Where was it was always you hallmark movie filmed

Where was it was always you hallmark movie filmed

Video Where was it was always you hallmark movie filmed

the hallmark channel movie, It Was Always You, premiered on February 27 at 9 p.m. Eastern, with more encores airing in the coming weeks and months. The film stars Erin Krakow from When the Heart Calls and Tyler Hynes. where was it always that you filmed? Read on to learn more about the filming locations and the cast that brought the film to life.

‘it was always you’ was filmed in canada

It Was Always You was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. When filming ended, Krakow shared that she already missed being in Victoria.

hynes also shared a post thanking victoria for the beautiful scenery for the money.

parade reported that hynes and krakow took a cliff walk in victory to memorize lines and talk about their characters. hynes said screenwriter kathy kloves helped them create a beautiful love story even though the movie is about a love triangle.

hynes said, “[kathy] did a great job of walking this line that made it feel like, ‘okay, this could really go sideways if we do it the wrong way.’ right way, it can be a really beautiful love story that’s sincere and possibly reflects some unique circumstances that people in real life have experienced.”

he and krakow shared many photos of the stunning scenery where they filmed.

here is a photo of krakow shared from the same location:

here’s another photo on set in canada.

shared these photos of a treehouse scene.

The two had a lot of fun together on set.

see funny moments behind the scenes

krakow shared this hilarious clip playing an impromptu springtime trivia game with hynes, where he asked trivia questions that hynes answered.

He also shared this cute photo while filming:

They took a lot of precautions against the pandemic during the shoot.

krakow also shared a publicity moment for the film:

hynes also shared a photo from her adr session:

hynes shared that she enjoyed some cake during filming and jumped at the opportunity.

He enjoyed telling jokes on set.

Filming finished on December 17. krakow shared on instagram: “photo finished last night and I feel all the sensations. this is going to be a special one! I can’t wait to share more with you, but here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our poster.”

meet the cast

The film’s synopsis reads: “Elizabeth’s engagement plans go awry when her fiancée’s free-spirited brother David returns home. David’s unexpected influence causes Elizabeth to question her life decisions.” .

erin krakow plays the role of elizabeth. Interestingly, the character of hers when she calls the heart is also named elizabeth. she told parade that it was just a coincidence that her characters had the same name. “Can you imagine if I asked that all my characters share the name Elizabeth? yes, total coincidence.”

krakow also starred in sense sensibility & snowmen, a summer romance, the santa claus series, a cookie cut christmas, army wives (18 episodes) and more.

tyler hynes is david. his other credits include letterkenny (dierks), on the 12th of christmas, secret of the mistletoe, reconnaissance, wedding march, star trek: discovery, flip that romance, it’s christmas eve, unreal, 19-2 (vince), saving hope ( luke), warehouse 13 (joshua), the firm the series (patrick walker), valemont (gabriel), sophie, 15/love, tales from the neverending story (atreyu), amazon (will bauer), and more.

giles panton played george. Panton’s extensive credits include The Last Kids on Earth (Winged Wretch), Superbook (Aaron Shepherd), The Man in the High Castle (Billy Turner), Batwoman, Over the Moon in Love, Chesapeake Shores (Chris Smith), Christmas pen pals, supernatural, a divine christmas, a gingerbread romance, its christmas eve, tarzan and jane (tarzan), somewhere in between, reign, cedar cove (john bowman), soldiers of the apocalypse, voltron force (keith), v, Flash Gordon: A Modern Space Opera, voicing numerous characters for animated series, and more.

tilly the golden retriever was played by briar the golden retriever.

also star:

  • elysia rotaru (louise)
  • nelson wong (eugene)
  • frances flanagan (diana)
  • paula shaw (grandma vivien)
  • morganna wyllie (denise)
  • caitlin stryker (abby)
  • kalyn miles (sandy)
  • david allan pearson (bob)
  • anthony timpano (ricky)
  • ana carvalho (sylvia)
  • rowen kahn (joey)
  • craig haas (simon)
  • ben rosenbaum (henry)

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