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When the new halloween movie come out

Video When the new halloween movie come out

halloween ends will bring the end of the rebooted halloween trilogy this year, but whether it will be the end of michael myers remains to be seen.

Returning writer/director David Gordon Green has been teasing a very different movie than the sequel, Halloween Kills. “[It’s a] much more intimate movie,” he told Empire. “Not a lot of games, not a lot of retro wit and joy.

“it’s kind of a coming-of-age movie, and it has a very different tone. and that’s what excited me, that the three chapters that I’ve been involved in are very different from each other.”

halloween ends was announced at the same time as the sequel in July 2019, although the original plan changed due to everything that has happened since that original announcement.

However, what hasn’t changed is that Green has returned to direct and write the script with Danny McBride as they did in Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills. Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier have also co-written the script, while John Carpenter is obviously back as an executive producer and for the score as well.

Assuming there isn’t another delay, the movie is on track for an October release. But what awaits us in the final showdown between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and The Shape?

here is everything you need to know about the ends of halloween.

halloween 3 release date: when does halloween release end?

Late Halloween will be released in theaters on October 14, 2022after a one-year delay in its planned release.

halloween ends was originally set to release on October 15, 2021, but in July 2020, carpenter announced a delay in the original release date of halloween kills to October 16, 2020.

in the united states, halloween kills also launched in peacock at the same time, but it is unknown if universal will do the same with halloween ends.

andi matichak, who plays laurie’s granddaughter allyson, revealed in March 2021 that the original plan to shoot both films back-to-back was changed as the sequel had a “heavy shooting schedule”, adding: “there would be It’s been too much to try to do them at the same time.

in august 2021, form actor james jude courtney said the movie would start filming in january 2022. jamie lee curtis shared a photo on set in february 2022, so he seems to be vaguely on track for his premiere in October 2022.

cast of halloween 3: who will return for the end of halloween?

when the end of halloween was announced, it was confirmed that jamie lee curtis would return as laurie strode, so it’s not a spoiler to say that she survived the sequel. she said in July 2021 that the third movie will likely be her last.

“I would say that, given what I know about the upcoming movie, I think it will be the last time I’ll play it,” he explained.

“and I’m not saying something like, ‘oh, why am I dying!’ It has nothing to do with that. I’m talking emotionally about what they’ve built. I think it’s going to be a spectacular way to end this trilogy.”

Just because Laurie survived, doesn’t mean Halloween Kills didn’t live up to its name, as a lot of people died. last chance to avoid spoilers, so be careful.

The biggest death occurs in the film’s final moments when Michael kills Karen, Laurie’s daughter, played so brilliantly by Judy Greer.

While we don’t see his body, it would be a miracle if he survived his attack, as much as we’d like to see a greener back. “Well, I was bummed to see the ending,” Greer explained of the unexpected twist.

“I thought it was a good idea though. I thought it was very well written, and it felt like a dance, like an opera, something like that. but it was also a bit annoying, mainly because I like to play with my friends.”

as far as we know, michael didn’t kill karen’s daughter, allyson, on his way to kill her mother, so we can expect andi matichak to return and we’re sure she’ll join her grandmother for revenge.


lindsay wallace survived her return to the franchise as kyle richards and it has been confirmed that she will return at halloween ends. According to the variety, her return to murder was so well received that the third part was rewritten to include her.

“When my character didn’t die, I was like, ‘Hey, hi!'” he said. “In the last movie, I saw Jamie on set, but we didn’t have things together. So I really hope there are more things together.”

At this time, we haven’t had any other cast members confirmed for the third film other than Curtis, and to be honest, the sequel didn’t leave many alive to return.

People like Anthony Michael Hall’s Tommy Doyle, Nancy Stephens’ Marion Chambers, Robert Longstreet’s Lonnie Elam, and Dylan Arnold’s Cameron Elam were among Michael’s countless victims, so this is the last we’ll see of them.

One character likely (probably) to return will be Patton as Deputy Frank Hawkins for a final battle with Michael Myers, while we’ll also see Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers aka The Shape.

halloween plot 3: what will the end of halloween be about?

There’s still no confirmed synopsis for the Halloween endings, so all we can do is watch the sequel and how it sets up the third movie.

Karen’s death acts as the cliffhanger, but the other big reveal is the idea that Laurie believes there is no traditional way to kill Michael. according to her, it has transpired as a result of killing so many people, so typical weapons won’t work.

we guess the final movie will see laurie try to kill michael once and for all with whatever method she discovers. Could we also get some explanation as to why michael is so obsessed with going back to his childhood home?

However, interestingly, Green has confirmed that the film will jump to a “contemporary timeline,” meaning it will be set in 2022, a four-year time jump.

“it will take place at launch time,” he told uproxx. “where will we leave these characters on halloween 2018, the world is a different place.

“so they not only have their immediate world affected by that trauma, they have time to process that trauma, and that is a specific and immediate traumatic event in the haddonfield community. but they also had a global pandemic and a political quirky. and a million other things that turned his world upside down.”

curtis is keeping quiet about what to expect, but he told the illuminerdi that he’s going to “shock people”: “it’s going to make people very angry. it’s going to stir people up. people are going to be agitated by And it’s a beautiful way to end this trilogy.”

Is this really the end of Michael Myers and the Halloween series? Given the way the timeline has reinvented itself over the years, don’t count on it, but expect a definitive ending for this particular story.

“Like any trilogy, you want it to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We had a concept of the ending, and two years ago we wrote the first draft,” Green said, fucking disgusting.


“so, we had everything mapped out before we started production on kills. we knew where it was going, and we wanted kills to be a symphony in the middle of the strode saga book.”

halloween trailer 3: do any halloween sequences end yet?

With filming apparently underway, hopefully there will be some sort of trailer soon.

the end of halloween opens in theaters on October 14, 2022.

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