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What movie does rosalie tell her story

chapter number: 7

chapter name: unhappy ending

page numbers: 152-171

chapter date: May 31, 2006


Rosalie asks to speak to Bella so she can tell her why she wants her to stay human. Bella is shocked by this, but welcomes Rosalie to talk to her. Ella Rosalie begins her story by saying that it was a simpler time because she was beautiful and everyone looked at her and that was all she needed. Rosalie is candid about her vanity. Rosalie continues the story by telling how she met Royce King the 2nd. all she ever wanted was to live comfortably and raise a child. royce always wanted to go out with rosalie because she enjoyed the way people looked at them. Bella takes what Rosalie says with some surprise. Bella wonders if the reason Rosalie has so much more bitterness than the others is because she came so close to getting what she wanted.

rosalie continues the story and bella can feel the ugly end drawing near. Rosalie recaps the night of her death. she remembers everything about that night, the cold weather and her worries about having to move the wedding indoors. Rosalie had been leaving Vera’s house to go home when she ran into Royce. Royce was drunk and with several of his friends. Together, they assaulted Rosalie and left her for dead in the street when Carlisle found her. he worked on her trying to save her but couldn’t. Rosalie remembers that she felt like she was flying and the pain was stabbing. She explains how she overheard Edward express how upset she was that Rosalie had changed. After her transformation, Rosalie decided to stay with the Cullens because she didn’t want to be alone.

rosalie then says that she has never tasted human blood. She says that her record is almost as good as Carlisle’s. rosalie tells bella about her revenge, how she killed each of the men who had hurt her. She also tells Bella how she found Emmett and how she had to save him because she reminded her of the little boy she never had.

changes the subject to explain to bella why he has treated her so unfairly. at first she had to do with edward loving bella, because he never showed interest in rosalie. Rosalie then goes on to say that the reason she has problems with Bella now is because she has a choice to remain human and have all the things Rosalie was denied. She asks Bella to think about the choice and what it means for her future.

After the conversation, Bella feels better about her relationship with Rosalie and manages to get some sleep. The next day, on the way to school, Bella is in a bad mood with Alice, who is trying to plan something for the night. bella walks up to school and mike greets her and asks her to hang out that night. her conversation is interrupted by a loud roar. bella looks up to see jacob on her motorcycle. bella runs to jacob and sees alice in the distance growling.

characters involved: rosalie hale, alice cullen, bella swan, jacob black, royce king

Mentioned Characters: Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Rosalie’s Parents, Vera

places visited: cullen house, school

memorable quotes:

“I was too theatrical. It was a bit childish, really. I put on a wedding dress that I had stolen for the occasion. she yelled her when she saw me. she yelled a lot that night” ~rosalie pg 163

“what were you thinking, carlisle?” edward said, “rosalie hail!” ~ Rosalie describing Edward’s reaction. p. 161

important information learned:

rosalie was jealous of the fact that edward paid attention to a mere human and never to her.

rosalie wanted children.

rosalie doesn’t want bella to become a vampire because she thinks a human life brings more opportunities.

rosalie took emmett back to carlisle and asked him to change him.

rosalie was raped and left for dead.

chapter prepared by: be my escape

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