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When is the warcraft movie coming out

When it was released in 2016, it was a huge disappointment to some and a great viewing pleasure movie to others, and sequels or even warcraft movies are not coming. so why isn’t warcraft 2 coming out?

It’s been years since we’ve seen the universe of warcraft on the big screen. For those who love both the movie and the Warcraft universe, there is a question as to whether the sequels will come to mind. The film was a huge success when it was released, and as such, despite negative reviews, some opinions were formed about the future of the sequel to Warcraft 2.

the film’s director, duncan jones, made a few statements about the sequels in recent years, which was another detail that made the audience look forward to the sequel. However, if you look at the latest news, Warcraft 2 will unfortunately not be released. Although this news may seem upsetting to fans who enjoy watching the Warcraft universe as a movie, it is also worth mentioning that this decision does not surprise fans who they are not happy with the movie.

why won’t the second movie in the warcraft series be released?

although warcraft was a great success at the box office, it did not get very good results both with audiences and critics. the production, which failed to please its audience in many ways, did not generate enthusiasm for possible sequels to be honest. as such, the production company refrained from giving the necessary approval for the sequels.

In particular, the fact that the film had very few viewers in the United States, in addition to the film’s huge box office success around the world, raised questions for the production company. we can say that behind the fact that the expected news of the sequel has not been received despite the last four years is the decrease in the producer’s confidence in the series. In the first few months after the movie was released, there were some explanations that actually led us to believe that a new movie is on the way, but now we clearly know that Warcraft 2 is not on the horizon.

why did the first warcraft movie flop?

the warcraft series, which has a very big universe and a strong story, unfortunately couldn’t give us what we wanted in the movie. for someone who hasn’t played world of warcraft and doesn’t know the warcraft universe very well, although it considers itself successful with its visuals, acting, and music, warcraft failed to catch on with its primary target audience.

the mighty story of warcraft was not reflected well enough in the movie, and also the ending of the movie was not satisfactory. this ending, which didn’t build the excitement of waiting for the series to continue, was also where the biggest criticism of the film landed. Another disappointment that Warcraft created was that it was a film that did not adequately reflect the diversity of the universe. maybe if there was a better script supported by parallel stories, we would know more about the world of warcraft and enjoy watching it more.

However, this is actually a major problem for many game-based movies. game adaptations never achieve the expected success and are subject to criticism from the audience. This was also the case for Warcraft, and many viewers had very high expectations when they went to see the universe they were in on the big screen. Unfortunately, Warcraft was unable to meet these expectations.

what would it be like if the warcraft 2 and warcraft 3 movies were released?

the film’s director, duncan jones, “what kind of story would continue if sequels to the series were released?” he made some explanations to answer the question. While answering questions on the subject in the past, Jones stated that the story will focus on the orcs’ search for a new world, eventually drawing a similar story diagram while answering a question he was asked on twitter.

according to jones statements, warcraft 2 was about thrall’s journey to find the orcs’ new home. in the third movie, after a war that would allow the orcs to gain their freedom, the dream would finally come true and the orcs would reach their new home. Unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to see these scenarios on the big screen.

the story continues, although no new movies are coming:

Jones often expresses regret at not being able to bring new stories to his audience, but ultimately, the Warcraft universe is a universe that continues to expand. world of warcraft advances in its history with new expansion packs and as you know the movie was based on this game. so if you are curious about the rest of the story, you can play the game and find out where the story goes. director jones also recommended the same to those who are curious about this universe that the blizzard team is constantly working on.

Blizzard recently announced and pre-ordered its new expansion pack, Shadowlands, at BlizzCon in November 2019. Although there is no clear date on when this new pack will be available to players, according to information on the official website, Players will have experienced the new pack by December 31, 2020. If you’re curious about World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you can click here to watch the official promotional video released.

as a result, there is a production that did not meet expectations and a story that was left in the middle. Although Duncan Jones says that criticism on this subject has become understandable over time, it is sad that a production in which he participated as writer and director fell through and said goodbye to the vision with a single film while the series was underway. planned it seems that warcraft will continue to be on the lists of failed game adaptations until it becomes a miracle in the future and the decision for a new series is made.

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