When is the new fruits basket movie coming out

When is the new fruits basket movie coming out

Video When is the new fruits basket movie coming out

natsuki takaya is the author and illustrator of the fruits basket manga series. the series title is named after a famous game played in Japanese elementary schools, which is referenced in the series.

Takaya began work on a sequel, Fruits Basket Other, in September 2015 and a follow-up series, The Three Musketeers Arc, in April 2019. The initial manga became in a 26-episode anime series. studio deen show, produced by akitaro daichi, in 2001.

tms entertainment’s second anime television series adaptation, directed by yoshihide ibata, began in April 2019, with the first season running from April to September 2019, the second season airing from April to September 2020 and the last season aired from April to June 2021.

funimation co-produced the reboot anime series, published through cooperation with crunchyroll.

fruit basket summary

The fruit basket movie is the most anticipated movie broadcast on television in recent times. Those who prefer fiction are more interested in knowing the release date of the next movie, Fruits Basket, to watch the movie online when it is released.

we encourage you to read on for more crucial information on the next fruit basket movie before you continue.

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when does the fruit basket come out? (release date)

Fruits Basket- Prelude, A Prelude The release date has been set for February 18, 2022. It will open in Japanese theaters across the country.

fruit basket spoiler? (plot)

Tohru Honda, a high school student, decides to live with her grandfather when her mother is killed in a car accident. Her renovations to her house and an unfriendly unsupportive family member of hers force her to temporarily move out of her grandfather’s house.

Tohru declines the invitation to stay with one of her two close friends because she doesn’t want to impose herself. Tohru starts living in a tent to support himself because he has nowhere to go.

Fruits Basket Movie Global Release Date

But even so, after discovering a near the area home Populated by her famous classmate Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure, and trying to follow a landslide that ruins her tent, Tohru travels into the Sohma house; during her first day living there, she needs to meet Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure’s bright red-headed cousin, who crashes thru the ceiling and obstacles Yuki to a fight.

Tohru tries to stop him and accidentally falls on him, causing him to transform into a cat in front of her, revealing the Sohma family’s curse: that twelve members of the family, excluding Kyo, are owned by spirits. of the Chinese zodiac and turn into their zodiacal mammal when they feel weak, stressed, embarrassed or hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

When Tohru discovers the Sohma family’s secret, she agrees not to tell anyone and is allowed to continue living with them. Although the Sohma curse is considerably deeper and darker than Tohru initially believes, the presence and acceptance of it quickly becomes a positive and significant impact on those possessed by the zodiac.

She goes out to break the curse and meets and encounters the vengeful zodiac spirits of Sohma, including their leader, Akito, who plays the role of “god” in Chinese folklore and who keeps the family together and chains them. to their spirits.

cast and character of the fruit basket

Apart from a few verified members of the film’s crew, we don’t know anything about the other members of the production team or the cast members. We anticipate that the anime voice artist will reprise her roles. still, we’re not sure which characters will be included in the film or who will voice the new characters that are expected to appear.

When Fruits Basket movie released in USA?

The show features some well-known and talented Voice Artist, including

  • yoshimasa hosoya as katsuya honda(voice)
  • miyuki sawashiro as kyoko honda (voice)
  • yuma uchida as kyo soma(voice)
  • manaka iwami as tohru honda(voice)
  • nobunaga shimazaki as yuki soma(voice)

worldwide release date of fruits basket movie

There has been no formal confirmation of a worldwide release date at this time. as a result, it is difficult to estimate when the film will be released in your country. Fans from countries with a sizeable population of anime fans have started petitions for the film to be distributed in theaters in their locations.

will there be any update on the fruit basket trailer?

There is currently no trailer available for Fruits Basket. but be sure to keep checking our page as we will continue to update you on any new information about the upcoming fruits basket movie.

however, you will see it on our page if it is available. you can watch the fruit basket preview while you wait for the trailer to arrive.


our goal is to keep information on upcoming fruits basket movie release dates accurate and up-to-date by compiling this information from publicly available data and resources such as imdb, the database of movies and guides if you see an error, please let us know via comment so we can correct it.

frequently asked questions about fruit basket

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