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What movie was #1 in 1981

what movie is this where all the old actors from the old action movies get together in one movie and blow up a lot of stuff? which is the one where brad pitt plays death? and remember that movie where tom hanks best friend is a volleyball? wait, what was that movie where that girl was terminally ill but she got married anyway? what is the name of the tom holland/mark wahlberg movie that came out recently?

It can be beyond irritating when you have the name of a movie on the tip of your tongue but can’t seem to say it. however, there is a site that can take the things you remember about the movie and use them to find the name you’re thinking of.

It’s frighteningly accurate and it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. so how do you find the name of a movie?

find any movie with whats my movie, even if you forgot the name

a site simply called “what’s my movie?” was created to showcase next-level deep search and fuzzy search technology. It was developed by the Finnish startup Valossa, a company founded by researchers and computer engineers from the Finnish University of Oulu.

“We aspire to create a new, descriptive way to search for video content,” the team said on their website. “Our technology understands the content of the video files by itself. from text to pattern recognition, we reach data that hasn’t been searchable in the past.”

continues the site, “ has been developed by the valossa technical team which has its roots in computer science and engineering research conducted at the university of oulu. we have extensive research experience on automatic content recognition and video data analysis. The demos on this site have been developed for research and proof-of-concept purposes for industry. deep content technology has also been tested with television content broadcasters.”

what’s my movie is crazy scary-accurate

The group’s “deep content” technology analyzes video content in ways typical search engines can’t and uses that data to deliver impressive matches even when the search terms provided are very vague.

I had a lot of fun testing the site’s technology. impressively, I have yet to come across it.

Because valossa’s technology digs deeper into the video content, you can even use quotes to find the movie you’re looking for.

how to find the name of a movie by a scene?

another amazing feature is that you can even describe elements of a specific scene and the results are always accurate.

It is a very useful site. it also happens to be an impressive showcase for valossa technology. you can check it right here. can you hide it?

different ways to search to name that movie you’re thinking of

You can even get more granular with your search as you go. if you only remember actors, you can search for “actor-based matches”. For those who remember a few words from the title, “title-based matches” are great. for example, if you type a river in the search bar, you will get a river that runs through it, where the river runs black, all rivers run, and more options.

There are also “director-based matches”, “general matches” and “traditional search” that you can opt for to further reduce your guesswork. In addition, you can also search with your Amazon Alexa device. activating that ability is simple. If you enable Valossa’s movie search skill, you’ll be able to ask Alexa your movie-related questions to better find her answers. this is great for anyone who uses echo frequently.

This article was originally published on March 18, 2016 and has been updated.

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