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Katamarayudu movie review greatandhra

movie: katamarayudu rating: 2.5/5 banner: northstar entertainment pvt ltd cast: pawan kalyan, shruti haasan, ali, prudhvi, nasser, siva balaji, ajay, chaitanya krishna, rao ramesh director of photography: prasad murella art: brahma kadali fights: ram lakshman music: anup rubens producers: sharrath marar director: kishore kumar pardsani release date: March 24, 2017

whatever movie pawan kalyan makes generates great anticipation. “katamarayudu” is a remake of the Tamil hit “veeram” which was also dubbed into Telugu as “veerudokkade”. however, pawan kalyan’s leading man has been making waves with so much buzz.

The trailers are also pretty decent. how did the remake go? let’s find out?

Story: In a Rayalaseema village, Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a kind of demigod to the villagers and uses violence to resolve disputes.

He hates the idea of ​​marriage and remains single, while all four of his brothers have girlfriends. they hatch a plan to make his brother fall in love with avanthi (shruti haasan). he actually falls in love with the beauty of it.

the problem is that his father (nasser) does not like any person who indulges in violence. To win his love, Katamarayudu renounces violence for a few days, but soon learns that a revenge-seeking convict (tarun arora) is hatching a plan to kill Avanthi’s father, who is a retired judge.

how katamarayudu, who came to the village of avanthi to win her love, becomes the savior of his family is the rest of the drama.

Artist Performances: Pawan Kalyan is in excellent shape, from his outfit to displaying histrionics, he does it well. he has shown two shades: a violent village leader and a lovable person. in both tones of the character, he has given his best, but he is better in the guise of the leader of the people.

shruti haasan was completely wrong, her look and her dresses are not good at all. she must also take care of her face that is losing shine.

rao ramesh has once again delivered the best performance in the role of narsappa. although his role is serious, his characterization elicits good laughs and his rayolaseema slang is appreciable.

ali’s comedy is outdated and prudhvi has a limited role. chaitanya krishna, kamal kamaraju, ajay and siva balaji as brothers of pawan kalyan are fine.

tarun arora as the main villain is not so suitable. Nasser as Shruti’s father has the usual style of him.

Technical Excellence: The film has competent technical and production values. prasad murella, who filmed “attharintiki daaredi”, captured the locations very well. His filming of rustic green images, as well as the barren land of Rayalaseema, deserves a special mention.

ram – lakshman fights are good but they are long. One fight in particular is excellent when the villagers ask Pawan Kalyan to show off his fighting skills and he does so with his inimitable style wearing panche.

anup ruben’s music is very weak. except for the song title ‘mira mira meesam’ the rest doesn’t cut the ice. artwork, editing, and production values ​​are decent. dialogues are good in parts.

highlights: pawan kalyan first half fights

cons: lack of novelty long second half songs not so catchy appearance of shruti

analysis: pawan kalyan burned his hands writing a silly script called “sardaar gabbar singh” last year. To play it safe, he has chosen a successful Tamil movie called Ajith Starrer “Veeram” and handed over the reins to Kishore Kumar Pardasani, also known as Dolly, to remake it. he thus he has done “katamarayudu”.

the story is not new but it has enough elements to make it an entertaining masala drama. but the director seems to have changed the story a bit and also the script of the original movie to suit the image of pawan kalyan.

the script in the first half is decent, but the grip is lost after the interval. Before the interval, the focus is on establishing Pawan Kalyan differently and projecting him manly in his new avatar.

the emphasis is also on the aspect of how a person who hates the idea of ​​marriage is melted by the arrival of a beautiful woman. the love proposal scene is hilarious. although the scenes follow a predictable path, they don’t bore us.

There are not many problems before the interval, but the problems start after that. from the first scene in the second half, the story and narrative momentum have taken a wrong turn. a tough guy like katamarayudu who comes to the heroine’s village and tries to impress his father is a good idea on paper. but what happens from there is told in a somewhat clichéd way that we’ve seen in many previous films.

A villain trying to get back at a judge for convicting his father in a case is such a 70s idea. nasser fighting for a school building in a small town is also a ridiculous argument.

pawan kalyan’s climactic episode revealing why he was after shruti’s family and nasser is beaten to death.

the movie is much better than “sardaar gabbar singh” with the hero pawan kalyan looking great and giving a better performance but the momentum is quite predictable.

where director kishore has succeeded is in bringing out the best in pawan kalyan and his rich style. where he has failed is in not adding anything new to the second half.

A massive hero movie should have better music, an interesting second half, and a glamorous heroine. in “katamarayudu”, these three elements are missing.

anup rubens has completely failed to understand what one expects from a big star movie like pawan kalyan’s. also shruti haasan seems not to have cared much about her appearance and her attire.

Overall, “katamarayudu” has a pretty interesting first half and pawan kalyan in better shape, but the story and narration are too cliche.

final result: cliché rayudu!

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