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Which purge movie came out first

Films have used the concept to explore the purge’s impact on different classes and races, as well as the link to politics, but not in the order it seems, with the first purge going back to explore the origins of an event so dystopian .

To confuse things further, the purge series also had a short-lived TV spin-off, which means keeping track is a lot like trying to watch all the marvel movies in order with the many shows. from disney plus.

However, with The Purge Forever now released in theaters, we’ve restored order to the franchise’s timeline – here’s how to watch all the Purge movies in order.

how to watch the purge movies: chronological order

While the purge movies are mostly anthologies with a rotating cast of main characters, they mostly follow one another chronologically.

There are, of course, two notable standouts: the purge tv show and you guessed it, the first purge.

Although it was the fourth film to be released in theaters, as the name suggests, The First Purge is actually the first installment in the series. The prequel flashes back to March 21, 2017, when the purge was merely a sociological experiment limited to staten island.

While the remaining films unfold chronologically in order of release, the television show is set after the first two films and before the Purge: Election Year. The first film’s lead, James Sandin, played by Ethan Hawke, even shows up to bring the universe together.

here are the movies in chronological order:

  1. the first purge (2018)
  2. the purge (2013)
  3. the purge: anarchy (2014)
  4. the television series of purge (2018-2019)
  5. the purge: election year (2016)
  6. the eternal purge (2021)

the purge timeline

for those really interested in the purge, the fact that most of the movies take place on the same night every year means we can pinpoint the exact dates of many of the movies.

Spanning thirty years, here’s the surprisingly consistent timeline of the purge universe, beginning after America’s new founding fathers take office in 2014.

  1. the first purge (March 21, 2017)
  2. the purge (March 21, 2022)
  3. the purge: anarchy (March 21, 2023)
  4. the purge tv series (2027-2031)
  5. the purge: election year (March 21, 2040)
  6. the eternal purge (2048)

how to watch the purge movies: release order

Despite some prequels, the purge movies can still be enjoyed in release order, which is definitely the easiest way for new viewers to watch them. after all, most of the movies follow a separate chronological order, with the clear exception of the first purge, as well as the TV series, which is an optional extra to your purge movie marathon.

this is how you see the movies of the purge in order of release:

  • the purge (2013)
  • the purge: anarachy (2014)
  • the purge: election year (2016)
  • the first purge (2018)
  • the purge tv series (2018-2019)
  • the eternal purge (2021)

the purge (2013)

The first purge movie, but not a depiction of the first purge, is set in 2022, when the purge is accepted and becomes an annual part of life. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star as James and Mary Sandin, a wealthy couple who become the targets of a group of Purgers after saving a stranger from their clutches.

where to watch: netflix, amazon

the purge: anarchy (2014)

Set one year after the events of the first film, The Purge: Anarchy follows Sergeant Frank Grillo who uses the night as an excuse to get revenge on those responsible for his murdered son, while a rogue group also begins to form.

where to watch: netflix, amazon

the purge: election year (2016)

The only installment to bring back a previous character, the sergeant returns to protect presidential candidate charlene “charlie” roan (elizabeth mitchell) as she campaigns for the 2040 election on an anti-purge platform.

where to see it: amazon

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the first purge (2018)

The fourth film flashes back to 2017 to explore the political machinations behind the purge, when America’s new founding fathers implement a test purge limited to staten island.

where to see it: amazon

the purge tv series (2018-19)

Four movies would be enough for most franchises, but The Purge made its way to the small screen in 2018 to explore its concept over a longer period of time. The show took on new approaches, for example, the second season followed the in-between period between two purges, and even featured a flashback starring Ethan Hawke to tie the show in with the movies.

where to see it: amazon

the eternal purge (2021)

Eight Years After The Purge: Election Year, the film sees America’s new founding fathers reinstate the annual purge after an eight-year absence, until an anti-immigration hate group continues the purge long after the dawn.

Where to watch: Theatrical release July 16, 2021

where to watch the purge movies

Sorry to those who feel the need to purge online: sadly, the purge movies aren’t all available on one streaming service. The first two films, The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy, are available on Netflix (£5.99-£13.99 a month), while both seasons of The Purge TV show are available on Amazon Prime (£5 .99-£7.99 per month) for no additional cost.

The remaining films (except The Forever Purge) are not currently streaming as part of any subscription service, but you can rent or buy them from Amazon Video, with prices ranging from £2.49 to £4.99.

The Forever Purge opens in theaters on July 16, 2021. If you’re looking for something to watch on TV tonight or what to watch now, check out our TV guide.

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