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Who plays brenda in scary movie

buffy gilmore: hey do you think the press will want to talk to us?

brenda: please. the press just wants to interview the most ignorant person they can find.

shorty: [cut to gail haistorm interviewing shorty about drew decker’s death]

shorty: I’m on t.v. oh shit, first “cops” now this. I’m going to be a star, son.

gail hailstorm: so how close were you to the victim?

shorty: oh so close. right until the roofs were worn away and she woke up. then she was talking about pressing charges, so i stuck my tongue out her ass and walked out.

gail hailstorm: if you could have talked to her before she died, what would have been your last words to her?

shorty: run bitch, run!

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