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My Son Hunter is an online satirical drama about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, their personal and professional relationship, Hunter’s addiction to drugs and sex, and Hunter and Joe’s controversial dealings. with foreign citizens in ukraine, central europe, russia and communist china. Extremely well directed and acted, with some crazy and funny moments, My Son Hunter exposes the truth behind multiple Biden family scandals and Hunter Biden’s love-hate relationship with his father, and not without some sympathy for two major tragedies. of the biden family and the negative. effects they had on hunter, but movieguide® recommends extreme caution for adult viewers due to strong immoral behavior and a lot of strong profanity.

The film is primarily set in December 2019, the month the fbi seized control of hunter biden’s laptop, which hunter forgot he left behind in a computer repair shop. The film opens with Joe Biden briefly swimming in a pool with a secret service woman standing nearby. biden gets out of the pool and says to the agent: “thanks, I needed it”. A note or trace appears on the screen, as the agent reads the trace and says, “This is not a true story. . . . except for all the facts.”

cut to a blm protest that turned into a fire riot in los angeles. a blonde protester named grace anderson and her friend are briefly interviewed by a black reporter. grace talks about “social justice” and “equity” while she complains about president trump’s tweets. her friend calls trump supporters nazis and domestic terrorists. After speaking with the reporter, Grace takes video of some leftist protesters beating up what appears to be a two-trump supporter. she enjoys the beating, but she can’t use the images because she makes the cause of her look bad.

Cut to Hunter Biden entering a dance club and walking toward a back room party after briefly stopping to snort cocaine in a bathroom. meanwhile, grace is getting ready in a dressing room in the next room. Back at the party room, she is introduced as a new star in the club. Dressed in a skimpy outfit, she steps out onto a small stage and begins suggestively dancing as Hunter watches intently.

Suddenly, after handing the hostess a large wad of cash, Hunter stops everything and the party moves to the notorious Chateau Marmont. As people dance and talk, Hunter puts himself into a cocaine stupor. three or more hours later, everyone is passed out on the ground. Hunter wakes up and imagines a conversation with a dog sitting on a man’s lap, who tells him that all people are freeloaders and that he should order them all to go away. hunter does exactly that, and takes the joke on a little trip. he stops at a seedy spot among a group of homeless tents and buys more drugs.

Back at the Chateau Marmont, Hunter begins to tell Grace about his life. begins with the death of her mother and her little sister in 1972 due to a car accident. His father remarried and the family, including his older brother Beau, spent summers in a small house in Nantucket, but Beau died in 2015 of a brain tumor. “He was my best friend,” Hunter tells Grace. “It was like the conscience of the family. now I’m the only one left to daddy from mommy, and I just want him to be proud.

While picking up a packet of cocaine from the ground, Hunter says, “I’m the one who brings all the deals. I’m the one who provides a future for everyone in this family.”

the problem is, he tells grace, that he is a drug addict. when grace asks him what about rehab, he says that he’s tried rehab five times, but it’s never worked for him. he also tells her that, after his brother’s death, the pain was so great that he and his brother’s widow had an affair.

hunter brings grace to the hotel pool. His conversation is interrupted by the secret service agent working to protect the hunter’s father, Joe, during the campaign. he puts on a robe to go talk to his father in a black limousine.

The rest of the film involves Joe and Hunter talking about what’s on Hunter’s laptop, including emails about Hunter and Joe’s controversial dealings with foreign nationals in Ukraine, Central Europe, and Communist China. In a brief digression, the agent tells some background on Ukraine. later, grace convinces hunter to talk about his business abroad. She tells Hunter that her father, a lawyer, taught her how to answer questions when interviewed by the press or law enforcement, and maybe she can help.

my son hunter is extremely well directed, written and acted, with some crazy and funny moments and a lot of drama. takes a complex subject with lots of detail and boils it all down to an absorbing and digestible story. Director Robert Davi and his crew, including the actors, apply some funny, clever and dramatic tricks, flourishes and techniques to engage viewers.

my son hunter is a satirical and dramatic exposition of the truth behind the multiple scandals of the biden family. Although it touches on the sexual peccadilloes of Hunter and Joe Biden and Hunter’s rampant drug abuse, the gist of the film is about the Biden family’s corrupt financial dealings abroad. Hunter serves as the point man for corrupt deals in Ukraine, Central Europe, Russia, and Communist China. The deals involve a lot of corrupt influence peddling, and most of the corruption benefits Hunter, Joe, and some of Hunter’s cronies, regardless of what benefits the United States, its people, and its national security and prosperity. Most damagingly, the film shows that Hunter’s dealings with Chinese companies are connected to the Chinese Communist government and its financial attacks and military campaign against the United States. At one point, the film echoes a major complaint by Hunter in an email to one of his daughters, where he complained about having to “pay for everything for this whole family for 30 years.” In the film, Hunter says, “I’m the one who brings all the offers. I am the one who provides a future for everyone in this family.”

my son hunter is a revealing account of corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, the federal government, and the national media. movieguide® recommends extreme caution for adult viewers, however, due to strong carnal immoral behavior, scantily clad women in a sequence, drug abuse, and a lot of strong obscene language. see our content section for more information.

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