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When is the downton abbey movie coming out

The trailer shows the cast and crew members taking over the Downton estate while the Crawleys escape to the South of France, to a villa left to Lady Violet by a mysterious man.

Universal previously hinted at the release of the new trailer with a stunning poster that gave fans a glimpse of the film’s massive cast.

Along with returning faces including the crawley sisters, lady mary (michelle dockery) and lady edith (laura carmichael), there will be a list of new additions to the cast including hugh dancy, laura haddock, nathalie baye and dominic west (the search for love).

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Second Downton Abbey: A New Era.

downton abbey: a new era release date

downton abbey: a new era will be released in UK cinemas onFriday 29th April 2022.

The sequel comes nearly three years after the release of Downton Abbey’s first film, which was released in theaters in 2019.

The original series ran for six seasons on television from 2010 to 2015 on ITV in the UK.

The film’s distributors had originally scheduled the release of the new sequel for Christmas 2021, but the film’s release date was pushed back to the following year due to production delays due to the pandemic.

hugh bonneville, who plays robert crawley, the earl of grantham on the series, previously confirmed that a sequel to downton abbey was in the works long before production began.

Who stars in Downton Abbey: A New Era?

The following stars are confirmed for the cast of Downton Abbey: A New Era.

  • hugh bonneville as robert crawley, 7th earl of grantham
  • samantha bond as lady rosamund painswick
  • laura carmichael as edith pelham, marchioness of hexham
  • jim carter as charles carson
  • brendan coyle as john bates
  • michelle dockery as lady mary talbot
  • kevin doyle as joseph molesley
  • michael fox as andy parker
  • joanne froggatt as anna bates
  • mathew goode as henry talbot
  • robert james-collier as thomas barrow
  • harry hadden-paton as herbert “bertie” pelham, marquess of hexham
  • allen leech as tom branson
  • phyllis logan as elsie carson
  • elizabeth mcgovern as cora crawley, countess of grantham
  • sophie mcshera as daisy pa rker
  • tuppence middleton as lucy branson
  • lesley nicol as beryl patmore
  • douglas reith as lord merton
  • maggie smith as violet crawley, dowager countess of grantham
  • imelda staunton as lady maud bagshaw
  • penelope wilton as isobel grey, lady merton
  • nathalie baye as madame montmirail
  • hugh dancy as jack barber
  • laura haddock as myrna dalgleish
  • dominic west as guy dexter
  • jonathan zacca├» as marquis de montmirail

There are five new additions to the cast, including French acting legend Nathalie Baye, Hannibal Hugh Dancy star, White Lines actress Laura Haddock, wire legend Dominic West and Belgian actor Jonathan Zaccaï.

meanwhile, matthew goode does not reprise his role as henry talbot, lady mary’s husband, in the film despite appearing in the previous outing.

when asked by extra if he would make a cameo appearance in downton abbey: a new era when he was attending the premiere of his series the offer, matthew goode replied, “no, i was doing this.”

downton abbey: trailers for a new era

A full trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era was released by distributor Focus Features and Universal Pictures in November.

watch the full trailer below,

The images gave us our first glimpse of the film’s plot, in which the Dowager Countess reveals that her “mysterious past” with a man before marrying the Earl’s father has left her the owner of a villa in the south of france .

The trailer showcases numerous new cast members and our old favorites as we also see them head off to France for their vacations.

The clip ends with the Dowager Countess saying goodnight to the other members of the crawley family.

A second trailer has also been released, giving fans a closer look at the upcoming sequel.

The trailer shows the Downton estate in chaos as cast and crew members, including Laura Haddock and Hugh Dancy’s characters, arrive and begin filming a movie.

It’s not long before the crawleys escape to the south of France to a villa left to Lady Violet by the mysterious man.

But will they be able to solve the mystery of the Dowager Countess’s mysterious inheritance, or will they be distracted by the sun and the sea?

The trailer also suggests that the film’s new main characters meet the household staff and confront Lady Mary (dockery). exciting stuff.

downton abbey: fabric of a new era

After Tom Branson’s wedding to Lucy Smith, the Crawley family are in for a surprise when they learn that Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, has inherited a lavish villa in the South of France.

As the crawleys try to get to the bottom of the widow’s mysterious past, some of them head to the French Riviera in search of answers.

Meanwhile, back in Downton, Lady Mary agrees to let a film crew set up the production in-house for a hefty sum of money.

This means that a host of glamorous people will soon find themselves living among the servants and vermin of that beloved household.

imelda staunton, who was cast as the third iteration of queen elizabeth ii in netflix’s crown, told that the first film “was a very good job,” before add : “she’s a woman with a nice bow and a backstory that wasn’t just a woman with a tiara and a long dress.”

“I’ve worked with Maggie [Smith, who plays Lady Violet Crawley] before and Penelope Wilton [Isobel Crawley] before, so you know, we know each other well,” she said.

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