When will the next jurassic world movie come out

When will the next jurassic world movie come out

Video When will the next jurassic world movie come out

what is the jurassic world 4 release date? In 1993, Steven Spielberg started a worldwide cinematic phenomenon with his adventure film Jurassic Park. Since then, the franchise has spawned multiple sequels, including the new chapter in the series starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard: Jurassic World. But, following the open ending of Jurassic World dominance, it looks like this trilogy isn’t the end, and many fans will be wondering what’s next.

Telling the story of prehistoric creatures that were brought into the modern world, the Jurassic World franchise follows humans who, through the power of genetic engineering, bring dinosaurs to life and then have to band together to survive their lives. creations. In the last film, Jurassic World Domination, we saw a new era of human-dinosaur cohabitation being exploited and left in a space of uncertainty as the credits begin to roll.

Despite Jurassic World being marketed as a trilogy, producer Frank Marshall and director Colin Trevorrow have hinted that more films may be on the way. considering the ending of the last movie and how every jurassic world movie has been a box office hit, we’re sure the announcement of a jurassic world 4 release date is right around the corner. the corner. With that in mind, here’s everything we know about the potential sequel. Warning, spoilers ahead!

jurassic world 4 release date speculation

Sorry dino fans, but there is currently no release date for jurassic world 4. Considering jurassic world dominion only released in June 2022, we’re betting if it will makes an official announcement, it’s only going to happen in a few years, and that too depends on how the domain performs at the box office.

But fear not, even though it’s not official yet, Jurassic World 4 is still a big possibility. Producer Frank Marshall told Slash Film in an interview that even though dominance ended with the Jurassic World trilogy, more movies are on the horizon as the team isn’t done with the prehistoric IP yet.

“I think ‘domain’ is going to end this trilogy, but we are not resting on our laurels. we are going to sit down, and we are going to see what the future is,” she explained.

the originals: cast of jurassic park

“We have this wonderful series, ‘Camp Cretaceous,’ on Netflix. Obviously we want to make good quality movies with great storytelling, great writers and directors, but we’re definitely looking to do more in the ‘Jurassic’ world.”

so yes, although nothing is confirmed, we hope that the news about jurassic world 4 will reach us soon.

Jurassic World 4 release date: Claire in a swamp

jurassic world 4 plot speculation

We don’t know for sure what will happen in the plot of jurassic world 4. Still, taking into account all the loose ends and new dynamics left in the last movie, the jurassic world dominance, we can plot the future story possibilities for the hypothetical movie.

At the end of Jurassic world dominance, we learn that the road to cohabitation between humans and dinosaurs still has a long way to go. The film showed us illegal black markets for dinosaurs, T-Rex eating people in the streets, and we all witnessed how the corrupt Biosyn corporation messed with prehistoric genetics and nearly caused a global catastrophe.

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In short, greedy humans continue to cause problems and are likely to continue to do so. Jurassic World Dominion told the story of the fall of Biosyn, after a swarm of genetically modified locusts began devastating the world’s food supply.

Maisie Lockwood, the clone of Benjamin Lockwood’s granddaughter featured in Fallen Kingdom, and Raptor Blue’s baby, are haunted by their DNA as the company tries to right its wrongs.

The movie ended with a host of new and old faces from the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park movies joining forces to save Maisie and expose Biosyn for the evil company that it is.

Jurassic World 4 release date: Blue and her baby in the wild

But despite the happy ending, dinosaurs are still roaming the streets, humans are still poaching and exploiting them, and now the whole world knows about Maisie’s cloned DNA. it’s pretty much an open ending and it’s prime ground for a sequel to rear its head as we explore more of this new modern age of dinosaurs.

In an interview with gamesradar, colin trevorrow hinted that the next film in the franchise, if made, will continue from the perspective of the new characters introduced in the jurassic world domain.

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These characters are Dewanda Wise, who plays the brilliant pilot Kayla, and Mamoudou Athie, who is Biosyn Ramsay’s charismatic Communications Director.

“We introduced new characters, important new characters, in this movie, that I’m as proud of as any character I’ve ever been involved with,” he said. “So the idea of ​​Dewanda Wise [who plays pilot Kayla Watts] and Mamoudou Athie being able to continue in the franchise is exciting to me.”

With that in mind, the new film could explore Kayla’s backstory, delving deeper into her dealings with the dinosaur black market. or we could be witnessing ramsay, grappling with a new direction for biosyn, and ushering in a new era of dinosaur and human cohabitation and development. Either way, the future looks exciting!

Jurassic World 4 release date: The gang stuck in a cave

jurassic world 4 cast speculation

as mentioned above, it seems that jurassic world 4 will focus more on the new characters introduced by domain. That means we may be saying goodbye to some of our fan-favorite stars.

The good news is that, if trevorrow’s statements are true, wise and athie will probably return to the fold for a new sequel. In our interview with Athie about his role in Domain of Him, we asked the actor if he would return as Ramsay if the opportunity arose.

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athie responded positively to the idea saying “oh yeah! I mean, anything is possible. you know? who knows? but it’s hard for me to speculate on when, how, who and what, you know? but I’m always open. Yes. it would be great.

Chris Pratt, who plays Owen Grady in the Jurassic World movies, and Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Claire Dearing, will also likely appear in the sequel in some capacity.

But with that said, the two of them probably won’t be great players this time around. In an interview with etalk, pratt and howard, he clarified that dominance was the “end” of his character’s story.

but, considering the franchise tends to bring back its familiar faces (just look at how dominion brought together sam neill, laura dern, and jeff goldblum), we’re willing to bet pratt and howard will likely have a cameo by least. It’s also unclear if Isabella Sermon, who played Maisie Lockwood, will return for a Jurassic World 4 if one is made.

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Considering that she’s likely to be part of the next generation of the series (along with raptor blue’s little baby), we could easily see her joining athie and wise in a future sequel – fingers crossed! we’ll be sure to keep you posted with more news.

And that’s it, dinosaur lovers! Everything we know about Jurassic World 4 release date, plot, and cast. For more franchise fun, here’s our list of the Fast and Furious movies.

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