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How to become an actor in miami

Looking for good acting schools in Miami? simply browse these listings for miami acting schools to find the perfect miami acting classes for you.

Here you will find all the information you need to choose where to study to become an actor in Miami. Each Miami acting school listing includes detailed information such as acting methods taught, acting opportunities, career preparation, degree earned, tuition fees, and financial aid opportunities. You can also find out how to apply to each school and what your chances are of being accepted into each program.

featured school

title: bfa in acting, bfa in musical theater.

Tuition fee: $34,834 a year (you can live on campus for around $10,000 a year).

Financial Aid: In addition to the federal and state financial aid programs, this is one of the acting schools in Miami that offers several merit-based academic scholarships (one of which covers the full registration). You can also apply for the school’s need-based grant, work program, or special acting scholarship.

what you’ll need to apply: for bfa programs, you’ll need to submit an audition request form and fee in addition to the school’s undergraduate application, along with transcripts, test scores, tests, a guidance counselor evaluation form, and a personal statement. you can interview and audition at acting school in miami or in new york, chicago and los angeles. musical theater applicants must be ready to act, sing, and dance at their audition, as well as answer music theory questions.

creative workshops

This Miami acting school, less than half an hour from downtown Miami, has been around for over 20 years. The founder of the school (who also teaches several classes) has trained many famous actors, including Jon Secada and Gloria Estefan. The school has acting classes and workshops in Miami for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Here you can study improvisation, movement, scene study, public speaking, diction, stage and cinematographic combat, mask, mime, characterization, singing, dialects, character voices, classical theater, acting for the camera, acting in commercials, acting in soap operas and screenplay, and even hone special skills like voiceover or teleprompter reading. you can study during the day, night or weekend depending on your schedule. you can even sign up for private coaching sessions or acting classes in Spanish!

Career Preparation: Actors can take classes in cold reading techniques, monologues and auditions, as well as workshops on the business of acting and how to market yourself. there is a special commercial audition class taught by a casting director. voice-over workshops take place in a real recording studio. classes are taught by professors with extensive credits and working professionals.

what you’ll need to apply: this is one of the miami acting schools where all you need is to sign up (you may want to sign up earlier if you’re interested in private training). admission to some advanced acting classes is by teacher invitation.


university center for performing arts

This performing arts school half an hour from Miami offers mainly dance classes (jazz, tap, ballet, and more), but you can also study stage and film acting here or take singing classes (contemporary, broadway, and classical voice ). acting training is based on eric morris’s system and the need to “free the instrument” to act. Eric Morris himself teaches special weekend workshops.

Acting Opportunities: Students taking the Acting Workshop for Adults perform in a play in the school’s black box theater after 8 weeks of preparation and rehearsal where they find both behind the scenes and experience on stage. students can also audition for any of the 4 major shows produced each year by the school’s resident theater company.

what you’ll need to apply: you can sign up anytime for the regular acting class, but you’ll need to apply for the screen acting class.


barry university

This acting college outside of Miami offers a BFA in acting. the core curriculum includes classes in acting and theater history.

actors then choose from a wide range of electives including voice, movement, characterization, scene study, stage combat, costumes, makeup, acting for the camera, theater management, directing, dramaturgy, as well as classes in dance and music. actors also learn technical theater through labs and behind-the-scenes work.

students can also earn a bachelor’s degree in theater, a bachelor’s degree in dance theater, or a bfa in dance theater.

Performance Opportunities: Main Stage shows are produced in a large 1,000 capacity auditorium. there is also a smaller theater on campus. actors may perform on main stage for credit.

Career Preparation: Seniors can take a career internship for credit.

title: acting bfa.

Financial Aid: In addition to federal and state programs, the school offers need-based grants and merit-based scholarships. You can also apply for a student loan or job. 80% of students who go to barry college get some financial aid.

What you’ll need to apply: Transcripts and test scores (no audition required).


the acting school of south florida

This acting school less than half an hour from Miami offers 2 conservatory-style training programs comprised of two 4-hour classes each week. the basic training program is divided into 2 levels and takes about 8 months to complete. classes in acting, improvisation, movement, voice, diction, scene study and listening skills are included.

The Ensemble Program is divided into 3 trimesters of 8 weeks each and includes advanced acting classes, auditions, scene study, and film acting. those who only want to take acting classes in miami can sign up for a single class in acting, movement and voice, improvisation, acting for the camera or commercial technique.

Acting Opportunities: The Ensemble Program includes participation in 2 acting labs culminating in a public performance. You can also enroll in a unique acting lab for the opportunity to present scenes and monologues in front of teachers and other actors.

career preparation: students learn from working professionals. the school offers audition techniques and cold reading classes, as well as one-day seminars to learn audition monologues or the business of acting.

title: receive a document of completion if you complete the main training program and a certificate of training if you complete the joint program .

what you’ll need to apply: you can sign up for some workshops, but you’ll need an interview and audition if you’re interested in conservatory programs and some advanced classes. you may also need a teacher’s permission to enroll in some advanced classes.


florida international university

This is one of the Miami acting schools that offers both a bachelor’s degree in acting and a bachelor’s degree in theater for those who want a broader theater education. fiu counts american idol finalist syesha mercado among its alumni.

BFA students take classes in acting, movement, voice and elocution, play analysis, dance, costume and makeup, as well as music, playwriting, directing, theater history, dramatic literature, basic lighting, set design, and directing. theatrical.

Performing Opportunities: The theater department puts on about 4 shows each year.

Career Preparation: This is one of the miami acting schools where the faculty is made up of working professionals. students learn to work behind the scenes through technical theater labs. Seniors are required to write, direct, and act in a play. older adults also receive hearing training.

title: bfa in acting, ba in theater.

Financial Aid: Federal and state grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment are available. the university offers aid and loans based on merit.

What you’ll need to apply: Transcripts, test scores, an interview, and an audition.


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