‘Breaking News In Yuba County’ Hulu Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

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in breaking news in yuba county, a kind of girl gone upside down comes into force; When an unappreciated shy woman realizes that pretending her husband is missing will get her the attention she craves, she goes to the police and makes the news, taking advantage of her every moment. However, things quickly spiral out of control when it turns out her husband was up to some shady stuff, and her little white lie could have bigger implications than she ever imagined.

breaking news in yuba county: pass it on or skip it?

the gist: sue buttons (allison janney) wants more. she’s the kind of woman who walks around the grocery store repeating statements like “your story matters” and “you are important,” and when the bakery misspells her name on her birthday cake, she doesn’t give much. Fight. She hopes Ella’s husband Ella Karl (Mathew Modine) has some kind of surprise in store for her birthday, but like Ella’s sister Nancy Ella (Mila Kunis), the date seems to have been forgotten, too. After following Karl to a motel, Sue discovers that he is cheating on her with a woman named Leah (Bridget Everett), and Karl passes out midway. Sue threatens to get Leah in trouble for killing her husband “with her vagina,” and after she leaves, Sue buries Karl’s body (and a bag of $3 million dollars belonging to some suspicious people with whom she is hiding). who is involved) on the motel playground.

The next day, Sue goes to the police station to report Karl missing, but Detective Harris (Regina Hall) ignores her because it hasn’t been that long yet to report her missing. Desperate for some kind of validation, Sue turns to her news producer sister, Nancy, and goes public with her lie. Ella Sue soon begins to receive all the attention and sympathy she’s ever dreamed of, even if the police are a bit skeptical of her story. While Sue puts on a big show, Karl’s brother Petey (Jimmi Simpson) goes to great lengths to negotiate with the owners of that $3 million Sue accidentally buried, Mina (Awkwafina) and Ray (Clifton Collins Jr.). , whom he believes responsible for Karl’s death. apparent kidnapping. things only get more complicated (and dangerous) as the truth threatens to come out, raising the stakes higher than Sue ever imagined.

what movies will it remind you of?: breaking news in yuba county definitely wants to be in the same league as movies like i care a lot, buffaloed, flower and other dark comedies, but the script never quite comes through.

Performance Worth Watching: It’s a bit unnerving how easily breaking news in yuba county manages to throw all of its performers to waste, pushing them to places they didn’t even think possible. even janney isn’t her usual dazzling self, stumbling over her misspelled character as best she can. Perhaps the most memorable here is Regina Hall, who always brings something special to each of her roles and gives us a detective worth rooting for (even if the movie doesn’t really know what to make of her). p>

memorable dialogue: none.

Sex and Skin: There is some laugh-out-loud motel sex at the beginning of the movie, but not much else.

Our take: I don’t usually find myself totally lost when it comes to little indies like this, but breaking news in yuba county really does do something remarkable, proving that even most of the star-studded cast that can’t save a sloppy script and lackluster direction. there were so many moments where i stopped and wondered “what is she doing in this movie?” as another top-tier artist seemed to go to waste in a matter of seconds. Such a stacked cast deserves much better than breaking news in yuba county, a strangely mean-spirited and tonally inconsistent mess of a movie that doesn’t really have a central message or motif in mind.

There is certainly something interesting to be said about white women using their tears as weapons and our obsession with these kinds of tragic cases, but I’m not even sure that’s what the breaking news in yuba county they are trying to argue. not sure yuba county breaking news is really trying to discuss anything. it tries to be funny and then proceeds to crack you up with its brutal violence, and the weirdly uneven score only makes it all the weirder. I really wanted to sink my teeth into some solid satire, but that’s not what breaking news is in yuba county. instead, we are left with something completely empty, a disappointing loss of some of our best artists (and a waste of time for us as viewers).

our call: skip it. Not even a cast that includes heavyweights like Allison Janney, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall can save breaking news in Yuba County, a sloppy and petty attempt at dark satire.

jade budowski is a freelance writer with a knack for blowing punchlines, hogging the karaoke mic, and thirsty tweeting. follow her on twitter: @jadebudowski.

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