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When is the next dune movie coming out

Video When is the next dune movie coming out

dune 2 wasn’t always a safe bet, despite what fans wanted. However, it didn’t take long after the success of Denis Villeneuve’s dune movie for the sequel to be confirmed and the huge cast list to start adding names.

Officially titled Dune: Part Two, the sequel will take fans back to Arrakis to tell the rest of Paul Atreides’ story. With Villeneuve’s decision to split Frank Herbert’s novel in two, the first part ended in a huge cliffhanger.

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villeneuve even has his eye on a possible trilogy by adapting herbert’s dune messiah for the third film. we imagine it will depend on the box office performance of the second part, but never bet against dune.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here’s everything you need to know about Dune: Part Two.

dune 2 release date: when can we expect to see dune part 2?

dune: Part Two was originally set for release on October 20, 2023, but was pushed back to November 17, 2023. no reason has been given for the delay.

Unlike the first film, which premiered on HBO Max the same day it hit US theaters, the sequel will likely have an exclusive US theatrical release rather than a daytime streaming release. and date.

As mentioned above, filming for the sequel began on July 18, 2022, and will take place on location in Budapest, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, and Italy. Assuming there are no delays during filming, we hope that we will all return to Arrakis in November 2023 as planned. Let’s cross our fingers.

dune 2 cast: who will return for the second part of dune?

When filming was announced, we also received official confirmation of those returning for the sequel, as well as the new faces we’ll see.

timothée chalamet is back as paul atreides and his co-star in the second movie will be zendaya’s chani, who we knew would have a bigger role in part two after paul finally met chani at the end of the first movie.

Other returns include Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Javier Bardem as Stilgar, Stellan Skarsgård as the villainous Baron Harkonnen, and Dave Baptista as Baron Glossu Rabban’s nephew (aka ‘The Beast’).

Like Zendaya, Bardem will have a larger role in the sequel, as he revealed to Vanity Fair that the sequel’s expanded role was part of Villeneuve’s plot for him.

“he [villeneuve] said: ‘i have a small role, if there is such a thing, like the second part of the book, the role will be bigger, and i would love for you to do it if you want. ‘ and i said, ‘of course I want. I don’t care if there’s a second movie or not,'” he recalled.

However, don’t expect to see oscar isaac as duke leto atreides or babs olusanmokun as jamis, since they were all killed off during the first movie.

Readers of the book will know that there is a possibility that Jason Momoa will return as Duncan Idaho later in the series, but probably not in the sequel.

the fates of josh brolin’s gurney halleck and stephen mckinley henderson’s thufir hawat were left up in the air after house harkonnen’s attack on arrakis, but both were confirmed to return in part two.

There will also be plenty of new faces among the cast as it has already been confirmed that part two will feature elvis star austin butler as feyd-rautha, florence pugh as princess irulan, christopher walken as emperor shaddam iv and léa seydoux. as a lady

souheila yacoub was the last name to join the cast and she will play the fremen warrior shishakli, but additional surprises may be announced now that filming is underway.

dune 2 plot: what will the second part of dune be about?

The official plot synopsis for Dune: Part Two explains that the film “will explore the mythical journey of Paul Atreides as he joins Chani and the Fremen in a war of revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family.” Between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he struggles to prevent a terrible future that only he can foresee.”

The first film covered just over half of Herbert’s book, ending with Paul and Lady Jessica being accepted into the Fremen and heading to Stilgar’s house.

With the House Atreides nearly decimated, it’s them against the Empire in the sequel, where we’re sure to see more of Paul’s visions of his future come to life as he leads a revolt against the Empire.


villeneuve revealed that he had toyed with ending the film later with the book’s time jump, but realized his “first intuition” of breaking after paul met the fremen was the right place to end it. .

Thanks to paul’s prophetic ability, the first film contained exciting glimpses of what lies ahead for the character as he wrestles with his ultimate destiny, one that may be connected to chani and the fremen of arrakis.

villeneuve teased that the sequel would “dig a little deeper into some of these details,” including the aforementioned feyd-rautha. “It’s like a game of chess,” she said. “some new characters will be introduced in the second part.”

The sequel, he says, will include “a lot more Harkonnen material”.

Even if you’ve read the book, Javier Bardem has been teasing how the sequel won’t be just a straightforward adaptation, so make sure you don’t count his speculations as fact just yet.

dune 2 trailer: are there already images of the second part of dune?

filming for dune: part two may have started, but we’ll still be waiting a while for footage that we don’t expect to arrive until next year.

dune: part two opens in theaters on November 17, 2023.

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