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What movie should i watch on netflix australia

Video What movie should i watch on netflix australia

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spreading the popcorn with butter and turning on one of the best movies on netflix australia has to be our favorite.

but how often do you find yourself scrolling endlessly, looking for something halfway decent to unwind? is always right? well scroll no more folks, here are the best movies to watch on netflix australia.

love in the village

Not the kind of movie that deserves an Oscar, but hey, sometimes you just need a silly love story. A young woman (Kat Graham) takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a breakup, only to discover that the villa she booked is double booked, and she’ll have to share her vacation with a cynical and very good-looking British man. (Tom Hopper). look it now.


In a nutshell, Make Revenge is a high school film from director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. This Netflix movie is basically a Hitchcockian subverted dark comedy that features the scariest female leads of all: teenage girls. We’re wrapped up in this one because it stars Camilla Mendes and Maya Hawke. watch it from September 16.


Based on the best-selling novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Blonde reimagines the life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, Marilyn Monroe. From her volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to stardom and romantic entanglements, Blond blurs the lines of fact and fiction to explore the widening divide between her public and private selves. absolutely unmissable. watch it from September 28th.

the next 356 days

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Netflix’s version of the famous 365 Days trilogy (adapted from a very hot book series), then you’ll be excited to learn that its final iteration is ready to roll. In short, the franchise follows the very toxic romance between husband and wife duo, Massimo (a sort of mob boss) and Laura. while movie two ended with laura being filmed by massimo’s ex-girlfriend, there is also a bit of an unresolved feud between massimo and her twin brother, we won’t give any spoilers to those who haven’t seen it. basically the movies are kind of racy and chaotic anti-romance and addictive in the best possible way. watch the latest movie in the franchise here.

day shift

In this action flick, Jamie Foxx plays a blue-collar dad who works hard and just wants to give his resourceful daughter a good life. However, his mundane job cleaning pools in the San Fernando Valley is a front for his real source of income, hunting and killing vampires as part of an international union of vampire hunters. look it now.

me time

for a movie with all the laughs guaranteed, you’ll want to set aside some time to watch me time, starring mark wahlberg and kevin hart. When a stay-at-home dad finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away from him, he reunites with his former best friend for a wild weekend that almost changed his life. There’s no trailer for this yet, so keep your eyes peeled. watch it now.


Anne Elliot (Dakota Johnson), living with her snobbish family on the brink of bankruptcy, is a “maverick woman with modern sensibilities.” When frederick goworth, the handsome one she let slip, reappears in her life, anne has to choose between putting the past behind her and searching for true love. Fans of the books will know that this one has been adapted from Jane Austen’s novel. look it here.

the gray man

The gray man is a CIA operative court gentry (ryan gosling), also known as saw six. Snatched from a federal penitentiary and recruited by his supervisor, Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton), Gentry was once a highly-skilled, agency-licensed death merchant…your run-of-the-mill job, right? However, the tables turn and now Six is ​​the target, pursued around the world by Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former CIA partner, who will stop at nothing to take him down. watch it starting July 22.

love and frozen love

oh yes, let the escapism begin. While this movie isn’t for everyone (except for those who loved Emily in Paris or those in bold), it’s the kind of movie you can turn on for a well-deserved break from the news or, you know, documentaries. heavy on true crimes. . Lina, a 17-year-old American, is forced to travel to Rome to honor the memory of her mother. she is catapulted into an unknown country, too messy and full of chaos for her serious, methodical and even a bit nerdy nature, she will have to deal with her obsessions, anxieties and fears. For us, we love this one because of the Italian fashion montages and the beautiful scenery of Rome. watch it here.


We love action movies, so if you’re a fan of a movie with an adrenaline rush, you’ll want to dig into interceptor. tough and reality-bruised captain jj collins (elsa pataky) finds herself in charge of a lonely nuclear missile interceptor base in the middle of the pacific ocean after being wrongfully kicked out of her dream job at the pentagon . When a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the base itself, Collins comes face to face with the charismatic but crooked Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey), a former American military intelligence officer who attempts to pull off an unthinkable plan. With only minutes on the clock, Collins has to bring out the heavy weapons using his years of tactical training and military experience to determine who he can trust and stop Kessel and his undercover mercenaries from completing his twisted and terrifying mission. watch it here.


adam sandler is back and this time he plays a basketball scout. After discovering a once-in-a-lifetime player with a rocky past, Stanley Beren (Sandler) takes it upon himself to bring the phenomenon to America without his team’s approval. Against all odds, they have one final chance to prove they have what it takes to make it in the NBA. watch it here.

