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When is the new bond movie coming out

Video When is the new bond movie coming out

Producer Barbara Broccoli has gone on record that the search for a new tie-in won’t begin in earnest until 2022, allowing Craig his time in the sun before the franchise moves forward, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill. . to produce a series of big names.

Of course, it’s too early to know much about what we can expect from Bond 26, let alone when we’ll be able to see it in theaters, but speculation is half the fun, so read on to find out everything. we know so far. about the next movie.

will there be another james bond movie?

happily, we can confirm that james bond will return in another movie after the events of no time to die.

The film concluded with the simple message: “James Bond will be back.”

Speculations about the release date of the 26 bonus

Sadly, it’s too early to say for sure when a new bond movie will hit theaters, but we can be pretty sure it won’t be as long a gap as the one 007 fans have had to contend with this time around. .

no time to die was hit by delays even before the pandemic, meaning the final gap between specter and the last movie was the longest in bond history, so here’s hoping another six won’t pass years until next time. .

Typically, there are about three or four years between bonus movies, and we can expect a similar wait this time, given that the casting process hasn’t started yet. it looks like 2024 would be the earliest we can expect, but we’ll keep this page updated as more information becomes available.

Who will be the next James Bond?

The ongoing conversation about who will replace Bond as the next James Bond is likely to intensify further in the coming months, as he has been a major talking point for most of the last few years.

The current bookies’ favorite is Tom Hardy, while others said to be in the running include Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page, James Norton and Henry Cavill. other names like idris elba continue to be linked, while outlander’s sam heughan has also proven to be a popular suggestion.

Speaking to prior to the release of No Time To Die, broadcaster and critic James King, who hosted the official Bond podcast, explained that it would be a difficult decision for the producers.

“It’s not an easy job,” he said. “and I spoke with the casting manager, for example, who is very involved in these decisions, this is not something easy to take lightly, so the decision will be very long and complex, I’m sure, which is like should be.”

miguel g. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have admitted that the Bond franchise is at a “critical juncture” while Daniel Craig was recently asked if she thought the next Bond should be a woman.

“The answer to that is very simple,” he told radio times. “There simply should be better roles for women and actors of color. why should a woman play james bond when there should be a role as good as james bond, but for a woman?”

eve moneypenny star naomie harris revealed that tom hardy would be her best choice for james bond, although she admitted it was unlikely, while actor ben whitshaw spoke about how she would love to see a gay actor in the role . of link.

In July 2020, a poll of over 80,000 bond fans from around the world saw sam heughan emerge as the top contender, with the Scotsman scoring nearly 30 per percent of the total vote.

heughan has previously admitted that playing ian fleming’s super spy would be “a dream role”. Could she really be among the candidates?

The 10 fan favorites for the next James Bond, as voted by fans in our poll, were:

  1. sam heughan (30 percent)
  2. tom hardy (14 percent)
  3. henry cavill (11 percent)
  4. idris elba (10 percent)
  5. tom hiddleston (five percent)
  6. richard madden (four percent)
  7. michael fassbender (three percent)</li
  8. aidan turner (three percent)
  9. cillian murphy (three percent)
  10. james norton (three percent)

Who could be in the cast of bond 26?

With the confirmation that craig is leaving, the next big question is whether the rest of the supporting cast from his era will be staying on or if they’ll be saying goodbye as well. In the past, several actors, most notably Judi Dench as M, have appeared alongside more than one Bond actor, but whether that will be the case this time remains to be seen.

The likes of Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux, and Rory Kinnear have appeared in a number of Craig-era films, while Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas impressed in their 007 debuts in No Time to Die. , so fans would likely be happy to see more of them.

but since the craig era was the first to have any real sense of continuity, arguably it wouldn’t make sense for these characters to stay, unless a character other than james bond takes over as 007, and as such a full upgrade seems most likely.

For his part, whishaw recently told “I haven’t had a conversation about it, and that’s the honest truth.” Meanwhile, Lashana Lynch added, “I haven’t had a conversation about it [either], and I’m actually glad. [My sentiment is] just stay present, stick with it [no time to die].”

In a separate interview, whishaw told yahoo movies, “I got booked to do three movies. That’s obviously over now. And I was wondering if there was a future for me like q, and I was wondering to myself how that felt. and today I woke up and thought ‘ooh, maybe I’d like to continue.’ so we’ll see.”

We’ll keep this page updated as we hear more information about who might return to the bonus cast, as well as any announcements about new cast members.

Who will lead bond 26?

The question of who would direct No Time To Die was complicated, as Danny Boyle originally joined before leaving the project due to creative differences. In the end, Cary Joji Fukunaga took over, and there’s a chance he could follow in the footsteps of several bond filmmakers of the past by returning for another bite of icing.

Speaking of former bond directors, Martin Campbell has recently stated that he would be willing to return. Campbell directed the early bond outings for both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, so it would be understandable if the producers would turn to him to usher in another new era.

Speaking to Collider, Campbell was asked if he’d like a comeback, and replied, “Oh yeah, I would definitely consider it. I enjoy doing Bond. And also, it’s great working with both producers.”


“you pretty much have your hands free to: obviously everybody’s on the script, and casino, I had paul haggis who did an excellent job on the script. he did the final draft.

“but the two producers are great to work with, and they don’t interfere at all if they think you’re on the right track, and everything else they just let you move on. they support you all the way. it’s a nice experience.”

Of course, it’s too early to know for sure who will be directing the next one, but we’ll add more rumors to this page when we hear from them.

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