How to get famous people to follow you on instagram

How to get famous people to follow you on instagram

Video How to get famous people to follow you on instagram

ahhh, instagram. I love and hate this social network at the same time. Obviously, I love to share and see photos. however, it has become almost nothing more than a marketing tool. everyone and their sister want to be an instagram star. It seems like every company or brand in the world is trying to sell me something. it’s hard to find accounts that share things just for the joy of sharing… that’s what social media is all about. yes, I have worked in digital marketing for many years. yes, i have worked with many clients to create their own instagram accounts. however, I have never been one to do things the way many people think they should be done. I still believe after all this time that the true way to build an audience is to simply talk to people.

There are thousands of celebrities of all kinds on instagram. while some of them are just there for you to buy their latest album or watch their latest movie, you’d be surprised how many of them actually love using the app. share snippets of their real lives with us, and many honestly want to see what’s going on with you. So… how do you get a celebrity to notice you and follow you on the popular photo sharing site? Let’s look at some things you can do to help them notice you.

be smart with comments

the pink singer is one of my favorite celebrities. she has an amazing voice and a beautiful soul. she absolutely adore her. she shares a lot of things on her instagram page, and actually interacts a lot with her followers. she’s just like any mom: she shares photos of her adorable kids quite often. she occasionally shows her stuff that she’s doing in the music business. she posts adorable snaps of her husband. In other words… she’s not much different on instagram than me.

Here’s the thing. I am by far not the only “biggest fan of all time” he has. I’m nobody special in your world. If I were to comment on their photos “OMG I’m your biggest fan” or “I love you so much” like 99% of other users, I’d be completely ignored. that’s not a real conversation. to talk with her. ask an insightful question. Say something she can relate to. make her think inspire her. I can not give you exact comments to use: I do not know your life, your thoughts and dreams. it needs to be based on your own experiences, goals, and emotions.

share things that catch your eye

of course you should keep sharing those amazing photos of your little ones. keep posting beautiful landscapes. however, also consider sharing things that could potentially mean something to a celebrity that they would like to share with their followers. If you have a particular start that you want to add to your list of followers, study your Instagram feed. what kinds of things inspire you? what do they share the most? What are they interested in and passionate about? something good to share no matter who you dream of that notices you is something inspiring. you can use the free site canvas to create something unique. upload a beautiful photo you took, add a thought provoking saying, watermark, save it and instagram that asshole. it is really a simple process. plus, of course, you can re-share things you find that are meaningful to you, or do an image search online…just make sure you’re looking for a photo that’s tagged for reuse.

hashtags, honey!

oh boy. I could write an entire article on proper uses of hashtags. these are critical to use correctly on ig. if you want people to follow you, celebrity or not, this is one of your best tools and you need to get it right. You can do a simple Google search to find out which hashtags are currently the most popular. make sure, obviously, to tag or @name your current hero. use tags that are relevant to others, not just something like your grandchild’s nickname or your dog’s name. The purpose of hashtags is for other people with similar interests to find you by searching for posts that have a particular tag. therefore, always use the maximum amount of tags allowed in each post and keep them relevant. I have several popular bands following me, including Saliva and Saving Abel. why? it all started with hashtags. After attending my first show for each, I shared photos of myself with the bands/members. I used tags like #savingabel #tour #rock #concert and so on. I also tagged each band member’s name and used @officialsavingabel and @saliva in my comments. I wrote clever words with each photo, not just “OMG, look!” I talked about why I loved each show. what made it special? what was my favorite part? Which song did you like the most and why? this is the kind of stuff bands wanted to know. every time I do this, the bands end up commenting. i’m lucky to have been to so many saving abel shows now (and have spent a lot of time with them after shows) that i’m real friends with each of the guys in person and on social media platforms… and their wives/ girlfriends. I also work a bit with one of the guitarists being an administrator of his personal facebook page (not of the whole band). and think: it all started with hashtags!

repost your photos

Be selective here. Don’t re-share every single thing your idol shares. choose wisely, my friends. think about the inspiring things I mentioned earlier. Did your favorite actress share something truly meaningful that she touched you in some way? Please repost it and add your own thoughtful comment to it. They will realize. They’ll be grateful to see that you shared what was important to them, and they’ll love that it was important enough to you not only to share it again… but to explain why it’s also meaningful to you. you. .

use appropriate emotions and colors

Research shows that we are only able to feel four basic emotions most of the time: joy, sadness, fear and anger. even on social media, you need to keep those core emotions in mind when creating your content. aim for one of these emotions…depending on what you’re trying to accomplish at the time. wear things that inspire others to feel the same way. By the way, I’m definitely not suggesting that you share things that will cause people to start fighting when I mention anger. think of it more along the lines of getting angry about the injustices in this world. the photos that make people happy are the ones that are most likely to be re-shared. sadness and fear will make others empathize and trigger additional engagement (likes, shares, and comments, oh my!) and anger can lead to all of the above.

Also, colors are really important, even on instagram. colors affect our mood and emotions without us realizing it. check out plutchik’s emotion wheel to help you figure out which colors match the emotion you’re trying to convey when choosing an image to share.


All the tips I have given you can help you get your favorite celebrity to follow you on instagram and also on other social media platforms (twitter, facebook, etc.). it’s about how you talk to them, what you share and how you share it. Don’t be discouraged if Blake Shelton or Robert Downey Jr. don’t follow you after you add an insightful comment to a photo of them. it takes time to get noticed in a sea of ​​fish, and time to build trust and real communication.

Do you have famous friends or followers? how did you make this happen? Share your tips with our readers in the comments, and let me know if I can use them (with credit to you, of course) in this post as an edit at some point.

Happy sharing!

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