spider head

okay we’re here for chris hemsworth and miles teller. In a state-of-the-art penitentiary run by brilliant visionary Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), inmates use a surgically placed device that delivers doses of mind-altering drugs in exchange for commuted sentences. there are no bars, no cells, no orange jumpsuits. In Spiderhead, the incarcerated volunteers are free to be themselves. until they are not. sometimes, they are a better version. need to lighten? there is a drug for that. speechless? there is also a medicine for that. But when two subjects, Jeff (Miles Teller) and Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett), form a connection, their path to redemption takes a more complicated turn, as Abnesti’s experiments begin to push the limits of free will altogether. Based on the New York short story by George Saunders, Spiderhead is a dark and funny psychological thriller directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy, Top Gun: Maverick) and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Deadpool, Zombieland). look it here.

a perfect pairing

When lola (victoria justice), a hard-working sales executive for the wine company, quits her job in hopes of starting her own wine distribution company, she books a plane ticket to rural australia to pursue to his first potential client, vaughn. family wines. Unfortunately for Lola, the Vaughn family is not interested (literally, not at all) in doing business with a start-up company. Eager to prove her worth, Lola volunteers to fill a vacant position at the Vaughn Sheep Farm as a farmhand. Naturally, Lola doesn’t seem cut out for the hard work of mending fences and fighting sheep, but she and Max (Adam Demos), the handsome station manager, strike up more than just friendship as he trains her. look it here.

along the journey

Based on the novel by Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride is directed and written by Sofia Alvarez and stars Emma Pasarow and Cameli Belmont as Auden and Eli. The film also stars Kate Bosworth, Dermot Mulroney and fresh off her epic role as her mother in The Handmaid, Andie Macdowell. Now for the plot: It’s Auden’s last summer before college, and he’s spending it on picturesque Colby Beach. While other teens frolic in the sun, Auden spends his time wandering the streets after everyone else is asleep. Everything changes when she meets Eli, a charming and mysterious fellow insomniac. watch it here.

last year

let’s be honest, a movie starring rebel wilson is always a good idea. After a cheerleader (Rebel Wilson) falls off a pyramid and falls into a 20-year coma, she wakes up as a 37-year-old woman, ready to return to high school, regain her status, and reclaim the crown of prom queen. that got away. We also love this one because she introduces another Aussie you’ll be familiar with: Angourie rice. watch it here.

choose or die

Let’s face it, like a butter field it never disappoints, so put your feet up and get ready to sink your teeth into netflix’s newest horror pick or die. After starting a lost ’80s survival horror game, a young coder unleashes a hidden curse that shatters reality, forcing her to make terrifying choices and face deadly consequences. watch it here.

365 days: this day

Okay, if you missed the 365 Days hype in 2020, you might as well save yourself your pop culture lag by backing its sequel, 365 Days: This Day. The Polish-American erotic thriller (yes, expect lots of twists and grinds, 50 Shades of Grey) tales Laura and Massimo and their new beginning. However, Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man who enters Laura’s life threaten their entire relationship. watch it here.

the middle

Do you fancy a supernatural love story? you’re lucky. The intermission is her next ‘cruise control’ which centers on a teenage girl, Tessa (Joey King), who, after hanging around foster homes for most of her childhood, doesn’t think she deserves her own love story. . Everything changes after she has a chance encounter with Skylar (Kyle Allen), a senior from a neighboring town who is a true romantic. However, tragedy strikes when a car accident takes Skylar’s life, while Tessa survives. Tessa soon believes that Skylar is trying to reconnect with her from beyond the grave. with the help of her best friend, tessa tries to contact skylar one last time and we’re not crying, you are. watch it here.

against the ice

In 1909, the Danish Arctic Expedition led by Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) attempted to refute the United States’ claim to northeast Greenland. This claim was based on the assumption that Greenland was divided into two different parts of land. Leaving his crew behind with the ship, Mikkelsen embarks on a journey across the ice with his inexperienced crewman, Iver Iversen (Joe Cole). The two men manage to find proof that Greenland is an island, but getting back to the ship takes longer than expected. the two battle extreme hunger, fatigue, and a polar bear attack and when they finally make it back to their base, their ship has been crushed in the ice and the camp has been abandoned. watch against the ice here.

unexpected gain

Get ready for this Hitchcockian thriller that follows a wealthy couple who arrive at their vacation home only to find it being robbed. we know, the deepest plot, but hang in there, you won’t be disappointed. The Windfall also stars some familiar faces, including Lily Collins, Jason Segel (as the bad guy, would you believe it?), and Jesse Plemons. see windfall gains here.

adam for eve

Without a doubt one of the best movies on netflix, adam by eve is a mystery drama wrapped in vibrant visuals that blend 3dcd live action and 2d animation. high school student aki searches for her friend taki de ella, who suddenly disappeared in front of her eyes. she wanders through a strange world created by the mysterious entity “hitotsume-sama”. Directed by the voice of Taki, she finds a fictional Shibuya that is neither dream nor reality. she watches adam by eve here.

