Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Love Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

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Video When is blake shelton movie on hallmark

We’re big fans of the iconic Christmas movies around here and it’s always exciting to discover that some of our favorite celebrities are too. Apparently, when Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani first started dating in 2015, it was just as the Hallmark Channel began airing its annual Christmas Movie Countdown. And according to Stefani in a Q&A on Hallmark’s Facebook page last year, festive Christmas movies are one of the first things they watched together as a couple. It seems we’re not the only people who get sucked into feel-good movies year after year.

“this is something people don’t know about me and blake,” he said, responding to a fan who asked if he watched any of the network’s holiday movies. “ok let’s be real yes we do it’s actually one of the first things we bonded with is watching hallmark christmas movies there’s something about these movies that draws you so much into these stories and we started seeing them last week actually. we were doing our holiday thanksgiving turkey and watching the movies and they go by one after another and just when you think, oh, I have a break, you’re sucked into the next one.”

stefani also made sure to point out that not only is shelton a fan of the movies during the holiday season, but the country music star also had a hand in making them as an executive producer. In fact, he has worked on several of them with his own mother, Dorothy Shackleford.

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“also, blake’s mom, she has some movies that she did, some signature movies,” stefani explained. “these are christmas movies and blake produced them. let me see, i can’t remember all the names, but it’s time for me to come home for christmas, that’s his christmas movie, blake’s mom has a movie christmas at hallmark she has three of them so check it out so proud to be a part of that my mother in law to be.”

Blake and his mother’s distinctive journey began together when she adapted his Christmas song “Time for Me to Come Home” from Cheers, It’s Christmas into a novel. initially, the voice coach asked her mother for help when she was working on writing the song. You’ll probably recognize Blake’s mom from the sweet photos he posts with her on social media.

“Blake was writing the song for his Christmas album and said he needed help with the second verse,” Dorothy told Country Life. “So I came up with the second verse and that’s how the song was born.”

The song was then adapted into a signature film in 2019 starring Megan Park and Josh Henderson: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas. The film did so well that they have now started a “Come Home for Christmas” series. The sequel to the original film, Time For You To Come Home For Christmasstarring Alison Sweeney and Lucas Bryant in an all-new holiday story.

His most recent film in the series, Time for Us to Come Home for Christmasstars the incomparable Lacey Chabert alongside Stephen Huszar. The new movie premiered on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, December 5, and blends Hallmark’s signature romance during the holiday season with a bit of mystery. Five guests are invited to an inn for Christmas and need to discover what they all have in common. I can’t wait to find out the final reveal at the end of the new movie!

In 2020, Gwen was also able to work with Hallmark Network, as her Christmas song “Here This Christmas” was the theme song for the countdown to Christmas. That means you were hearing Gwen’s voice every time you watched those Christmas movie trailers on Hallmark! There are so many things to love about this musical couple, but their hallmark love for each other definitely sets them apart from the rest.

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