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Your family and friends are liars. They’ll visit the and act excited as you walk them through the Griffith Observatory. They’ll feign interest when you show them the taco stand with the best barbecue in town. but at the end of the day, all they really want to see is a celebrity. and it’s your job to make that happen.

contrary to what their hotel brochures say, you will never see a famous person walking down hollywood blvd. or wave to you from their front yard while you’re on one of those celebrity home bus tours. however, they do occasionally need to eat, so you will find them in restaurants. these 12 restaurants, in particular. plus, a grocery store.

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When it comes to the sheer statistical probability of seeing someone famous, Craig’s has the highest odds of any restaurant in town. Bread may be the hottest thing in this West Hollywood spot, but when all that matters is making sure your mom looks someone she can brag about in her Zumba class, put Craig’s near the top. of the list. she calls well in advance to reserve, they fill up fast.

The most surprising aspect of this classic Italian restaurant in the Palisades isn’t that you’re likely to see Rihanna dining in a see-through caftan, it’s that the food is seriously good. They serve a fantastic burrata dish and their famous sweet corn agnolotti is the kind of thing you’ll wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. that and rihanna’s kaftan.

You won’t see a kardashian or a real housewife here: this is where aubrey plaza goes to drink natural wine and john c. reilly wears fedoras with confidence. If your friend from Portland has been obsessing over some up-and-coming comedian who finally landed a Netflix special, it’s a solid bet he’s on all the time right now, eating burrata-drizzled foccacia and a nice ass salad.

wolfgang puck’s flagship restaurant in beverly hills is one of those places that seems like it couldn’t be good anymore, but it is. and it’s still full of famous people. do you want to fit in? Order the salmon pizza, spicy tuna cones and Viennese schnitzel from the bar’s bite menu. Her cousin may only touch the smoked fish pizza, but she’ll get over it once she sees Rachel Brosnahan drinking wine at a corner table.

there are famous restaurants and then there is dan tana’s, the iconic italian place in west hollywood where the only rule is that there are no rules. Drop by any night of the week and you’ll probably have a shot of premium tequila with the maître d’, and Ron Jeremy might spill his martini on your chicken parmesan. An evening at dan tana’s is an essential dining experience, one where celebrities aren’t just distant entities you stare at, they’re people you kick back and party with.

You don’t come to the tower bar to eat, you come to drink dirty martinis and watch celebrities scream into their phones. Located in the heart of the strip, Tower Bar is an iconic establishment where celebs still want to hang out and pretend to eat tuna tartare. the poolside patio is a certifiable scene, so bring your best sunglasses and sharpen that sideways gaze. And watch out for flying phones.

lost among the giant black and white banners hanging from the ceiling, the chaotic dining room, and scott caan eating peking duck with his hands is the fact that this beverly hills landmark is basically a real , entirely dedicated to opulent and over-the-top food since 1974. and while the food is nothing to write home about these days, it’s still a total party every night of the week, with some of the best people around. seeing in the city. you’re going to want several rounds of their famous lychee martinis.

Your old college roommate wants to drive to the Malibu coast, see a celebrity, and eat on the water as the sun goes down. and she is here for one night. She sees Nobu Malibu and knocks out all three of them at once. Empire’s flagship restaurant Nobu is one of the most recognizable restaurants in Los Angeles, and despite the exorbitant prices and swarms of paparazzi literally sitting outside, it’s always a place worth popping into. Classic dishes like sashimi tacos, yellow tail, jalapeno sashimi, and black cod miso are still fantastic, and as long as they keep filling their patio with A-list celebrities, there’s never a dull moment.

In a city filled with high-profile courtyards, Chateau Marmont’s is arguably the most famous. it feels like a movie set, it’s full of people who never take off their sunglasses, and while we should hate it, we definitely don’t. there is almost always an olsen twin or someone from the oc present and the food is much better than it has to be in a place where no one goes to eat. Just don’t try to steal a quick photo shoot with a celebrity – you’ll be asked to leave faster than the time the Led Zeppelin drummer rode a motorcycle through the lobby.

Celebrities tend to stay hidden when the sun is out in Los Angeles, but one place they’re always out in full force is the ivy. This classic Beverly Hills lunch spot is where all the movie stars go to their deaths: they stare at their agent until the deal is done, randomly eat a cobb salad, and gulp down house gimlet before being caught in a climb. the food is wildly expensive and not that good, so go for the least expensive salad you can find and don’t eat it.

no matter what nobu malibu means to you, sushi park is the antithesis. But this little strip mall spot is also home to the best sushi in LA, often eaten by Oscar-winning actors who arrive for lunch in flip flops. his omakase will set you back a few hundred dollars, but that’s the price you pay for this level of sushi, and the chance that beyoncé will walk in with blue ivy after school is over.

It’s no secret that celebrities tend to congregate in certain neighborhoods, and Brentwood is one of them. While you won’t be seeing Reese Witherspoon leaving Wahoo’s in Wilshire anytime soon, the Brentwood Country Mart is ground zero for celebs who shop for luxury stationery and fill up on gooey stuff, so keep your eyes peeled. once you see that blurry image of jennifer garner walking up to her car, head over to reddi-chick for some nice rotisserie chicken and malt shakes.

You can spend years sitting in every restaurant from Malibu to Beverly Hills, but your best chance of seeing a famous person in Los Angeles might be at a grocery store in Franklin Village. This is where looking Alison Brie in the eye at the deli counter or drinking almond milk at the same time as Jon Hamm aren’t just outtakes of your bedtime fantasies, they’re real things that happen on a regular basis. prepare your dallas sister accordingly.

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