​​rescued by ruby

I mean, how can you go wrong with yet another movie about her man and his dog? Based on a true story, state trooper Dan (Grant Gustin) dreams of joining the K-9 search and rescue team, but no one will give him the chance. foster dog ruby ​​dreams of a home, but hope is running out. When fate brings Dan and Ruby together, it’s their unbreakable bond that helps them face their toughest challenge yet. watch rescued by ruby ​​here.

black crab

black crab is a Swedish action thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by war. During a long, harsh winter, six soldiers embark on a covert mission across a frozen archipelago, risking their lives to transport a mysterious package that could end the war. when they enter hostile enemy territory, they have no idea of ​​the dangers that lie ahead or who, if anyone, they can trust. But for speed skater-turned-soldier Caroline EDH, the mission is something else entirely. see black crab here.

the adam project

if you’re itching to take a brain cruise, you’ll love the adam project. Deep in the sci-fi genre, after an accidental crash landing in 2022, fighter pilot Adam Reed joins his 12-year-old self on a grand mission to save the future. no, it won’t be up for any big movie awards, but it will give you a healthy dose of escapism and we mean, it’s stars ryan reynolds, mark ruffalo, jennifer garner and zoe saldaña, you’re in good hands. The Adam Project is also run by Shawn Levy, who is responsible for things like Stranger Things, Night at the Museum, and Free Boy. Not to mention, the movie is completely action-packed and peppered with good laughs, too. check out the adam project here.

the weekend away

Grab your popcorn, a warm blanket and get ready to settle into this netflix crime thriller. The Weekend Away, starring Leighton Meester, is based on Sarah Alderson’s best-selling 2020 novel of the same name, and let’s just say the book has a pretty frenetic twist at the end. A weekend getaway to Croatia goes awry when Beth (Leighton Meester) is accused of killing her (Christina Wolfe) best friend. Some have likened this Netflix iteration to the female Bourne movie and we mean…there’s only one way to find out. check out the weekend here.

texas chainsaw massacre

Melody, her teenage sister Lila, and their friends Dante and Ruth, head to the remote town of Harlow, Texas to start an idealistic new venture. Of course, their big dream soon turns into an absolute nightmare when they accidentally break into the iconic Leatherface’s house. If you’ve seen any of the Texas Chainsaw movies, you’ll know he’s the deranged serial killer who just so happens to be back on the prowl. To top it off, this film also features a cameo appearance from Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré), the sole survivor of his infamous 1973 massacre who is hell-bent on seeking revenge. watch the texas chainsaw massacre here.

through my window

Through my window is the heated Spanish drama that everyone is talking about right now. Raquel is madly and irrevocably in love with Ares, her attractive and mysterious neighbor. The fact is that she has looked at him from afar because, to her dismay, they have not exchanged a single word. But Raquel has a very clear mission: to make Ares fall in love with her.

the lost daughter

We love it when Netflix starts streaming highly anticipated movies at the beginning of the year, so get ready to experience all that is Olivia Coleman in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut: The Lost Daughter. In it, Leda (Olivia Coleman) meets a mother and her young daughter while on vacation in Italy. Obsessed with the mother-daughter relationship, Leda recalls her own experiences of early motherhood, memories filled with terror, intensity, and much confusion. You’ll also find Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Mescal, and Dagmara Dominczyk starring in this psychological thriller.

don’t look up

Don’t Look Up follows kate dibiasky (jennifer lawrence), a graduate student in astronomy, and her professor, dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) makes a startling discovery of a comet orbiting within the solar system. The problem: It’s on a direct collision course with the earth. the other problem? no one seems to care. with the help of dr. Oglethorpe, Kate and Randall embark on a media tour that takes them from the office of an uncaring president (Meryl Streep) and her sycophantic son and chief of staff, Jason (Jonah Hill), to the airwaves of the Daily Rip, a Upbeat Morning Show Hosted by Brie (Cate Blanchett) and Jack (Tyler Perry). This one comes out on December 24.

the hand of god

From Academy Award-winning writer-director Paolo Sorrentino (Il Divo, The Great Beauty, The Young Pope) comes the story of a boy, Fabietto Schisa, set in tumultuous 1980s Naples. Mano de Dios is a story full of unexpected joys, like the arrival of soccer legend Diego Maradona, and an equally unexpected tragedy. Fate plays its part, joy and tragedy intertwine, and Fabietto’s future is set in motion. Sorrentino returns to his hometown to tell his most personal story, a story of destiny and family, sports and cinema, love and loss.

