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John Varvatos

john varvatos, specializing in menswear, is a contemporary fashion designer, born in detroit and raised in allen park. Before starting his career, he attended Allen Park High School. Initially, Varvatos intended to become a science teacher during his college years, however, he ended up in the retail business. In 1983, he began working at polo ralph lauren. In 1990, he joined calvin klein as head of the menswear department and led the launch of the menswear line. Five years later, he returned to Ralph Lauren as head menswear designer for all of the company’s brands and introduced the polo jeans line. His success led him to occupy new positions within the company. The young designer was transferred to New York, where he focused on design, marketing and sales.

in 1999, john varvatos founded his own company and debuted his first clothing line in new york in late 2000. the same year, he opened his first store in soho. Varvatos also tried to introduce a women’s fashion collection inspired by the men’s line, however it was not as recognized as his menswear. Despite this, the brand expanded its products and now has a collection of footwear, belts, eyewear, handbags, fragrances, and watches. His collection is also available at retail stores in addition to his own stores. In 2001, he received a license to produce the top-tier Converse line of shoes.

Eight years later, a radio show was launched on varvatos espectro channel, which included interviews and songs by various artists, which inspired varvatos throughout their professional lives . the show was called new york nights and the channel was sirius xm. It was not only entertaining and interactive, but also communicated information about the designer from his own point of view. In 2012, she joined the cast of celebrity mentors on the show Fashion Star on NBC, a reality series in search of the next big fashion brand. A year later, a limited edition Chrysler 300 was released named after him.

john varvatos has credited rock n roll as his obsession and the musical genre became a catalyst for his inspiration and interest in the field of fashion. ad campaigns for his collections, shot by danny clinch, featured bands and musicians including chris cornell, the roots, dave matthews, velvet revolver, alice cooper, green day and iggy pop. In addition, the music is part of the brand’s charitable efforts, such as save the music foundation. Although Varvatos’ family was conservative, he had an interest in rock music and when he learned to drive, he began going to local rock music shows. the designer was very fascinated by the musicians that he also tried to dress as them. varvatos worked in menswear outlets even when he attended eastern michigan university. there he acquired knowledge about the guitar and learned to play it. john varvatos has also performed with bands.

in 2000, john varvatos received the perry ellis award for menswear from the council of fashion designers of america. a year later, the same organization presented him with the designer of the year award. in 2005, he was presented the menswear designer of the year award by cdfa at the new york public library. for third prize, he competed for the honor alongside john bartlett and ralph lauren . recipients were determined by a panel of leading journalists, retailers, stylists and magazine editors.

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