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When will the next bourne movie come out

It’s official: The Jason Bourne saga will be back, and it’ll be bigger than ever if director Paul Greengrass has anything to do with it. After the relative failure of the Bourne legacy starring Jeremy Renner, the franchise returned with moderate success in the form of 2016’s Jason Bourne, with Matt Damon back on the bench as a former titular agent.

While the 2016 film wasn’t a huge critical success, it brought in $415 million for Universal Studios worldwide, far surpassing Jeremy Renner’s 2012 outing, which grossed $276 million on a $125 million budget.

Bourne 6 initially promised to reunite Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, but recent statements by Damon have cast a shadow of doubt over his retaliation. he said, “it would have to be a pretty amazing story to get us all back on the horse. This last one didn’t work as well as the one we did 10 years ago, so maybe people are done with the character.”

When will the next bourne movie come out
When will the next bourne movie come out

So it depends on the story and the audience’s desire to see Damon dodge bullets if we get another Bourne movie with the star. It also doesn’t seem likely that Renner’s spy, Aaron Cross, will return since he also didn’t appear in the 2016 film.

Franchise producer Ben Smith is working on Bourne’s upcoming spin-off television series, The Rolling Stone. The series explores “both the origins of the infamous covert program and its connection to today’s special ops. Treadstone follows the action around the world, from DC to Berlin, Paris and beyond. Treadstone turns its recruits from around the world into almost superhuman assassins who use a secret behavior modification protocol, creating sleeper agents who mysteriously ‘wake up’ to resume their dangerous missions.”

so what does this have to do with bourne 6? Well, according to Smith, “absolutely” there will be a tie between the sixth movie and the TV show. “I mean we’re definitely working on another movie,” he told Cinemablend. “What are we doing within that? Is there going to be a connected fabric in terms of whether we all exist within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The details of that are still under wraps.”

With details ‘still under wraps,’ we have no idea if Matt Damon will actually return for the sixth film. the end of the fifth certainly leaves the door open for her to reprise the role.

If you don’t remember, this is what happened. Bourne has recovered from his amnesia and is competing in bare-knuckle boxing. Meanwhile, CIA agent Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) is doing everything she can to get Bourne back with the CIA.

many fights happen, things blow up, people die. At the end, Bourne confronts CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) about the murder of his father and the Trolling Stone project. More fights ensue and Lee kills Dewey before Dewey can kill Bourne.

lee convinces edwin russell, the director of national intelligence, that his methods would be better than dewey’s and that if he fails, bourne will kill her.

then he meets bourne and promises him that if he goes back to the cia things will be different. he says that he needs time to think and walks away from her. When Lee gets into a car, he finds a tape that Bourne recorded of his conversation with Russell, which reveals his true intentions about murdering Bourne when he says “…then we’ll have to put him down.” p>

after jason bourne, the news about the sixth film was hushed up until smith’s recent confirmation. Since it’s not even confirmed that Damon will be returning to the movie, it’s highly unlikely that there will be a direct crossover between the show and the movie, but who knows?

No release date has been set, let alone a cast and trailer, but keep an eye on this space for details as they are released.

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