Fantastic Beasts 4 potential release date, cast and more

What will be the next fantastic beasts movie

Fantastic Beasts 4 has yet to be officially confirmed by Warner Bros, although the series was always planned to be a five-movie run.

Of course, that was before all the behind-the-scenes issues, like the johnny depp recast and the backlash against rowling’s tweets about the genre.

It was also before the series took a nosedive at the box office, with Dumbledore’s Secrets becoming the lowest-grossing Harry Potter film in history, grossing $405 million worldwide.

There have now also been many changes at warner bros after the merger in April 2022 with discovery. has led to the cancellation of movies already shot and the cancellation of other planned projects, as studios refocus on exclusive theatrical releases.

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All of that said, the future of the Fantastic Beasts series is still unclear, but a fourth movie hasn’t been completely ruled out yet. there’s a good chance new warner bros discovery bosses will choose to continue with a well-known property, box office dips notwithstanding.

Will we see the next two movies in the series as originally planned? your guess is as good as ours, but as of September 2022, there has been no definitive word on the future of the series.

If it happens, here’s everything you need to know about the next planned movie in the Fantastic Beasts series. (Beware, there are major spoilers for Dumbledore’s Secrets, so don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the movie yet.)

possible fantastic beasts 4 release date: when will fantastic beasts 4 and 5 be released?

We don’t have a confirmed release date yet for Fantastic Beasts 4 or Fantastic Beasts 5, so we can only speculate.

After several delays, The Secrets of Dumbledore hit theaters in April 2022, almost four years after the sequel. a large part of the delay was out of his control as the ongoing global pandemic affected his filming.

We had originally assumed that the fourth and fifth films would arrive in November 2022 and November 2024, after the first two films were released in November 2016 and November 2018.

Obviously this won’t be the case anymore, but if the fourth movie does happen, maybe we can expect a shorter wait. though you’ll probably still have to wait until 2024 at the earliest.

In February 2022, producer David Heyman revealed that work had not yet begun on the script for the fourth film (via screenrant).

As for the release date of Fantastic Beasts 5, we can’t even speculate at this point as it will depend on when the fourth movie is released. however, unless they film back-to-back, we could be looking at 2026 for that.

Fantastic beasts 4 cast: who will return for fantastic beasts 4 and 5?

We’re about to get into some spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, so don’t continue reading the photo if you haven’t seen it.

Nothing has been confirmed about the cast of the fourth film, but all the main characters survived the events of the third film, so you can expect the following returns if the fourth film happens:

• eddie redmayne as newt scamander• jude law as albus dumbledore• mads mikkelsen as gellert grindelwald• dan fogler as jacob kowalski• alison sudol as queenie goldstein• callum turner as theseus scamander• jessica williams as professor eulalie “lally” hicks • william nadylam as yusuf kama• victoria yeates as bunty broadacre

The future is less certain for Ezra Miller’s Credence Barebone. In the third film it was confirmed that he is a Dumbledore, although in reality he is the son of Aberforth (Richard Coyle) and not the brother of Albus.

However, it is revealed that he is also slowly dying as a result of the dark interior and at the end of the film, Aberforth takes him back home. we imagine that he will die off-screen, but he might have a cameo in the next movie.

tina goldstein, played by katherine waterston, had a major role in the first two films, but was relegated to a small cameo in dumbledore’s secrets. Tina is now the head of the American Auror office which keeps her “very busy”.

hopefully tina can do more in the next movie, but it’s not guaranteed. We know from canon that Newt and Tina eventually get married, so it won’t be lost entirely.

Could we see some of Harry Potter’s favorites in a fourth movie? Prior to the release of the third film, Fogler did not quell rumors that we might see a younger version of Hagrid at some point.

Behind the Camera, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Director David Yates (who also directed the last four Harry Potter films) has signed on to direct all the films in the series.

In addition to yachts, another alumnus of the original Harry Potter series joined the Fantastic Beasts franchise in the third film. Steve Kloves, author of seven of the eight Harry Potter screenplays, wrote the third film with Rowling.

We don’t know for sure if kloves will return, but we hope he will if the fourth movie comes out.

fantastic beasts 4 and 5 plot: how will fantastic beasts end?

unlike the crimes of grindelwald, dumbledore’s secrets don’t end with a cliffhanger and pretty much wrap up the main plot points.

As mentioned, we found out that Credence is a Dumbledore and we also received confirmation of a long-standing Harry Potter fan theory that Albus and Aberforth’s sister Ariana was an obscure Credence like Credence.

In the ending, dumbledore and grindelwald’s blood pact is broken after grindelwald tries to kill credence for betraying him. Dumbledore protects Credence without thinking of Grindelwald, and the “spells from him were found” that broke the pact.

This sets the stage for their great duel in the future we know from Harry Potter canon.

rowling has said that the films will cover 19 years of wizarding world history. that will take the last one until 1945, the year dumbledore defeated grindelwald and claimed the elder wand from him.

That was also the year a certain Tom Riddle (the future Voldemort) graduated from Hogwarts.

Considering all that, it seems unlikely that the fifth film won’t feature the climactic battle between dumbledore and his former friend.

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That 19-year period also covers the birth of Voldemort and the actions surrounding the creation of his first Horcruxes.

We know less about what happens to Newt and the other Fantastic Beasts characters during that period. so when it comes to them, they could be doing anything in the fourth and fifth movies, should that happen.

queenie and jacob get married at the end of dumbledore’s secrets, so maybe they’ll take it as their chance to put this whole life behind them.

fantastic beasts 4 trailer: any fantastic beasts 4 videos yet?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait, as filming on Fantastic Beasts 4 hasn’t started yet, so it will be a while before we see a trailer.

assuming it is, if the movie gets made.

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