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Where to watch new spiderman movie 2022

Video Where to watch new spiderman movie 2022

spider-man: no way home was the first film of the pandemic to reach $1 billion in worldwide box office receipts. But even months after its theatrical release, and even when it was available to buy online, the movie didn’t stream on a subscription service until Friday.

and you won’t be on one of the first services that come to mind. The latest Spider-Man movie won’t be approaching Disney Plus any time soon, even though actor Tom Holland’s Spider-Man routinely appears in Disney’s Marvel movies. Netflix is ​​getting the Sony movies hitting theaters this year, but No Way Home was released late last year. And HBO and HBO Max have a reputation as a prime spot for big movies to head after theaters, but HBO Max isn’t, and won’t be, streaming Spider-Man: No Way Home.

sony pictures is the distributor behind no way home, and their deal with starz means no way home is airing there now.

where and when is spider-man: no way home available to stream?

no way home began airing on starz on friday.

sony has a deal in place for its 2021 movies to go first to the starz premium cable network, where they are available to watch on its traditional channels as well as its streaming app.

will spider-man: no way home ever be on disney plus?

it’s possible, but it won’t be on disney plus anytime soon, unless disney and sony come to a new deal.

Spider-Man, as a character, is derived from Marvel, but Disney’s Marvel has a complicated co-licensing agreement with Sony for the Spider-Man characters in the movie. basically, sony is in charge of making and distributing standalone spider-man universe movies, and then disney marvel can “borrow” the characters for movies in their own marvel cinematic universe. this is why tom holland’s spider-man appears in the avengers movies.

That’s why you can also stream some movies on Disney Plus with Holland like Spider-Man, but you can’t stream any of the Spider-Man specific movies there.

The same deal extends to the Venom and Morbius films set to be released this year. Those are Marvel characters, but the movies are Sony-distributed movies, so they’re not destined for Disney Plus anytime soon.

You may have read some articles about how the Spider-Man movies are coming to Disney Plus thanks to a new deal struck last year. that’s true, but it’s tricky: the deal may not apply to any road home.

disney closed a deal with sony in april to stream some spider-man movies from the catalog as well as sony movies released theatrically between 2022 and 2026. first of all, those 2022-2026 theatrical releases won’t be coming to disney plus for many, many months; in fact, they will first be exclusively on netflix. But since the theatrical release of No Way Home was in 2021, that part of the deal doesn’t apply anyway. Second, neither Sony nor Disney confirm when, or even if, No Way Home would be considered a “catalogue” movie that could stream on Disney Plus.

Bottom line: If you’re holding your breath because there’s no way to get back home to stream on Disney Plus, it’ll be a long time before you can exhale, if at all.

will spider-man: no way home air on hbo max?

no, not in the foreseeable future.

hbo max airs all telecasts from warner bros. film, and is known for aggressively securing broadcast and television rights to the best movies. And HBO Max has become closely associated with the concept of same-day streaming, having released more movies this way than any other streaming service. this has created a misguided hope among moviegoers when a new movie hits theaters. Not knowing which studio is distributing that new movie, many people are curious if it’s also one of the movies available on HBO Max.

but spider-man is being distributed by sony, not warner bros., and hbo doesn’t have a deal to broadcast sony movies first, so no way home isn’t on its way to hbo max.

will spider-man: no way home air on netflix?

very unlikely. sony struck a deal with netflix last year for all of its 2022 theatrical releases to air on netflix before they’re available on any other service or tv network, but no way home premiered in 2021, before the agreement will come into effect. The deal also included terms on Netflix and licensing of “select titles from [Sony’s] vast library of movies,” but No Way Home is likely to qualify as a library title any time soon.

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