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Famous people who are poor now

Video Famous people who are poor now

Being famous often comes with being rich if you are careful and cautious in spending your money. however, most celebrities indulge in lavish lifestyles and find their bank accounts empty and their lives in chaos. Which celebrities are in debt? This article contains the 15 most broke celebrities who went bankrupt, as well as those who are in debt, and who knows, their story could end up teaching you to make better financial decisions in the future.

Broke celebrities 2021

Some of the Hollywood stars. Photo: @AlkatansSource: Instagram

Some of these Hollywood stars make bad investments, squander their fortunes on things that would not make sense to many people, and sometimes try to live beyond their means, surging them into more debts. Just because they are Hollywood celebrities does not always mean they constantly roll around and live the good life. The below list of 15 top poor celebrities might be surprising, while others might be common knowledge.

broken celebrities 2022

Which celebrities are now broke? the list below contains the 15 most broke celebrities. there are more, but these are just a few of the most notable. most of them are due to some bad decisions they made in life despite the level of fame they have achieved. the list also contains the net worth of bankrupt celebrities.

1. curtis jackson (net worth: 30 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Curtis on stage. Photo: @50 centsSource: Instagram

It is hard to imagine someone as successful as 50 cents could go bankrupt. In 2015, the rapper and musician filed for bankruptcy after it emerged he was $32.5m in debt due to several lawsuits and unpaid child support bills. His financial struggles were not solved after he was also forced to pay $5m after releasing an explicit tape online, tarnishing his reputation in the process.

2. nicolas cage (net worth: $25 million)

Nicolas was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood earning $40 million in 2009 alone. On the contrary, he is also one of the biggest spenders. he bought many houses, cars and rare artifacts. his precarious style led him to sell many of his personal belongings, including a prized comic book. He has spent big on rarities like a dinosaur skull, a collection of shrunken pygmy heads and a couple of castles in Germany and the UK.

3. pamela anderson (net worth: $20 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Pamela is all smiles! Photo: @AndersonSource: Instagram

Despite a way of life that included luxurious houses, costly celebrations, and different plastic medical procedures, Pamela Anderson was figuring out how to keep her accounts on target, until the assessment man came calling.

Anderson earned $35 million and was one of the greatest female treasures in Hollywood centerfolds. In any case, after losing all of her well-deserved fortune, the American star ended up living in a trailer park, making her one of the homeless celebrities.

4. lisa marie presley (net worth: 16 million dollars)

Broke celebrities 2021

Lisa looking gorgeous. Photo: @PresleySource: Instagram

Presley has never been shy of money and delighted in a youth loaded with horses, personal luxury planes, and individual amusement parks. The father was famously liberal with his cash. He once flew his girl to Idaho in a private luxury plane after she requested to play in the snow, just for her to return twenty minutes after the fact. After a nasty separation from Michael Lockwood, the artist-musician was left $16 million owing debtors.

5. johnny depp (net worth: 15 million dollars)

Broke celebrities 2021

Johnny during his stardom days. Photo: @DeppSource: Instagram

Depp was ranking at $30 million for every Pirate of the Caribbean movie. In 2012, he was the highest-paid actor globally, with his films having earned him $8 billion worldwide. As of 2017, he owned 14 homes, an $18 million yacht, and 45 vehicles. He also spent a considerable amount on wine monthly. He alleged his financial team mishandled his millions and left Depp broke.

6. mike tyson (net worth: $15 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Mike on stage addressing fans. Photo: @TysonSource: Instagram

Mike Tyson procured more than $400 million during his boxing profession. He was additionally known for his luxurious way of life, dishing out gobs of cash on adornments, manors, sports vehicles, and parties— he kept Siberian tigers as pets. In any case, he was unable to bring in that cash last and went belly up as he needed to declare financial insolvency in 2003 with a $23 million obligation.

