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A Gentleman Movie Review: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez’s Film Is Sundar But Not Susheel

Gentleman hindi movie review

Video Gentleman hindi movie review

Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Darshan Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Rajit KapurDirector: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DKScore: 2 stars here we go again: same shit, different friday, as one would regret in the usa. uu. from to a gentleman of raj and dk: sundar. susheel. risky is yet another film that believes a gloss patina is all it takes to paper over the slag heaps. The directorial duo, known for the kind of quirky sensibility that made shor in the city and goa gone easy to watch, don’t skimp on stylistic flourishes and visual flair in this elegantly packaged action-packed romantic comedy spoof. sadly, the film ultimately doesn’t quite get around its jagged edges. The male lead, Sidharth Malhotra, is a handsome lad with a strong screen presence. there is hardly a sequence in the film when the actor is not on screen. That is a difficult question. if only malhotra possessed the histrionic niceties to play the role of a highly trained assassin who dreams of a happy domestic life: a steady job, a comfortable home, a beautiful garden, and a fancy family car, all achieved through strictly honest means – a gentleman would have shone much brighter.

what stands out in bold at the end of the 132-minute film is that the protagonist fails to convey the distinction between being mr. good guy (gaurav, in corporate attire) and living the life of a thug (rishi, with a hint of a beard), the two separate people he inhabits. The fault, of course, is not entirely hers: the script is too playful and frothy to be able to work out the nuances of the male lead’s body language as he moves back and forth between his two contradictory identities. gaurav gets everything his heart desires. – Get a comfortable job at a Miami company, make good friends, move into a fancy house, and buy a minivan big enough to accommodate a whole family. there is also a girl in his life: kavya, who works in the same company, and gaurav get along like a house on fire, although the woman dreads the idea of ​​a formal marriage proposal.

Amidst long, noisy chases, occasional explosions, and outlandish action scenes, the lead actor plays a member of a shady spy ring, Unit X, created by a special task force of the National Security Council. He is destined to work for the nation, but his boss, a man his team calls a Colonel (Sunil Shetty in a guest appearance). the actor, who comes from a long parenthesis, is called to exude menace. Rishi, Unit X’s top undercover agent, is assailed by guilt when he sees innocent civilians being slaughtered as collateral damage. he reaches a point where he feels that he has had enough and announces his decision to leave the mercenary gang. But It’s easier to say it than do it. His commander and her minions, one of whom is the steely Yaqub, played by the sharp-witted and efficient Darshan Kumar, pursue Rishi with murderous intent because he knows too much for his comfort. he is in possession of a hard drive that the colonel sees as a ticking time bomb. rishi is now gaurav and wants no trouble to destroy his clean and peaceful idyll because neither kavya nor his other officemates know who he really is. monotony that seeks to soften with all kinds of tricks designed to ward off fatigue. it’s all in vain. they just add to the monotony. overdoing it is never a good idea: that is the main adage that a gentleman demonstrates at all times.

The script is peppered with scenes of romantic banter between the main couple and ominous confrontations between the hero and his pursuers. the hero, in both avatars, delivers witty lines without flinching and the heroine responds in kind and then some. but despite the images obtained by jacqueline fernandez, the character she essays does not become a woman of substantial importance. Not to be outdone, the bad guys also try to don comical capes. unfortunately, the general joy is of no use: it cannot brighten up a pretty movie but rather a boring one. It is not that there is a shortage of effort. Included in the story is Gaurav’s bumbling colleague, Dikshit (Hussain Dalal), who is highly annoyed at how Americans pronounce his name. the script also gives some space to a secretary of defense for whom spies plan a honey trap only to discover that he is gay.

When the elusive heroine’s parents (rajit kapur and supriya pilgaonkar) come calling, the overzealous mother tries to convince the hero to seek her daughter’s hand while the young man and his friend struggle to hide the body. of a man who has just been shot dead, isolated moments of hilarity are created. The fact that much of the film was shot in Miami gives the directors the opportunity to dress up the images when the action takes place outdoors. Inside, however, gunfights and melee combat are predictable scenarios designed to leave a trail of destruction, the worst of which is the chaos the thugs wreak on the pottery barn furniture and crate decorations. and barrels in the gaurav pit. -equipped living room.

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