bit more.

Interestingly, Amanda herself commented on the film when the first trailer was released, explaining that she was not involved in the production.

“the way stillwater has chosen to represent my story in their story is that amanda knox’s character has special knowledge and was at least indirectly involved in the assassination of meredith kercher’s character, which is a myth,” he said . said today, explained.

Of course, a large part of the narrative centers on a murder, however, a major theme of the film is actually the relationship between father and daughter.

what is the plot of stillwater?

As mentioned, the film delves into the life of Bill, who travels to France to fight the country’s legal system that won’t help his daughter after she is jailed for murdering her roommate. While he is there, Bill meets a French woman with whom he strikes up an affair. he also becomes close to his daughter.

The narrative explores their relationships along with an intense character arc for Bill, who has a criminal record but seems to have grown a lot as a father since Allison’s childhood.

As the movie draws to a close, Bill finds someone who could prove his daughter’s innocence. however, we later find out that allison had paid the man to “get rid” of her roommate, which is confirmed by her daughter. .

what really happened to amanda knox?

The real-life story of Amanda Knox, who spent nearly four years in an Italian prison after being accused of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, has several important differences from the film Stillwater.

Amanda, 20 at the time, had spent the night with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito when she returned to their apartment to find blood in the bathroom. her roommate’s bedroom door was closed. When police were called, they kicked in the door and found Kercher dead with her body covered by a bloody comforter.

In the initial investigation, suspicion was raised by Knox’s delay in raising the alarm when he returned home. Around the same time, another person’s DNA was found at the scene via forensics: Rudy Guede. he later admitted to being at the crime scene, but at the time he said he did not kill kercher.

At the close of the first subsequent trial, Knox and her boyfriend were found guilty and sentenced to 26 and 25 years in prison. In 2010, her lawyers asked for an appeal, and a new witness came forward who claimed that while in prison, Guede had said that Amanda and Raffaele were not involved in the murder.

They were subsequently acquitted, but not long after she returned home to the United States, where Knox began studying once more, the acquittal was overturned. Both she and Raffaele were ordered to stand trial for the murder once again by the Italian Supreme Court.

In 2013, the new trial began, and this time new evidence was presented: a kitchen knife that prosecutors believed was used to kill Kercher. Traces of Amanda’s DNA were found on the knife, however her legal team argued that she had used it exclusively for cooking.

In a shocking decision, Amanda and Raffaele were found guilty again. Amanda said at the time: “Having been found not guilty before, she expected better from the Italian justice system. The evidence and accusatory theory do not justify a verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Then, one final twist: In March 2015, Italy’s Supreme Court overturned both sides’ convictions handed down a year earlier. Amanda was free to go.

Since then, she has become an author, activist, and journalist, writing the memoir: Waiting to be Heard.

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