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Yuddam telugu movie review

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Yuddam-1 Release date : 14 March 2014 Rating : 2/5 Director : Bharathi Ganesh Producer : Natti Kumar Music Director : Chakri Starring : Tarun, Yami Gautam, Srihari

Lover boy Tarun, has been going through a rough phase in his career. He is once again trying his luck with Natti Kumar’s Yuddham. This movie also stars the late Sri Hari and Yami Gautam in other lead roles. This romantic entertainer has released amidst a host of other releases today. Let’s see whether Tarun makes his comeback or not.


shankar anna(sri hari) is a messiah of the masses, always fighting for their welfare. his only priority in his life is his younger sister madhumita (yami gautam).

on the other hand, rishi(tarun) is a leader of the student union, who falls in love with madhumita during one of his university problems. even madhumita develops feelings for rishi, and when she decides to reveal her love, rishi’s brother lays eyes on her on madhumita.

he returns home and tells rishi that he is in love and has decided to marry the girl he just saw. Will Rishi find out that the girl his brother wants to marry is Madhumita? Will she sacrifice his love for his family? How will he convince Madhumita? will rishi go against shankar anna?

To get answers to all these questions, you need to see this movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

As usual, tarun looks handsome and pulls off his role perfectly. he is the only saving grace of this film, and he is exceptional in the emotional scenes.

sri hari does his best and gives an honest performance. interval explosion and the first 15 minutes in the second half is quite interesting.

negative points:-

although yami gautam has an important role, he doesn’t handle it well. she is extremely bad with her dances and expressions. her chemistry with tarun also has no effect.

For the first fifteen minutes, the movie never gets off the ground. routine scenes and characterizations come and go in the film. Another major irritant of the movie is the comedy track of Krishna Bhagvan and Venu Madhav. it’s completely over the top and could have been avoided entirely.

The way emotions are handled in the movie is pretty ordinary. Important actors like chandra mohan and giri babu have practically nothing to do in the film.

technical aspects:-

The camera work is pretty decent in the film. the songs are lively and have also been well filmed. the background score is fine, as is the editing.

The movie script is pretty bad. As said before, the unnecessary scenes appear in the movie out of nowhere and cause a big hindrance for the movie.

the dubbing is horrible in the movie. the voices of the main actors have been dubbed, which looks strange on screen. After having a decent story, director Bharti Ganesh couldn’t execute this movie well. he doesn’t focus on the script and releases his grip completely.

The so-called twists and turns shown are also not that interesting. certain scenes and characters in the movie don’t add any weight to the movie.


Overall, yudhham is not a movie tarun would have wanted to come back with. routine plot and some unnecessary and forced humor spoils the narrative completely. you can safely ignore this movie and watch it when it comes out on tv. rating – 2/5

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