the unforgivable

Released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent crime, Ruth Slater (Sandra Bullock) re-enters a society that refuses to forgive its past. Facing harsh judgment from the place he once called home, his only hope of redemption is to find the estranged younger sister she was forced to leave behind. The Unforgivable features an all-star cast that includes Viola Davis, Jon Bernthal, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

the power of the dog

Directed by Oscar-winning Kiwi champion Jane, this must-see western will rip your heart out. Dog Power follows charismatic rancher Phil Burbank (Benedict Cumberbatch), who inspires fear and awe in those around him. But everything changes for Phil when his brother George (Jesse Plemons) brings home a new wife Rose (Kirsten Dunst) and his shy son Peter (played by Australian Kodi Smit-McPhee). Phil is on a mission to torment George’s new family until the unthinkable happens and he finds himself exposed to the possibility of love.

mixed tape

The Mixtape Goes Like This: On the eve of the year 2000, beverly moody, an orphaned and awkward 12-year-old girl, discovers a broken mixtape created by her teenage parents. Raised by Ella’s grandmother Gail De Ella (Julie Bowen), a former teen mom who finds it painful to talk about Ella’s late daughter, Beverly sees this mixtape as an opportunity to finally learn more about Ella’s parents. so she goes on a journey to find all the songs on the tape. Along the way, she befriends her quirky neighbor, Ellen; intimidatingly tough, nicky; and Anti, an anti-everything record store owner who is the key to finding these clues, and a renewed bond between Gail and Beverly.


jackie justice (halle berry) is a mixed martial arts fighter who leaves the sport in disgrace. Down on her luck and seething with rage and regret years after the fight, she is cajoled into a brutal underground fight by her manager and desi boyfriend and catches the eye of a fight league promoter who promises Jackie a life in the octagon. But the road to redemption turns unexpectedly personal when Manny, the son she abandoned as a baby, shows up on her doorstep. Bruised is her directorial debut from Academy Award winner Halle Berry and is a triumphant story of a fighter who reclaims her power, in and out of the ring, when everyone has written her off.


With an all-star cast including charlize theron, nicole kidman and margot robbie, bombshell is an absolute must-see. Based on a true story, it follows the tales of three women at Fox News who, after being repeatedly sexually harassed, set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes (played brilliantly by John Lithgow). Risking their careers to expose the toxic workplace culture perpetuated by their powerful boss and the media world, the trio’s bravery triggers a ripple effect that culminates in a liberation movement.

tick, tick…boom!

lin-manuel miranda makes his debut as a feature film director with tick, tick…boom!, an adaptation of the autobiographical musical by jonathan larson, who revolutionized theater as the creator of rent. The film follows Jon (Andrew Garfield), a young stage composer who is waiting tables at a New York City restaurant in 1990 as he writes what he hopes will be the next great American musical. Days before he is due to showcase his work in a landmark performance, Jon feels pressure from all sides amid an art community that is being devastated by the AIDS epidemic. With the clock ticking, Jon finds himself at a crossroads and is faced with the question everyone must ask: what are we supposed to do with the time we have?

miss bullet

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Lords of Dogtown), Miss Bala is a heart-stopping thriller. follows Gloria (gina rodriguez), a makeup artist, who is headed to mexico to support her friend suzu de ella in a beauty pageant. but just days before the contest begins, they are torn apart when a violent drug cartel raids the club they are partying at. While Suzu goes missing, Gloria is captured by the gang and is forced to become a mule for them. Catching the attention of gang leader Lino and Dea, Gloria must use all of her cunning, resourcefulness, and strength to survive in the cruel world of crime and eventually find her way back home.

red notice

When a Red Notice issued by Interpol, the highest-level warrant to hunt down and capture the world’s most wanted, is issued, FBI lead profiler John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is on the case. His global search finds him right in the middle of a daring heist in which he is forced to team up with the world’s greatest art thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), to catch the world’s most wanted art thief, “The bishop” (gal gadot). The high-flying adventure that follows takes the trio around the world, across the dance floor, trapped in a secluded prison, into the jungle and, worst of all for them, constantly in each other’s company.


passing tells the story of two black women, irene redfield (tessa thompson) and clare kendry (ruth negga), who may “pass” as white but choose to live on opposite sides of the color line during the height of the harlem renaissance. in the late 1920s in new york. After a chance meeting that brings together old childhood friends one summer afternoon, Irene reluctantly accepts Clare into her home, where she ingratiates herself with Irene’s husband (André Holland) and his family, and soon with her husband as well. wider social circle. As their lives become increasingly intertwined, Irene discovers that Clare is disrupting her once stable existence.

