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How to get pre screening movie tickets

Video How to get pre screening movie tickets

Do you like going to the movies? Have you ever wanted to have access to advance screenings of new movies? Believe it or not, ordinary people like you and me may get free tickets to early screenings.

this can be an important way to have fun without spending a lot.

Sure, you could stay and watch free movies online. But going out and seeing a movie before its general release is a special kind of thrill, especially if it’s free.

You may have thought that advance screening tickets were reserved for the media and other bigwigs, but the truth is, anyone can get them.

we’ll show you a few ways you can get free tickets to many early movie screenings. This will not only save you money, but it will also allow you to be among the first to see your favorite movies.

how to get free tickets to early performances

Movie studios like to give away these free tickets to get early showings and get people excited about upcoming movies.

set early screening dates in major cities around the world in hopes of building buzz for the film. Here are some ways you can leverage your marketing efforts and score some free movie tickets.

1. visit film production studio websites

Movie production studios often have information on free advance screening tickets. Some movie studio websites may ask you to enter your ZIP code to find information about early screenings in your area.

lionsgate and sony have this option on specialized websites. visit the lionsgate local screenings site and sony’s local screenings site for more information.

Please note that not all film production companies have upcoming advance screenings at any given time. their advance screening times vary based on movie release dates and other factors.

check the sites often for free ticket offers before they sell out.

warner bros. images do things a little differently. When you sign up for a Warner Bros. Promotional account by providing them with your email address, you receive advance notice of upcoming movie releases. the studio and its partners will send you promotional codes that you can use to get tickets to early screenings.

Check out the websites of other film production companies to find out how you can get free tickets to early screenings of their upcoming releases.

2. register with gofobo

have you heard of gofobo? is a website that exists to help you find advance tickets to movie screenings.

The site is packed with great information, like details on upcoming movie releases. share release dates, movie ratings and trailers.

also has information on early screenings and how to get tickets. not everyone is eligible for tickets through gofobo.

To qualify, you must sign up for email newsletters and updates. when you do, you’ll get information on how to enter their sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes winners get free advance movie screening tickets via email. gofobo’s FAQ page says that some screenings allow two free passes and some allow one.

Also, the site says it’s important to show up for screenings 30-60 minutes early. seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

This means that once the theater is full, no one else will be admitted, even if you have a free pass. note: with gofobo, you can also get passes to other events, like concerts.

3. check other advanced evaluation sites

There are other advanced detection sites besides gofobo that work a bit differently. here is information on other advanced screening sites.

early evaluations shares information on where you can get tickets for upcoming screenings. for example, they will share radio and newspaper contests by giving advance screening tickets. when you search this site, you search by your zip code, state, or city.

From there, you can find out what movies are coming up soon in your area.


fandango is another example. The popular movie ticket and information site occasionally hosts movie screening events. You need to sign up for fandango updates in your area to receive notifications about these events.

However, it is free to register. By doing so, you can get the inside scoop on upcoming movies, buy movie tickets, and earn reward points.

see first

seeitfirst is another site that offers you free tickets to early screenings. you must sign up for their email list to receive notifications of anticipated evaluations. however, it is free to sign up.

Depending on release dates, there may or may not be early screening release dates available at any given time. If tickets are available, you will be able to access and print them from your seeitfirst account.

4. visit the websites of local radio stations

Local radio stations often hold raffles for tickets to movie screenings. You can find information about these giveaways on their websites or hear about the giveaways on various radio shows, such as morning shows.

But probably one of the best ways to find out about these freebies is to sign up for radio station websites. Many radio stations have email lists or free VIP club memberships.

By signing up to join these memberships and email lists, you can receive advance notice of upcoming giveaway events. In addition, these types of memberships and rewards programs often include other types of free gifts, such as tickets to concerts or sporting events.

another important note: radio station vip memberships and rewards program are usually free.

Tip: On some occasions, you may be able to find similar freebies on the websites of newspapers and television stations. For that reason, we suggest checking all your local media outlets and signing up for any rewards programs.

Doing so will help maximize your chances of being eligible for advance movie screening tickets.

5. check entertainment websites

Another way to get free tickets to movie screenings is by checking out entertainment websites. we found two sites that give away movie tickets as prizes.

behind the scenes

backstageol is an entertainment website that shares information about movies, music, TV shows and more. for example, they also do interviews with actors and musicians.

When we searched the site for this item, there were several contests you could enter to give away free early screening tickets. after clicking on the article, you will get instructions on how to enter the contests for each draw.

Most giveaways involve taking action on some sort of social media account. for example, you can get an entry by following backstageol on twitter.

It is important to note that the drawings were held in various cities in the US. uu. some contests had screening tickets available for only one city. alternately, other contests were giving away screening tickets for various cities.

see the backstageol website for information on each drawing.

zay zay

zay zay is another entertainment website that offers advance ticket giveaways. As with backstageol, in order to enter a ticket contest, you generally need to take some sort of action on social media.

Each item clearly states what is being given away and how to earn entries. for example, the article will show you which city the free early screening passes are for.

In addition, it will share the actions you can take to get tickets for free tickets. Bonus: This site also shares articles about movies, music, TV shows, and more. and give away other items, such as recently released movies on DVD.

what else to know about film screenings

There are a few other things you should know about movie previews. Here are some tips to make your visit to one more enjoyable.

arrive early to the movie screening

Companies routinely book movie showings in advance to avoid having empty seats. some people will get the tickets but won’t show up to the movie.

therefore, companies sell additional tickets to compensate for this. For that reason, we suggest showing up at least 30 minutes before showtime.

this will help you have a better chance of getting seats.

bring identification and other required documentation

In addition to arriving early, it is important that you bring your identification and any other documentation you may have received, such as a ticket confirmation. this will help ensure there are no delays in entering the assessment.


Yes, you really can get free tickets to early screenings of upcoming movies. Because movie studios know the power of word of mouth referrals, they will share tickets across various outlets to get people talking about movies.

Take advantage of these theses giveaways to get early screenings of upcoming movies. doing so could be a great way to be among the first to see your favorite movies.

plus, you could save a lot of money on entertainment costs. this is especially true if you go to the movies frequently. Consider using free movie preview tickets as one of the many ways to save more money today.

Have you ever used any of the above sources to do this? If so, what was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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