7. lena headey (net worth: $14 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Lena looking stylish. Photo: @HeadeySource: Instagram

Lena is a Bermudan-English actress. She featured in Game of Thrones, where she played Cersei Lannister. She received a lot of money from the movie, but she was battling with divorce during the time, and her husband was claiming palimony and child support payments. She is still struggling to make ends meet.

8. wesley snipes (net worth: $10 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Snipes having a good time. Photo: @WesleySource: Instagram

Back in the early 90s, Wesley Snipes was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. His roles in New Jack City, Passenger 57, Blade, etc., made him one of the best-paid and most popular stars. His troubles started after he was sentenced severally for failing to file US federal income tax returns, which made him serve time in federal prison for tax fraud. Besides, he also went burst due to lavish spending.

9. chris tucker (net worth: $5 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Chris looking great with a designer suit. Photo: @TuckerSource: Instagram

Tucker was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. However, he found himself in dire financial troubles after the government filed a $2.5m tax lien against him. Luckily, he was able to reach a settlement deal and stay out of jail. His financial struggles started when he let his management team handle his money, something he deeply regrets now!

10. sinbad (net worth: $4 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Sinbad on stage. Photo: @SinbadSource: Instagram

Comedian Sinbad has two bankruptcies under his belt. The first, in 2009, happened from a huge expense obligation of more than $2.5 million. In 2013, Sinbad sought financial protection because of the costs of doing business, all in the expectation that he would land a rewarding film job that would top off his coffers.

At the time of his subsequent liquidation, Sinbad was apparently in the red for $10 million, $8 million of which was due to sloppy appraisals from 1998-2006.

11. kim basinger (net worth: $1,260,000)

Top 15 broke celebrities 2021

Kim all smiles. Photo: @BasingerSource: Instagram

Basinger is an American actress, singer, and former fashion model. Following a successful modelling career in New York, she moved to Los Angeles, where she began her acting career. She got into a serious financial situation when she backed out of Boxing Helena’s lead role. Due to breaching the contract, she was forced to pay $8.1M. That led her to file for bankruptcy.

12. tori spelling (net worth: 1 million dollars)

Broke celebrities 2021

Tori is having a good moment. Photo: @SpellingSource: Instagram

Tori, the daughter of Aaron Spelling, a multimillionaire producer, has had big-time issues living within her means. She credits her problems to the fact that she grew up privileged and extremely wealthy. Currently, she still has several lawsuits pending from unpaid loans and credit cards.

13. kelly rutherford (net worth: $1 million)

Broke celebrities 2021

Kelly looking lovely. Photo: @RutherfordSource: Instagram

Kelly is an American actress. She is famous for her television roles as Stephanie Whitmore on the NBC daytime soap opera Generations. Her story is not of reckless spending but of devastating divorce and custody battle. The exorbitant costs of divorce and custody battles plus no work forced her to declare bankruptcy in 2013.

14. gary busey (net worth: $800,000)

broke celebrities 2021

Gary having a media briefing. Photo: @BuseySource: Instagram

After featuring in more than 70 movies, Gary Busey was down to his last $50,000 by 2012 when he petitioned for Chapter 7 insolvency. He owed at least 10 times that amount to a laundry list of creditors and the IRS. The notoriously eccentric star was once admitted to all-consuming cocaine addiction. He is among the broke celebrities working normal jobs.

15. lindsay lohan (net worth: $800,000)

Broke celebrities 2021

Lohan having a good time. Photo: @LindsaySource: Instagram

Who is the poorest famous person? Lindsay is ranked as the poorest popular person. During her early days, she was the hottest young star globally, when she was earning $7.5m per film for projects like Just My Luck, Herbie Fully Loaded, among others. In 2004, when she was just 18 years, she has had a net worth of more than $30m. As of 2020, her fortune was estimated at only $800,000. That makes her one of the poorest celebrities.

Above is a list of the 15 most broke celebrities in 2022, and some of them are homeless. The article serves as a lesson that you need to plan your finances wisely as anything can happen. When you’re at the top of your game, invest wisely, because tomorrow, things may change.

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