love a lot

Natalie Bauer (Nina Dobrev), a Los Angeles-based writer, is a self-confessed romantic. After one too many bad dates, she falls for an East Coast guy on a dating app called Tag. Deciding to risk it all for love, she flies across the country to surprise him for Christmas. But when she gets there, she discovers that she’s been tricked and that the tag is actually Josh. The positive side? tag really exists and josh promises to fix things by helping natalie woo him. This light-hearted rom-com is the perfect Christmas movie, complete with snow, lols, and confusing moments.

army of thieves

In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, the Army of Thieves tells the origin story of Dieter (played by Matthias Schweighöfer), who rises from being a small-town bank teller to becoming embroiled in the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman (nathalie emmanuel) recruits him to join a group of interpol’s most wanted criminals. Together, the motley crew attempts to rob a sequence of legendary, unbreakable safes across Europe.


hypnotic follows jenn (kate siegel) who, still reeling from a series of traumatic events and feeling trapped both personally and professionally, decides to recruit a renowned hypnotherapist, dr. meade (jason o’mara) to help her on her road to recovery. After a handful of intense sessions, terrifying events, and mysterious blackouts, Jenn soon finds herself caught up in a dangerous mind game. With the help of Detective Wade Rollins (Dule Hill), Jen seeks to put the pieces together before it’s too late and there are deadly consequences.

night teeth

Night Teeth follows quirky college student Benny, who works as a chauffeur to earn some extra cash. his task: drive two mysterious young women around Los Angeles for a night out. Captivated by the allure of his clients, he soon learns that his passengers have plans of their own for him and an insatiable thirst for blood. As his night spirals out of control, Benny is drawn into an underground war pitting rival tribes of vampires against the protectors of the human world, led by his brother, who will stop at nothing to send them back into the shadows. .

the invisible man

After escaping an abusive and controlling relationship with a wealthy tech genius named Adrian, Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) attempts to start a new life. But when strange events begin to occur, Cecilia is convinced that her ex has tracked her down and is stalking her. the only twist? when she tells the police they inform her that adrian is dead. Feeling that no one is taking her seriously, Cecilia decides to search for the truth on her own. The Invisible Man features an all-star cast that includes Aussies Harriet Dyer and Michael Dorman, as well as Storm Reid and Aldis Hodge.


From the producer of Farewell comes this moving documentary by Amanda Lipitz. In Found, three adopted American teenagers, Lily, Sadie and Chloe, discover that they are blood cousins. their online meeting inspires young women to face complicated and emotional questions, and to embark together on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to china in search of answers, connections, and their lost history. keep tissues close for this one.

until death

if horror movies are a serious part of the action, then to death is for you. Follow Emma (Megan Fox) who is stuck in an unhappy marriage to score. In an effort to save the mark of her marriage, she takes Emma to a secluded lake house for a romantic winter night to celebrate her 10th anniversary. But things take a dark and terrifying turn when Emma wakes up the next morning to find herself chained to her late husband as part of a twisted plot for revenge. As the rest of the plan unfolds (read: hit men arrive to take Emma out), she begins a desperate battle to survive.

there is someone inside your house

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins, there’s someone inside your house who will keep you up at night. It’s like this: Makani Young moves from Hawaii to sleepy, small-town Nebraska to live with her grandmother and finish high school, but as the countdown to graduation begins, her classmates are stalked by a killer who’s trying to expose her. their darkest secrets to the public. the entire city, terrorizing victims while he wears a realistic mask of his own face. With a mysterious past of their own, Makani and her friends must discover the identity of the killer before they become victims themselves.

wonder woman 1984

Wonder Woman is back and this time she lives in the booming 80’s. In Washington, 1984 we find Diana Prince working at the Smithsonian and still pining for her lost love Steve (Chris Pine) who perished in World War I. While working at the institute, Diana discovers the Dreamstone, an artifact with amazing powers that grants its owner whatever wish she desires. Sure enough, it falls into the hands of the wrong people, including Diana’s shy colleague Barbara (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a cunning businessman who will stop at nothing to achieve world domination.


Based on a true story, Hustlers follows a journalist (Julia Stiles) who is working on a story about a group of New York strippers who banded together to extort money from their Wall Street clientele during the 2008 global financial crisis. Blinking between current interviews and his rise to a life of crime and fortune, this movie is an absolute must-watch. The cast is also seriously stacked with Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lizzo, Keke Palmer, Cardi B, and Lili Reinhart.

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