15 Must-Haves For An Amazing Family Movie Night

What to bring to a movie night

Okay, we can’t go to happy hour for sushi and cocktails anymore now that we’re parents, but you know what? Friday nights are still fun, just in a different way. especially if you have a tradition like family movie night. You don’t need much, just some warm blankets, unhealthy snacks, and a movie everyone can agree on. but if you want to go all out and enjoy epic movie nights with your family, check out our list of must-haves.

1. warm and comfortable blankets

The first thing your family should do before hosting movie night is gather your coziest, warmest blankets, like this oversized velvet fleece blanket with convenient foot pockets. (*move this item to the top of Santa’s list).

2. a fun but supportive pillow

Your family may want to cuddle up together on a sofa. and you can even start the movie that way. but inevitably, someone will end up on the floor, needing a comfortable and supportive pillow like this adorable “field of poppies” backrest from trolls.

3. pajamas with movie motifs

A movie night is only complete when you’re dressed for the occasion. These glow-in-the-dark Star Wars pajamas will be a hit with your kids (and light up the room during scary parts!)

4. unique children’s blankets

This plush sequin mermaid tail blanket will be a favorite addition to your kids’ movie night (although you may want to get more than one, because they’ll probably fight over it).

5. old school popcorn maker

You know you’re going to pop some popcorn, so why not add this nostalgic popcorn maker to your family movie night decor? and you’ll get “cool dad” points for being retro.

6. old school jiffy pop popcorn

Another keepsake is this 4-pack of jiffy pop that you cook on the stove, just like when we were kids. Your family will love the authenticity of making the original Jiffy Pop and get to see what life was like before microwaves!

7. popcorn buckets (for a full movie theater experience)

The final piece of the “popcorn” puzzle for your family movie night are these theater-shaped popcorn buckets. just fill them up, sit back and enjoy the show.

8. warm slippers

Comfort is key for family movie night, and with these slippers you can stay comfy from head to toe.

9. straws and lids from soda cans

OK, now that the snacks are in order, what about the drinks? you want to do movie night right, but you don’t want soda spilling all over your furniture. so these handy reusable lids with straws let your kids enjoy fun drinks and keep your couches from sticking.

10. a mini portable projector

I mean, anyone can turn on the TV and watch a movie. but how many people project them on a giant screen? maybe even outside? With this projector, you could become a legend among parents.

11. indoor/outdoor entertainment screen

However, you need a giant white wall or screen like this to match your new projector. With straps to hang or an optional leg kit to add, this screen can be set up anywhere your kids want to be.

12. the latest hit movie

We know a lot of people can make a movie night out of a quick download, but if you’re still a DVD family, Paddington 2 is a good buy as rotten tomato tagged it as the #1 movie of 2018. other big hits include the incredibles 2, black panther and won’t you be my neighbor?

13. a classic movie

another route is an old school option, like the holiday-themed polar express, a charlie brown or elf christmas, just to let our kids know how good the movies of the past were too.

14. family flix movie night box with a redbox gift card

If the idea of ​​putting all this together seems overwhelming, try a movie night box like this one that does much of the work for you. you just need to add the warm blankets, the couch and bring your family.

15. movie trivia game

The fun doesn’t have to end with the end credits. You can keep the good vibes going with this movie trivia game.

Family movie nights are an easy way to bring everyone together after a long week of fighting over homework and who forgot to flush the toilet. in the end, everyone huddles together, shares some snacks, and gets lost in the magic of the movies for a couple of hours. And when your son falls asleep on your arm just before the credits roll, you’re reminded that yes, he may miss his happy hour days, but he wouldn’t trade these Friday nights for the world.

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