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Dr saleem telugu movie review

Video Dr saleem telugu movie review

Continuing the trend of dubbed movies, another tamil movie has been dubbed in telugu as dr saleem. Starring Vijay Anthony, this thriller has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


saleem (vijay anthony) is an orphan who studies hard to become a doctor. he often does social service and gives free treatment to his patients. this attitude of his does not go well with his boss. During this time, Saleem also gets engaged to a girl named Nisha(aksha).

One fine day, Saleem takes on the case of a patient named Narmada who is gang raped. she gets so involved in narmada’s life that she ignores both her work and her fiancé. An upset Nisha leaves him for good, and Saleem also loses her job in the process. The twist in the story comes when he finds out that Narmada has been kidnapped.

what will saleem do now? How will she get her job, her fiancé and her drug dealer back into her life? To find out the answers to these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

The second half is a big advantage of this movie. the way director nirmal kumar has executed this part is quite interesting. the exciting elements and the different script add a lot of depth to the movie. some confrontation scenes in the hospital, the interval explosion and the climax episode have been narrated quite cleverly.

The song that comes during the climax elevates the movie very well. Vijay Anthony does it well and portrays different nuances in his character decently. Aksha impresses in the role of an arrogant girlfriend in a big way. the rest of the cast has also done a decent job.

negative points:-

The first half of the movie is a big disappointment. the director has stretched the story and added many unnecessary scenes during the first half. these scenes not only get repetitive but also really irritate the audience. the romantic hint between the main couple does not create the necessary effect.

The movie’s plot line is routine and has been showcased in recent movies like Temper and Paws. the whole kidnapping episode with the commandos seems out of place and isn’t needed in the movie. the running time of the movie is also a bit long.

technical aspects:-

The camera work is top notch and so are the production values. vijay anthony’s music is decent as all the songs have been well composed. but it’s his background score that takes the movie to another level. the first half of the movie is a bit long. director nirmal kumar manages to score decent points with his directional skills. he narrates the story in an engaging manner, but begins the process with a sub-par script.


in general, dr. saleem is a message-oriented thriller that has its moments. an exciting second half and an engaging climax are basic plus points. if you manage to get through the boring and rigorous first half, you might end up liking this movie. watch it whenever you want. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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