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Yuddham sharanam movie review

naga chaitanya is choosing some very interesting movies in recent years. this time he has given a break to his friend krishna of him who is directing his new movie yuddham sharanam that has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


The story of the movie is quite simple and old. arjun (naga chaitanya) and his parents rao ramesh and revathi lead a very happy and simple life with his family. The twist in the story comes when Arjun’s parents witness a murder planned by a feared criminal named Nayak (Srikanth). Things get even worse when Nayak launches a counterattack and brutally kills them. the rest of the story is about how a young arjun manages his family and takes revenge on him.

positive points:-

The first half of the movie is quite good as the familiar emotions are established quite well. Rao Ramesh and Revathi perform extremely well in their roles, bringing a lot of depth to the proceedings. the chemistry of naga chaitanya and lavanya also works well most of the time.

naga chaitanya is surely maturing with each film of his and carries the film on his shoulders. Romance-wise, he’s the best of the recent generation and has done an impressive job with his expressions. Lavanya looks good and plays the part of him well.

srikanth looks menacing as a nayak and goes to great lengths to elevate proceedings. Murali Sharma’s role has been written quite convincingly. the use of a drone camera to save a life has been magnificently shown.

negative points:-

The problem with yuddham sharanam is the weak second half. the director builds the family drama and twists so well that you get very excited and eagerly wait to see what will happen in the second half. but this is where the movie fails, as the director rushes things and ends the movie too quickly.

the family bond or the emotions shown during the first half do not carry over to the second half. Director Krishna does not bring the required pain or revenge in the face of the hero that is needed when one’s family is destroyed. The same goes for Srikanth paper. it rises so well during the first half and thins out in the back. the way his plans work out or the way his character ends up in the movie seem exaggerated.

The movie clearly has a sahasam swasaga sagipo hangover as the chaitanya characters in both movies keep hiding from the bad guys and somehow fight back at the end.

technical aspects:-

yuddham saranam has very good images. the camera work is delicious and shows all the emotions and places very well. Vivek Sagar’s music is strictly fine as the songs only appear in the narration. his background score varies a lot, as he is good in places and disappoints in the crucial scenes. vaarahi production values ​​are always good and same goes for this movie as yuddham sharanam looks quite classy.

referring to the director krishna, he has done a good job in his debut. when a rookie director like him takes on a routine story, you need to fill it with good moments at all times. script-wise, krishna does a decent job, but his execution lacks punch in the second half. his narration slows down and he takes too much liberty in the process. the pain that a person suffers after losing their family somehow is not shown and this is where the emotions are artificial and rushed.


Overall yuddham sharanam is a movie that starts on a positive note but fades during the last part. the superb familiar emotions during the first half keep the audience hooked. but as in all recent telugu movies, director krishna also loses control of the second half and ends things in an unconvincing way. for regular audiences, there is no entertainment factor and this could work against the film. Finally, all of you who like revenge dramas with a twist and are okay with the slow pace, give this movie a shot, but there’s nothing new to watch here. rating: 2.75/5

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