When does the attack on titan movie take place

When does the attack on titan movie take place

Video When does the attack on titan movie take place

Since its first broadcast in 2013, Attack on Titan has become one of the biggest action series in anime history. Like all great titles, the series has spawned a selection of side stories and scenes that you might miss if you only watch the TV series. If you don’t have weeks to spare, we’ve rounded up the best attack on titan watch order to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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all attack on titan anime content

before we start, here is a list of all the featured anime content created for attack on titan:

You may be pleased to know that you don’t need to watch all of this content to get the full attack on titan experience.

First of all, all of the above movies are recaps of previous episodes. While this may sound good to those wanting to catch up, much of Attack on Titan’s appeal lies in the little details that these movies may miss, thus generally not being recommended.

another part of this list that can be skipped is attack on titan: junior high. this series is a chibi-style spin-off that parodies the main story of a high school sitcom.

reception in high school was mixed, and while it may be a fun watch for attack on titan fans, it’s definitely not canon and can be skipped.

these omissions leave us with all four television seasons and a handful of ovas that have been released over the years. While the TV seasons alone are enough, for the full experience, you may want to watch the Ovules as well.

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attack on titan best watch order

With all of the above in mind, here’s the best attack on titan watch order that’s guaranteed not to miss a moment:

  1. attack on titan season 1 (tv series)
  2. ilse’s notebook (ova)
  3. sudden visitor (ova)
  4. anguish (ova) )
  5. attack on titans: no regrets (ova)
  6. attack on titans season 2 (tv series)
  7. attack on titans: lost girls (wall sina, bye) (ova)
  8. attack on titan season 3 part 1 (tv series)
  9. attack on titan: lost girls (lost in the cruel world) (ova)
  10. attack on titan season 3 part 2 (TV series)
  11. attack on titan final season (TV series)

The best way to watch the attack on titan tv series is in release order, with a few exceptions.

There’s nothing to be left out of the TV series – the foreshadowing of Attack on Titan is so strong that you’ll want to make sure you take it all in on the way to the end.

Ovules, which are usually released as bonus DVDs alongside manga volumes, provide a bit of additional context to the characters and events. while not crucial to understanding the story, they do help shed light on some of the other actors and subplots in the story.

do i need to watch the attack on titan movies?

no, you don’t need to watch the attack on titan movies.

The Attack on Titan anime movies are all summaries of events in the TV series. Crimson Bow and Arrow and Wings of Liberty recap the first and second halves of season 1. The other two films recap seasons 2 and 3 respectively

Recap movies are largely produced to help new fans get up to speed with the series quickly before the new season airs on television. however, some details and nuances are lost, and the movies are largely criticized by those who watched the anime beforehand.

There is also a live-action movie Attack on Titan, released in 2015. This Japanese movie deviates significantly from the source material and is not considered part of the plot of the manga and anime.

is attack on titan ovas worth watching?

yeah, if you have the time and access, you should definitely watch attack on titan ovas.

Attack on Titan Original Video Animations (OVAS) were produced as extras to accompany limited edition anime or manga DVD sales. some are based on existing stories not covered in the anime or are original stories created to accompany the anime’s story.

The first three Ovules (Ilse’s Notebook, Sudden Visitor, and Heartbreak) are sometimes collectively referred to as “The Ovules”, although more have since been released.

The first two take place during the interval between episodes 3 and 4 of the anime. however, given their content, it’s recommended that you watch all three after finishing Season 1. By then, you’ll understand some of the secrets behind the events that unfold.

Attack on Titan: No Regrets covers Levi’s backstory and is based on a visual novel of the same name. provides a bit more context to the much-loved supporting character and also to the world as a whole.

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls is based on a spin-off novel and follows Annie and Mikasa in largely separate stories. mikasa’s story in episode 3 (lost in the cruel world) contains some minor spoilers from the first half of season 3, but annie’s story (wall sina, goodbye) can be seen before season 3.

every attack on titan ova has been well received by fans of the series. while they are not crucial parts of the story, they do offer insight into lesser-explored characters or plot details that enrich the series.

We hope this watch ordering guide helps you make the most of your attack on titan journey!

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