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Famous people who mocked god

Video Famous people who mocked god

These 8 famous people mocked god and therefore died early?!

Take a look at the viral claim and find out what the facts really are!

these famous people made fun of god + died?!

This story has not only been published on many websites, but has been repeatedly shared on social networks and even on whatsapp and telegram.

stories have a variety of names: “famous people who mocked god and died prematurely”, “premature deaths of famous people who mocked god”, or simply “8 out of 8”, whatever it is! that means!

The story is a long one, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Fact Check : Deaths of Famous People Who Mocked God!

truth: these famous people didn’t make fun of god + die!

This is yet another example of religious fake news created to warn people that the Christian god is vengeful and will kill those who mock him.

The good news is that nothing in the viral story is true, and here’s a tldr rundown of why…

john lennon

  • The interview was conducted by the London Evening Standard, not an American magazine as claimed.
  • He was assassinated 14 years after making that statement, not immediately as claimed.
  • he was shot 4 times, not 6 times as claimed.

tancredo neves

  • tancredo neves never made such a claim.
  • he was also a religious catholic, and it was highly unlikely that he would ever mock god.
  • to become president , he only needed a majority vote of 686 members of the electoral college, not 500,000 votes.
  • he did not get sick and died only a day before he became president.


  • cazuza died of AIDS-related complications, not lung cancer.
  • there is no evidence that he ever mocked god.
  • he did not smoke for his canecão concert in 1998.

the man who built the titanic

  • None of the men associated with the financing, design or construction of the titanic ever claimed that “not even god can sink it.”
  • The comment was probably made by a sailor for sylvia caldwell, a second class passenger on the titanic.

marilyn monroe

  • marilyn monroe never met or talked to billy graham in her entire life.
  • as a practicing jew, it would have been right for her to say she didn’t need jesus.
  • li>

  • never told anyone, preacher or not, that “I don’t need your Jesus.”

bon scott

  • the song “highway to hell” did not make fun of god or any religion.
  • marilyn manson, lazlo bane, maroon 5, bruce springsteen and even billy joel covered the song, but they didn’t die prematurely.
  • millions of people sang the same song, but they didn’t die prematurely.

car accident in campinas 2005

This is a truly absurd story, which doesn’t seem to be true because…

  • Why would a mother let her daughter get into a car with obviously drunk teenagers?
  • Why would teenagers have a crate of eggs in the trunk of their car?
  • if the trunk survived the accident, it would have allowed easy identification of the car.

christine hewitt

  • There is no evidence that she criticized the Bible.
  • She was shot to death, not burned alive as claimed.
  • Her body was burned to destroy evidence and /or to cover up the act of murder.
  • Her husband and brother were charged with her murder.

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