Demon Slayer: The best order to watch the fantastic anime chronologically

When to watch the demon slayer movie

Video When to watch the demon slayer movie

what is the best and chronologically correct order to watch demon slayer, including seasons one, two and the mugen train movie?

When starting demon slayer anime, or for any anime series, the correct chronological order to watch episodes can often be quite confusing.

This is especially the case with Demon Slayer, which includes not only two television seasons and a canonical feature film, but also a remake of that film.

so what is the best way to watch demon slayer if you are new to anime?

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the chronological order to watch demon slayer

chronologically, there are two orders to watch the demon slayer story and they depend entirely on whether you prefer to watch a movie or a seven-episode adaptation of that movie.

personally we’d say you should start with the first tv season, watch the first episode of season 2, then the mugen train movie before continuing to watch season 2 from episode 8.

  • demon slayer season 1, episodes 1 to 26 (2019)
  • demon slayer season 2, episode 1 “flame hashira, kyojuro rengoku” (2021)
  • demon slayer: mugen train movie (2020)
  • demon slayer season 2, episodes 8 to 18 (2021)

This 2020 mugen train movie was re-adapted into a seven-episode television series, which was included as part of the second season of the series; which means the order to watch the titles depends on whether you want a movie or tv version of the mugen train arc.

if you prefer to watch the mugen train arc in tv format, you can go directly from season 1 to season 2 without any problem.

however, if you want the feature film to be part of your journey as a demon hunter, you should watch the first episode of season 2 before starting the movie.

This episode, “flame hashira, kyojuro rengoku” serves as an introduction to the mugen train arc and leads directly to the scene from where the movie and season 2 episode 2 start.

if you want to see the movie format you can skip episodes 2-7 of demon slayer season 2 which again was just a re-adaptation of the 2020 movie and didn’t include any major extra scenes.


The next story arc following the mugen train is the entertainment district arc, which premiered as season 2 episode 8 in December 2021.

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ovnitable confirms season 3

Just minutes before the demon slayer season 2 finale premiered internationally via crunchyroll and funimation, ufotable announced that the series’ next story arc would be adapted for television.

The series’ Japanese website would share that the next story arc, the blacksmith village arc, would be the next chapter in the demon slayer franchise.

The announcement would be shared along with a new promotional image of the next two hashira, as well as a short pv trailer.

More information on the possible release date can be found here, with a breakdown of the highly anticipated next installment of love and mist hashira here.

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the highest rated bow in the series so far

Season two ended on February 13th fully adapting the entire entertainment district arc.

This particular story arc took the world by storm and featured some of the best animation I’ve ever seen in an anime series.

however, the entertainment district arc is now also considered the best chapter in the adaptation according to myanimelist ratings.

  • demon slayer: entertainment district – 8.93/10 with 229,000 reviews
  • demon slayer movie mugen train – 8.7/10 with 578,000 reviews
  • demon slayer season 1 – 8.56/10 with 1.5 million reviews
  • demon slayer: mugen train tv adaptation – 8.36/10 with 159,000 reviews

by tom llewellyn – [email protected]

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