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Review : FCUK – Good concept, underwhelming narration |

Fcuk movie review telugu

Video Fcuk movie review telugu

father chitti umaa karthik (fcuk) has generated a decent buzz before release thanks to its bold and punchy title. the film was released today on the occasion of the birthday of one of its main actors, jagapathi babu. Let’s see how the movie is.


fcuk’s story revolves mainly around its main actors: father (jagapathi babu), chitti (baby sahashritha), umaa (ammu abhirami) and karthik (ram karthik), hence the acronym “fcuk”. Jagapathi Babu plays Fhani, a single father who is also a filthy rich condom dealer. he shares a loving relationship with his son’s karthik.

fhani is also a great casanova. How Ella’s image of Ella Casanova and the entry of the Chitti girl negatively impact Ella Karthik’s son’s love story with Umaa form the main crux of the film.

positive points:

The performances of the main actors are the highlights of fcuk. especially the young actors ram karthik and ammu abhirami have performed quite well in their assigned roles. jagapathi babu essays a colorful and bold paper.

the main story theme of the film is rare in telugu cinema, and debuting director vidyasagar raju and producer kl damodar prasad are to be commended for coming up with such a bold and thought-provoking concept. build and production values ​​are decent.

the film tackles bold themes such as beauty, virginity, condoms, sex between young and old in an orthodox society.

negative points:

Unfortunately, despite having a rare and unique story on paper, director vidyasagar raju fails to execute it with an engaging script to grab the audience’s attention. Although the role of Jagapathi Babu is very important in the story, he seems to be underused.

The main conflict actually starts only during the interval and doesn’t really take off until the last 15-20 minutes of the story. The comedy track featuring Bharath doesn’t tickle the ribs. even though the director infuses the bold themes mentioned above, they don’t have much of an impact due to the way they were conveyed on screen.

technical aspects:

fcuk has a very fine history. the movie tries to tackle some bold themes, but unfortunately, in a boring way. the lethargic script does not move the story forward and tests the patience of the audience. some of the dialogue is clichéd and sexist.

Although the songs composed by bheems are situational, none of them will be remembered once the film ends. Shiva’s cinematography is decent and proper. kishore maddali’s editing scissors should have been sharper as the movie seems quite long without many entertaining and engaging scenes.


Overall, fcuk is a bold movie told in a boring way. the film, despite having some strong themes on paper, fails to engage the audience on screen and ends up like a completely disappointing clockwork. If you’re seeing the movie this weekend, we suggest you keep your expectations low. rating: 2.5/5

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