How to cancel lifetime movie club on prime video

How to cancel lifetime movie club on prime video

Video How to cancel lifetime movie club on prime video

A subsidiary of A&E Networks, Movie Club for Life is an entertainment platform that has a lot to offer and also gives you the option of a 7-day free trial. so if you are unsure about subscription after free trial or have used it for a while and now looking how to cancel movie club for life then you are in the right place .

All you need to do is follow the steps here, depending on your subscription mode or whatever third-party streaming device you’re using.

It is compatible with many devices, and you can also buy it directly from these platforms.

here in this article you will learn about all the methods you can use as you can cancel the subscription directly from the device or service you are using just like if you bought it from roku you can cancel directly from there.


how to cancel the film club for life


there are different ways to do it and it depends on the device and the subscription mode. if you subscribed from the official website/platform of the film club for life, you can cancel it through it.

for this, you can write an email to their support team directly with your email (which you have used for subscription).

support team email is –

The other option is to visit the contact page of the lifelong film club and complete the application form. I would suggest this as you may lose information on how to write emails which will only slow down your conversation.

Use the link above from the contact page and fill out the form as shown in the image below, and click submit.


provide all requested information and explain your cancellation request in the description section. use the attached file (optional) to add any screenshot of the issue you are canceling for and press submit.

Now if you don’t want to use this step as it will require a response timeout from the support team, move on to other options depending on your subscription mode.

cancel as one of amazon’s top video channels

The Lifetime Movie Club can be purchased as an individual channel directly from your Amazon Prime Video. therefore, you should cancel it here only.

follow a few simple steps to cancel it:-

  • visit manage your top video channels.
  • Under Top Video Channels, you’ll find your Lifetime Film Club subscription.
  • select cancel channel and confirm your selection.

cancel movie club for life on roku

Using your roku device, follow the steps below to cancel your movie club lifetime subscription.

  • press the home button on your roku remote.
  • select home from there.
  • now using the arrow buttons on your remote highlight the old movie club channel.
  • then press the star button on your remote.
  • select manage subscription to see the renewal date and access additional options.
  • select cancel subscription. to unsubscribe.
  • confirm by choosing to delete the channel immediately or you can keep it for the rest of the subscription.

You can also cancel from the web, just visit – and sign in to your roku account if prompted.

now click manage subscriptions and select unsubscribe vs movie club for life to unsubscribe.

cancel on google play

for those who have subscribed to the movie club for life, directly from your google play account, you must follow the steps below to cancel the service.

  • Using your android phone or tablet, open the google play store.
  • Check if you are logged in to the correct google account that you have used for the lifetime movie club subscription( otherwise, it won’t appear in the list of subscriptions for that account).
  • Tap menu and then subscriptions.
  • select the movie club for life from there.
  • tap cancel subscription.

cancel with apple devices

if you paid and signed up directly with your apple id, follow the steps below. this can work on your iphone, ipad, etc.

  • open the settings app.
  • tap your name.
  • tap subscriptions or itunes & app store and then tap your apple id> view apple id>sign in, scroll down to subscriptions and tap it.
  • now, tap unsubscribe in front to the lifelong film club.

attention everyone!!!

if you subscribed to movie club for life through apple tv channels, you need to do the following steps:-

    1. Open the apple tv account settings from the device you are using or by signing in from your computer.
    2. select users & accounts, then select your account.
    3. then select subscriptions.
    4. choose the movie club lifetime subscription, then select cancel subscription .

    cancel movie club for life at comcast xfinity

    To cancel any subscription through xfinity, you can visit the xfinity contact page and use the chat option to request cancellation or you can use the method below to do it yourself.

    1. follow this path- on demand > networks > subscription plugins and then scroll to movie club for life or use voice control on the remote.
    2. select manage my subscription on the network page of the channel.
    3. select unsubscribe.

    cancel on cox contour tv or cox stream player

    subscribing through cox for subscription is also an option, and then you need your platform to cancel the subscription purchased through it.

    follow the steps below to do so:-

    1. press the outline button on the remote.
    2. from the menu, use the navigation buttons to highlight applications, then press ok. (or use a voice command such as ‘apps’ and ‘apps menu’ and say the name of the movie club for life).
    3. Navigate to and highlight the movie club for life app and press ok.
    4. now highlight manage my subscriptions, then press ok.
    5. lastly, highlight cancel subscription and press ok and you’re done.


    If you have opted for the free trial, please make sure to cancel the subscription before the trial ends or you will be charged for the subscription.

    I hope you can now unsubscribe, but in case of any problems or if you need help/explanation on any step, please let me know in the comments section below.

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    • watch cable tv using watchtveverywhere.

    don’t forget to share this article on social media platforms.

    you can try any of these services, since you are canceling the subscription, you may need a new one later.

    any suggestions on how to cancel the film club for life are welcome. let me know if I missed any steps here.

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