Fans Compare Akshay Kumar&x27s Bachchhan Paandey with Varun Tej&x27s Gaddhalakonda Ganesh and Jigarthanda

Bachchan pandey remake of which movie

Video Bachchan pandey remake of which movie

akshay kumar starring bachchhan paandey released in theaters on march 18. The film is a remake of the tamil blockbuster ‘jigarthanda’ headlined by bobby simha. Fans have been pointing out on social media that Bachchhan Paandey’s story is closer to the Telugu movie starring Varun Tej Gaddhalakonda Ganesh, which is also a remake of Jigarthanda, but with some changes.

After the release of Bachchhan Paandey, fans took to social media with a series of comparisons between Akshay Kumar and Varun Tej, on who was the better gangster. have been comparing the two actors on who had better style, swag and charisma on screen.

Many posts and comments from fans across the country mentioned how Varun Tej’s makeover and transformation stand out, while others voted for Akshay Kumar’s pan-Indian appeal. Akshay and Varun’s character appearances are also being compared.

see the tweets here:

#bachchanpandey is average. Tonally, it’s more of an adaptation of #gaddalakondaganesh than #jigarthanda. while the first half is fine, it falls short in the second half with a mediocre flashback and a disappointing climax. music and amplifier; bgm is also 👎.

maybe just once. 2.5/5@akshaykumar

— aditya jakki (@adityajakki) March 18, 2022

to be very frank with you, the original dirt carinval movie has no flash back and no jigarthanda… it was designed by @harish2you for gadhalakonda ganesh… so this #bp movie is actually based on the gadhalakonda movie. ..they took the screenshot game so it’s a new telugu version

— subhash (@subhash37671732) March 17, 2022

bachchhan paandey dekhne se achha uska original “gaddalakonda ganesh” dekhlo woh isse kai jyada achhi aur entertaining hai”gaddalakonda ganesh” name me hindi me available hai youtube per goldmines ki parish channel rol mein varun tej >>> akshay kumar in look & acting wisely

– मैं 13 suraj  (@mainterasuraj) March 19, 2022

varun tej walked away with rave reviews and applause for his performance in gaddhalakonda ganesh. Such was the impact she had starring her in the action-comedy that she is fondly remembered by fans to this day.

the biggest drawback of #bachchhanpaandey is that it doesn’t even come close to the inventive treatment of #jigarthanda

finally a #akshaykumar movie becomes a farhad samji one! #arshadwarsi is the saving grace, but the bar is set too low if you think it’s worth celebrating!

– anmol jamwal (@jammypants4) March 19, 2022

many expressed their disappointment in the trend of remakes in bollywood and said that watching the original was a better idea.

in the midst of all the josh from #thekashmirfiles, akshay kumar’s ‘bachchan pandey’ tries to sneak in…

but it’s just a remake of the popular tamil movie ‘jigarthanda’..

bollywood lost its creativity a long time ago… now it’s reduced to being a copy of popular south indian movies!

– rajagopal ps🕉️ (@rajagopalps10) March 18, 2022

akshay kumar 1nc said to waste the money on the temples, instead of feeding the poor

so to waste money on #bachchanpandey watch hindi dubbed “gaddalakonda ganesh” on utube for free both are official remake of tamil movie “jigarthanda” and better use money to patronize #thekashmirfiles1/2#kashmirfiles https :/ /

– dessie aussie 🇮🇳🇭🇲 (@dessieaussie) March 17, 2022

Bachchhan Paandey, starring Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon, has received a mixed response from both audiences and critics. the film is doing good business even at the box office. while on the first day the film grossed Rs 13.25 crore, on the second day it saw a small decline. the film earned 12 million rupees on Saturday, bringing its total gross so far to 25.25 million rupees.

trade analyst taran adarsh ​​took to social media and shared the detailed figures. “#bachchhanpaandey is hit by the unprecedented #tkf wave across the country…mass circuits are constant but plexuses remain low on day 2…needs to improve performance on day 3…fri 13.25 cr, Saturday 12 noon Total: ₹25.25 Cr. #india biz”, he wrote.

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