How Shia LaBeouf Reacted to Every One of His Movies

What movie is shia watching

Video What movie is shia watching

while shia labeouf has been streaming live watching all the movies she’s been in for three days on the street at the angelika film center in new york, we’ve seen her expressions change from gleeful to bored to just plain groggy. here we have compiled a catalog of all the main reactions labeouf had to her movies.

fallen man

watching shia labeouf watching her movies. an emotional moment during ‘man down’.


nymphomaniac, volumes 1 & 2

He was visibly fascinated during both installments of nymphomaniac and all of its sex scenes.

a little hypnotized by this live broadcast of shia labeouf. plus this kid in the bkgrnd thinks the nympho is just funny

at some point, he started to get cold.

i’m watching shia labeouf look at himself in nymphomaniac and he looks bored

the company you keep

gave him a bit of sleep during robert redford’s 2012 political thriller you probably haven’t seen.

shia now visibly struggling to stay awake in the company you keep


see shiites look lawless right now.

transformers: dark of the moon

Like all of us, he can barely digest the third transformers movie.

shia labeouf watching transformers: dark of the moon #allmymovies

this is what shia labeouf thinks of his performance in ‘transformers: dark of the moon’

until he fell asleep.

important update: shia labeouf falls asleep during ‘transformers: dark of the moon’

wall street: money never sleeps

wall street 2: shia never sleeps #allmymovies

transformers: revenge of the fallen

so we’ve established that he doesn’t really watch the transformers movies.

looks like shia labeouf couldn’t stand the end of transformers 2… yeah, me neither. #allmyfilms

new york, i love you

is in a short segment of this movie, so who knows if he’s ever seen any of the other parts. But she had fun!

eagle eye

He had to concentrate hard to figure out what was going on in Eagle Eye (or maybe why he did it).

watching the shiites look at eagle eye. How is your night going?

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

labeouf at this point, probably: “what the hell? aliens? same.

shia watching indiana jones 4 #allmymovies


oh no. more transformers.

the disgust is real – shia watching the first transformers…

is ready to navigate

but the happy days are back!

ugh, shia laughing to surf (2007) so so beautiful #allmymovies


look shia: she is enjoying disturbance. who can blame him, it’s a nice little homage to the hatchback. #allmyfilms


labeouf made a friend during bobby, which was a blessing, because he seemed bored.

Shiites and hippies don’t feel bobby #allmymovies

a guide to recognize your saints

This movie made him cry.

shia during ‘a guide to recognizing your saints’

the best game ever played

Watching Shias eat pizza while watching the best game ever played has become the best game I’ve ever played.


I think shia labeouf is watching constantine right now #allmymovies

me, robot

will smith skipped for a nap.

shia update: me, robot. He asleep in the hall. 6:20 a.m. m.

the battle of shaker heights

battle of shaker heights shia. #allmyfilms

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

enjoyed the second (grossly underrated) charlie’s angels movie.

shia enjoying charlie’s angels 2: full throttle before #allmymovies #thisisawesome

two dumber and dumber: when harry met lloyd

This… is a movie that exists. he didn’t seem to care.


enjoyed the movie with one of the biggest roles of sigourney weaver.

shia labeouf looking at holes is everything to me.

even stevens movie

like all of us, labeouf loves the even stevens movie.

shia and the audience enjoying the end of even stevens movie is really something very special to see.

true confessions

it’s almost impossible not to enjoy a disney channel original movie.

shia, you can’t hide from the truth of true confessions #allmymovies


I was so close! #shouldercuddle #shouldered #allmymovies

breakfast with einstein

having breakfast with einstein. #allmyfilms

and now, it’s all over.

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