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Where was the hallmark movie christmas sail filmed

Video Where was the hallmark movie christmas sail filmed

the hallmark channel is premiering a new movie about halloween called “holiday sailing”. the film first airs on October 31 at 8 p.m. oriental, with encores on the air throughout the season. katee sackhoff, patrick sabongui and terry o’quinn star. Read on to find out all about the location where “Christmas Sailing” was filmed, along with the cast that brought the movie to life.

If you miss the premiere, the film will air again on November 5 at 6 p.m. Eastern time, November 9 at 10 p.m. m., November 13 at 4 p.m. m., November 17 at 6 p.m. m. and November 22 at 10 a.m. m. eastern time.

‘christmas candle’ was filmed in canada

“Christmas Sail” was filmed in British Columbia, Canada, including Vancouver and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. An early August press release published in Coast Clarion shares how the casting director was looking for extras for scenes filming at Gibsons Marina. It was really hot when they were filming, as one commenter noted when they replied, “I can’t wait to put on winter clothes for 12 hours in this current heat.”

Gibsons is located on the southern tip of the Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver, reported Canada’s Sunshine Coast. It has a population of about 4,900 and is a town of fishing boats and artists, overlooking a beautiful harbor.

Director Stacey Harding shared a photo while filming in Gibsons, British Columbia, which you can view below.

Shooting began in late July and lasted until part of August.

said her co-star, emma oliver, blew her mind and was a lot of fun.

sackhoff recently promoted “adopt, don’t buy” with his “battlestar galactica” co-star, tricia helfer.

nadina tandy shared on instagram how her act of public service in august was to place orange cones around poop to prevent hallmark cast members from stepping on it. “You’re welcome, all in for a good morning walk,” she wrote on Instagram.

o’quinn said “it feels very special to join the distinctive film club.”

sackhoff was very excited to work with him.

wrote on instagram: “loved working with terry!! ❤️ his character is the heart of the christmas candle. this sunday night… you will meet dennis ❤️🎄 hope you love him and his acting as much as me! 🎅🏼 plus who doesn’t need a little christmas cheer on halloween night 😂🥰☃️🎃 plus it’s written by my amazing husband @robin_gadsby ❤️❤️.”

meet the cast

The synopsis reads: “When Liz returns home to care for her estranged father, she is determined to give her daughter a perfect Christmas and is reunited with her best friend.”

katee sakhoff is liz darling. She is perhaps best known for her role as Starbuck’s in “Battlestar Galactica.” But just last year in 2020, she also starred in “The Mandalorian” Season 2 as Bo-katan Kryze, reprising the role from “Clone Wars.” The second season of her Netflix series “Another Life” also launched this month. His other credits include “The Division: Hearts on Fire” (Hoskins), “The Flash” (Amunet), “Longmire” (Victoria Moretti), “Don’t Knock Twice”, “Riddick”, “A Deadly Obsession” “CSI “, “24” (Dana Walsh), “Nip/Tuck” (Dr. Teddy Rowe), “Bionic Woman” (Sarah Corvus), “The Fearful Mind”, “Nude” and more.

Sakhoff’s then-fiancé, Robin Gadsby, wrote “Christmas Candle,” which Sackhoff’s executive produced.

She and Gadsby were married in mid-October.

patrick sabongui is luke. his credits include “virgin river” (todd masry), “shameless”, “the flash” (david singh), “firefly lane” (chad wiley), “get shorty” (judah), “arrow”, “all of my heart: the wedding”, “beyond” (daniel), “shooter” (yusuf ali), “homeland” (reda hashem), “the art of more” (hassan al afshar), “on the farm”, “the gourmet detective”, “the 100”, “the corridor” (horowitz), “halo 4: forward until dawn” (marine), “stargate: atlantis” (kanaan) and more.

terry o’quinn is dennis. He is perhaps best known for his role as Locke in “Lost.” His many other credits include “FBI: Most Wanted” (Byron), “Emergence” (Richard Kindred), “Perpetual Grace, LTC” (Texas Ranger Wesley Walker), “Hawaii Five-0” (Joe White), “Patriot” (tom lavner), “castle rock” (dale lacy), “the blacklist: redemption” (howard hargrave), “secrets and lies” (john warner), “full circle” (jimmy parerra), “gang related” (Sam Chapel), “Falling Skies” (Arthur), “Hallelujah”, “The West Wing” (Gen. Nicholas Alexander), “Alias” (Assistant Director Kendall), “Jag” (Adm. Thomas Boone), “ hard realm, ” “x-files”, “millennium” (peter watts), “earth 2” (reilly) and much more.

He has a cameo account that he creates weekly videos for and has raised thousands to benefit animals at virginia beach spca.

lossen chambers is joyce. Her credits include “Family Law” (Judge Maria Natali), “Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries”, “A Winter Wedding”, “Mystery 101” (Tabitha), “The Good Doctor”, “Liddle’s Merry Christmas Wedding”. ” (candis), “the gourmet detective”, “a homecoming for the holidays”, “a divine christmas: made for love”, “love unleashed”, “the flash” (dr. vanessa ambres), “loudermilk ”, “a series of unfortunate events” (mrs. morrow), “garage sale mysteries”, “hiccups” (sheila), “fringes”, “snowdogs” and much more.

emma oliver is hannah.

She is known for her role as winnie in “snowpiercer”, which just finished season 3 in July. Her other credits include “March 6th Weddings” (Aubrey), “Cross Country Christmas”, “lonestar Christmas”, “It’s Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas”, “Virgin River” (younger Mel), “nancy drew” (4 nancy of 12 years) and more.

also star:

  • sunita prasad (erica)
  • jason mckinnon (marcus)
  • tosca baggoo (carol)
  • paula giroday (julie)
  • tiffani tims (mary)
  • luvia peterson (major shoemaker)
  • nick heffelfinger (head elf)
  • sheila tyson (marcia)
  • troy mclaughlin (arthur)
  • derek wallis (chestnut seller)
  • remy tanner (running girl)
  • corey pereira strudwick (little boy)
  • alice comer (young liz)
  • adam ghouti (young luke)
  • todd matthews (young dennis)
  • shay rachelle (young joyce)

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