‘What We Do in the Shadows’ References ‘Twilight’ Baseball Game Scene

What movie is the baseball scene in twilight

  • a new episode of “what we do in the shadows” references the famous baseball scene from “twilight”.
  • the reference comes after the vampires decide to play kickball with their rivals, a pack of werewolves.
  • As the two groups battle, muse’s “supermassive black hole” plays, a clear nod to “twilight.”

In the third season of “What We Do in the Shadows”, several hilarious references to “Twilight” are made, including a kickball scene that is a clear nod to the famous baseball game in the film.

Following an explosive revelation about Gail, Nandor’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, in the season’s third episode (“gail”), the rest of the vampires decide to tag along to meet up with the local werewolf pack, with whom they have an affair. notorious rivalry.

After some discussion, Nandor’s human familiar, Guillermo, suggests that vampires and werewolves should “work out” their differences “‘twilight’ style”, and encourages them to play kickball with each other.

then, in a hilarious nod to the baseball scene in “twilight”, the two groups face off on the kickball field as muse’s “supermassive black hole” plays (the same song used in the scene ” twilight”).

is an unexpected but amusing callback to one of the most famous films of the vampire genre. Stars Harvey Guillen, who plays Guillermo, and Kayvan Novak, who plays Nandor, told Insider in an interview before the season premiere that both characters are “Twilight” fans.

“I think Guillermo was Edward’s team. I think it has to be, right?” Guillen said. “That’s his aspirational life situation there.”

“We’re really digging into ‘twilight’ [this season],” he added.

As for nandor, novak noted that the turkish vampire was “clearly a ‘twilight’ fan” from the pilot, in which he asks guillermo to get him some glitter so he can look like edward cullen glowing at sun.

but novak also joked that stewart’s 2012 fling with “snow white” director rupert sanders (and subsequent split from robert pattinson) might have ruined the films for nandor.

“That kind of thing, that would have really pissed him off,” Novak told an insider.

The third season of “What We Do in the Shadows” is currently streaming on Hulu. you can watch the trailer below.

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