When writing about a movie do you italicize it

When writing about a movie do you italicize it

Video When writing about a movie do you italicize it

academic titles

see the academic and administrative titles on the capitalization page for guidance.

Please refer to the quote attribution and degree format for guidance on current students and alumni.


Proper event names must be capitalized. in limited cases, college marketing may also italicize events as needed.

note: quotation marks can only be used when capitalization and italics cannot satisfy the need for technical or aesthetic reasons.


titles of books, newspapers, magazines, plays, newspapers and independent publications

Titles of books, journals, magazines, plays, periodicals, and independent publications are italicized when cited in the text or bibliography. always retain the original spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and punctuation.


David McCullough’s best-selling biography, John Adams, was recently made into a television miniseries.

gets most of its news from time magazine and the new york times.


union symbols may be changed at and with editorial discretion.

additional book rules

book series

titles of series or book editions are capitalized but not italicized.

parts of a book

When referring to parts of a book (foreword, foreword, appendix, chapter, etc.), use lowercase.

titles of articles, chapters, poems and short works

The titles of articles, chapters, poems and short works are written in roman letters and enclosed in quotation marks. if quotes are used in the original titles, then the single quotes should be replaced.

attribution format

for attribution, format as follows:

#11 best city in the country for stargazing

– buzzing

see quote attribution and headline formatting for more information on attribution.

cinema, television and radio

  1. Movie, TV and radio show titles are in italics. a single episode is in quotes.

    formal names of broadcast channels and networks are capitalized:

    • The Discovery Channel offers a variety of programs ranging from health to the environment.
    • He often watches Oxygen Central and Comedy.

    musical works

    1. names of operas and musicals are in italics. individual songs and arias are put in quotes:

      • handel’s messiah includes the well-known “hallelujah” chorus.
      • “oh, what a beautiful morning” is performed in the opening scene of the rodgers and hammerstein musical, oklahoma!

      album/cd recording names are in italics. individual songs are enclosed in quotes.

      Instrumental music such as symphonies, quartets, rhapsodies, etc., which also include a number or key signature in the title, should be capitalized but not italicized. descriptive titles of the same work may be italicized. note: the number (no.) or opus (op.) of the work must remain in lowercase.

      • the symphony no. 3; or third symphony; or Eroica Symphony
      • Nocturne in E flat major by Chopin
      • Etude in G minor, Op. 33

      quote attribution and headline formatting

      general formatting

      Be sure to use an en dash (-) with a space after it to introduce all testimonials and cite attribution lines. citation attribution lines should always be italicized on a separate line below the citation. always use an en dash (-) with spaces on both sides to differentiate between a grade name and an emphasis name.

      Follow these same general guidelines when executing text, but without hyphens or leading italics. limited exceptions can be made in small spaces where short copy is required, including de-emphasis and minor names where necessary.

      current university student:


      – first name last name, grade – emphasis major name with minor in minor

      current grad student or other:


      – first name last name, pursuing a master’s degree, doctorate, graduate certificate or degree approval name – name with emphasis



      – first name last name, bs degree first name, ’year



      – first name last name, title, department, university

      notes and exceptions

      • be sure to use a proper curved apostrophe before the year of graduation.
      • always use “honors” before the title name for current honors students:
        • marie curie, honors chemistry – american chemical society – comprehensive – certified by the greater american chemical society
        • araceli Hermoso-palacios, graduate secondary education certificate undergraduate certificate, ’18


        1. treat a reference website as you would an authoritative book or other source material: in italics.

          always omit the http://www; is unnecessary and clutters the text.

          For more information on how to format a website, see the address page.

          works of art

          1. names of paintings, sculptures and statues are in italics.

            Photographs are in quotes.

            cartoons and comics are in italics.

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