When does the james bond movie come out 2021

When does the james bond movie come out 2021

Video When does the james bond movie come out 2021

my fellow spy fans it looks like we will finally see no time to die aka the 25th james bond movie aka the james bond movie that was delayed about 60 times due to the coronavirus pandemic and other issues. At this week’s cinemacon, the bosses behind the movie said we’ll definitely see it on October 8, 2021 in theaters. we’ll get to that, and any new plot details that surfaced during the event, shortly.

but first: you must remember, no time to die is the film that, even before covid-19 put hollywood on hiatus, was plagued with production problems, including the replacement of its original director, accidents in the set and an injury. for star daniel craig. Fortunately, there has also been good news about the project. after all, how can you go wrong with phoebe waller-bridge fine-tuning the script and cary joji fukunanga directing? here’s everything we know so far, from the film’s trailers to its theme song to its delayed release date.

what is the movie about?

After rumors suggested Daniel Craig’s final 007 film would be titled Smashhand (named after the alias of Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld from Ian Fleming’s 1964 novel You Only Live Twice), Eon announced the royal title, No Time to Die, in August. from 2019. It’s either a pretty classic name for a bonus movie or it was created with a random bonus title generator, depending on how you look at it.

here’s the movie’s setup, according to its official synopsis:

Thanks to a video in which fukunanga talks about there being no time to die, we learn a few more details about the plot. in the clip, the director says, “for me, as a writer and director, it was essential to rediscover the bond. where is he, after five years of retirement, who has he become?”

fukunanga confirms that there is no time to die five years after spectre. And it sounds a bit like a fall from the sky, with the director explaining that the film sees Bond struggling with the new world of espionage and the new rules that developed while he was gone. And of course he pokes fun at the threat of Rami Malek’s villain, Safin, who we’ll talk about shortly. Regardless, it looks like it’s going to be a ride. says fukunanga, “no time to die is the culmination of everything the bond has become. with all that he has seen, all the trauma, all the loss, what is that mission that will be the most challenging and the most difficult?” ?”

But what’s a bond movie without romance? At Cinemacon in August, the team behind No Time to Die presented theater investors with a nine-minute clip of the film. most of the new footage reportedly included a variety of bonus antics: car chases, explosions, motorcycles, the works. At one point, Blofeld apparently tells Bond that Madeline is a traitor. At another point in the footage, Bond also reportedly tells him, “You’re right, letting go is hard.” is a break in our friend’s letters? Unless there’s a new trailer before October, this could be all we know about Madeline’s arc for now.

who’s in the cast?

daniel craig, of course. And aside from Bond himself, there’s a mix of familiar and new faces in the supporting cast. Bond regulars Jeffrey Wright, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes will return, and they will be joined by Christoph Waltz, who reprises his role as villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

lashana lynch joins the franchise as nomi, a junior mi6 agent who assumes the codename 007 upon bond’s retirement. News of her casting sparked a brief and predictable internet outrage over the famous spy’s alleged portrayal as a black woman, but Lynch’s character is an entirely separate creation inheriting the same codename. “It makes me feel pretty sad for some people because their opinions, they’re not even from a bad place,” Lynch said of the outrage, “They’re actually from a sad place. It’s not about me.

And Oscar winner Malek will appear as the mysterious villain Safin. the star told reporters that he would not play a bad guy who is affiliated with “any act of terrorism that reflects an ideology or a religion” and that his character is a “very different kind of terrorist.”

but fans suspect that safin may actually be the classic bond villain, dr. No. Malek, of course, didn’t confirm anything when he was questioned by Esquire UK, but hinted that “there is a resurgence of Ian Fleming’s influence in this movie.” dr it’s not an original Flemish creation, so bringing it back would definitely count as a “revival” of the author’s influence.

What do the trailers reveal?

The first full trailer for the film showcased much of what we already knew: we’re introduced to Lynch’s character, we meet Waltz’s Blofeld, and finally we see Malek’s Safin, while also offering some new plot clues. Bond rode off into the sunset with Madeleine de Seydoux’s swan at the end of the spectrum, but it seems the two did not meet their happy ending.

but the second trailer clearly marks the landscape of the film. According to Madeleine, Safin pursues her and takes revenge on her. The villain himself tells Bond that “they both eradicate people to make the world a better place,” while Lynch’s character reveals that someone (Safin?) “is going to kill millions.” that, and the location of the underground terrarium in his lair, are all in keeping with the theory that the character is an eco-terrorist. the trailer may also support the theory that safin is dr. no, he just looks at the dark blue number that he wears for about a minute and 25 seconds. definitely looks like a 2020 version of the famous nehru jacket look from no.

The latest trailer, which debuted in July 2021, doesn’t show us much. it is mainly an advance to wet the palate. We get a glimpse of Bond meeting up with Q, Nomi flying around on a goddamn jet with Bond in tow, and Ana de Armas in kick-ass mode. Fortunately, the trailer reminds us, if anything, that no time to die will be worth the wait.

what is the theme song?

The filmmakers chose pop star Billie Eilish to perform the film’s theme song, which is appropriately titled No Time To Die. Eilish, 18, who swept the 2020 Grammys by winning trophies for best new artist, song of the year, record of the year, album of the year and best pop vocal album, is the youngest artist to record a 007 theme. And the melody is a perfect blend of vaguely ominous, classic bond orchestration, a haunting melody, and Eilish’s signature crooning voice.

what about those production issues?

The making of No Time To Die was so riddled with problems that the press began joking that the 25th Bond movie was cursed. First was the change of directors: Citing “creative differences,” Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli announced in 2018 that Boyle had left the project. (Rumor has it that Boyle wanted to kill the movie’s iconic spy.) Broccoli later admitted that after her departure, the producers “considered shutting down the production altogether.”

boyle was replaced by fukunaga, but the problems did not end there. While performing a stunt, Craig suffered an ankle injury that required surgery and kept him away from the set for weeks. then a series of explosions rocked the set, leaving one crew member critically injured. The film’s production later made headlines again when a maintenance worker at Pinewood Studios in the UK, where the film was filmed, was arrested for hiding a camera in the women’s toilets.

The film hit another snag when it was announced in February 2020 that its Chinese premiere and promotional tour would be canceled due to coronavirus concerns. (Just about every other major movie scheduled last year met a similar fate.) And on March 4, MGM, Universal, and the producers of No Time To Die decided to proceed with a global delay of the film to November 2020 due to precaution regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

which brings us now, see below.

so when does the movie come out?

with mgm and universal deciding to go ahead with the coronavirus-related postponement, we were, at one point, ready to see the launch with no time to die in the uk. on November 12, 2020 and in the US. uu. on November 20, 2020. no. nuh-uh. then it was postponed until April 2, 2021 and, once again, until October 8.

then, at cinemacon in august, mgm cinema chief michael de luca said, “i’ll get to the point. james bond is coming out in october,” confirming the october 8th release date. Phew. do you have all that? We’re almost there, folks.

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