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Who plays aquaman in the justice league movie

Video Who plays aquaman in the justice league movie

arthur curry: let me clear this up. do you do it dressed as a bat? like a real bat.

bruce wayne: it worked for 20 years in gotham.

arthur curry: oh that shit hole.

bruce wayne: when the fight comes, we’ll need you.

arthur curry: don’t count on it, batman

bruce wayne: why not?

arthur curry: because I don’t like you coming here, getting into my business and getting into my life. the people of atlantis tell me, “do this”. now you say, “do that”. I want to be left alone.

bruce wayne: is that why you help these people out here in the middle of nowhere? why can you go?

arthur curry: I help them because nobody else does.

bruce wayne: if you want to protect them, you need to work with me.

arthur curry: “the strong man is stronger alone”. have you ever heard of that?

bruce wayne: that’s not a saying. That’s the opposite of what the saying goes.

arthur curry: yeah… doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

bruce wayne: have you ever heard of superman? he died fighting by my side.

arthur curry: exactly my point.

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