Deadpool 3 potential release date, cast and more

When does deadpool movie come out

deadpool 3 is still awaiting an official release date and with phase 5 of the mcu booked, we may be in for a long wait.

marvel studios had some big panels recently at comic-con and at the d23 expo, but the third part was nowhere to be seen. don’t give up hope though, as we’ve had plenty of updates to confirm it’s happening.

Originally, it was announced that Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin had been hired to write the third part. Now it looks like the third movie is being written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the first two movies.

Ryan Reynolds suggested in August 2021 that the film would begin filming in 2022, and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige also confirmed in August 2021 that the studio had a release window in mind for Deadpool 3.


watch deadpool and deadpool 2 on disney+

Despite this, we’re nearing the end of 2022 and the third movie doesn’t seem to be any closer to filming. It now has a director in the form of Shawn Levy, reuniting with Reynolds for their third film together after Free Guy and the Adam Project.

However, Deadpool 3 is happening, and with that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Deadpool’s MCU debut.

possible deadpool 3 release date: when will deadpool 3 be released?

as mentioned above, deadpool 3 has been confirmed by marvel studios, but we are still waiting for an official release date.

after comic-con, fans speculated that maybe the third movie could go to phase 5 on february 16, 2024. disney still has an “untitled marvel movie” coming out on that day, but that might not be the case.

Delays in a confirmed release date could be due to behind-the-scenes changes with the writers of part 3. it’s unclear if reese and wernick started from scratch or are working from the old script.

Shawn Levy is also a busy man with Stranger Things and other projects, so it’s unclear if filming will begin in 2022.

reynolds had suggested the movie could start filming in 2022, but also revealed in October 2021 that he was taking a break from acting. makes it unlikely that we’ll see the movie in 2023.

then it could very well be that february 2024 date for deadpool 3, but if not, we’ll be waiting for one of the blanks in phase 6. if that’s the case, we could be waiting until 2025.

hopefully we don’t have to wait for phase 7 in 2026…

deadpool 3 cast: who will be in deadpool 3?

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role of Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3. No one else has confirmed his involvement yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see who joins Reynolds.

Marvel fans had thought he would appear in Doctor Strange 2 as he was supposed to on the poster, but that never worked out.

technically, reynolds already made his mcu debut in an ad with thor: ragnarok character korg, as well as having a name on the avengers campus ride avengers assemble: flight force.

deadpool 2 also introduced us to a variety of new heroes with the x-force team and while some didn’t survive long enough, we got to see the likes of cable (josh brolin) and domino (zazie beetz) again.

However, Beetz isn’t so sure she’ll be back, as she revealed in March 2021 that she hadn’t heard anything about a role and as of March 2022 (a year later) she still hasn’t heard anything. .

In August 2022, Beetz slightly changed his tune and seemed to hint at a comeback: “well obviously I can’t say anything but I feel lucky. I can’t really divulge or say anything so we’ll see I guess.” /p>

teammates colossus (stefan kapičić), negasonic teenage warhead (brianna hildebrand), yukio (shioli kutsuna), and russell (julian dennison) will likely round out the x-force team if we see them again, maybe with peter (rob delaney) piggyback.

Fans shouldn’t have high hopes of seeing characters like shatterstar (lewis tan) and zeitgeist (bill skarsgård) return for deadpool 3, but superheroes always cheat death in comics, so never say never.

We can say for sure that Blind Al will be back thanks to a tweet between Reynolds and Leslie Uggams, who plays the roommate.

One character who has already cheated death (as long as deadpool 2’s post-credits sequence is canon) in the franchise is vanessa, deadpool’s girlfriend, and it’s safe to assume she’ll be back for the sequel as well, though Morena Baccarin has not. nothing has been confirmed yet.

previously defended Vanessa’s lack of screen time in the sequel and fans accused the film of “empowering” her. “I can understand that people felt that way and I was certainly disappointed that I didn’t have more to do, because I loved the role so much,” she said.

“but seeing the movie and reading the script, it felt like an emotionally pivotal role in the movie and her whole character arc in the movie is set in motion because of what happens to my character.”


The mouthed mercenary might have his hands full fighting to protect her, as previous easter eggs have hinted that mister sinister could become the big bad in deadpool 3.

Otherwise, omega red’s deadpool 2 cut cameo during the ice box prison scene could also hint at the future of the franchise.

tj miller played weasel in the first two movies, but has said he “would rather they didn’t do” a third movie and if that means he won’t be back, it won’t bother us too much. .

will we finally see an on-screen reunion of ryan reynolds and his nemesis hugh jackman? we just don’t know.

With reese and wernick back as writers, there’s a chance chris hemsworth might be tempted by a cameo as thor after working with them on spiderhead. “Oh man, if he did, we certainly couldn’t talk about it. But it would be great,” Reese joked.

deadpool 3 plot: what will deadpool 3 be about?

reynolds has teased that the third part is “looking to go in a completely different direction,” jokingly adding, “often, they reboot or change a character, maybe like four movies too late.”

Even though the original director of deadpool said part 3 didn’t need an r rating to be great, the movie will still have an r rating, so don’t worry about that. Feige confirmed in February 2021 that Deadpool has “established” itself as an R-rated franchise.

After reese and wernick joined part 3, they promised that the film would not be “disneyfied”.

“they’re going to let deadpool be deadpool, you know? it’s not like any particular joke could be the one where they say, ‘you know, that’s too far off.’ that could happen, but up to this point, it hasn’t been nothing but support,” reese said.

It is unclear how the movie’s mcu connection will play a role in the series continuity of the first two movies or if it will effectively be a soft reboot. does this mean that time travel will play a more prominent role in deadpool 3?

The last time we saw Negasonic Teenage Warhead, she was fixing Cable’s time machine so that Deadpool could right the wrongs of the past, including an unfortunate but hilarious career choice made by Ryan Reynolds.

a reese plot sneak peek makes us think that the third movie will have deadpool get to the mcu part of his story, directly addressing that he is now in a totally different universe than before instead of reconfiguring his mcu status .

“it’s a wonderful opportunity to fish out of water. deadpool is a lunatic at the center of a movie. bringing a lunatic into a very sane world is pure butter. it’s going to be a lot of fun.” Reese pointed out.

feige has also set a pretty high bar for the movie, comparing it to three other mcu sequels. “how do we elevate it the way we’ve been able to with civil war, infinity war and ragnarok?” he said.

“it’s so much fun to be in the world of the ryan reynolds show.”

deadpool 3 trailer: when will the deadpool 3 trailer arrive?

Filming for the third movie hasn’t even started, so we’re afraid there won’t be a trailer for a while. however, we’re sure reynolds will have a fun social post lined up by the time he finally starts shooting.

deadpool and deadpool 2 are available to watch now on disney+.

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