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Lofer movie review

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maverick director, puri jagan, took it upon himself to show the megahero varun tej in a full massive avatar. the result is loafer that has hit the screens today. Let’s see if Varun manages to show his general skills or not.


The story of the film is quite simple. An arrogant and irresponsible father (posani krishna murali) separates from her wife (revathi) and takes her son away from her raja (varu tej) from her.

raja grows up to be lazy like his father and thinks he is a motherless boy. As time passes, Raja falls in love with Mouni (Disha Patani), who is facing a great threat from his father (Mukesh Rishi). Raja then decides to free Mouni and just as he is about to do so, he realizes that his mother is still alive and is directly related to Mouni and his problems.

How will Raja deal with his mother? How is her mother related to disha? And how will Raja solve all these problems? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

loafer will surely be a turning point in varun’s career. It correctly demonstrates that Varun can pull off a massive role and impress everyone in songs and fights. the lanky hero will definitely be a big star in the days to come and he has put himself on display in a great way. Varun’s stature, screen presence, and emotional output have been put to excellent use by Puri.

another important asset of the film is posani krishna murali. the seasoned actor has played him supremely well and conjures up great laughs as a wily father. it’s a role tailor made for him and posani’s chemistry with varun tej is quite good. disha patani makes a confident debut and looks good on screen.

The first half and interval explosion are quite good and move at a fast pace. all the emotional scenes between revathi and varun have gone extremely well. Being an experienced actress, Revathi was brilliant in acting her during the second half.

negative points:-

As for the story, once again there is nothing new. after the interval the movie becomes quite predictable and you know exactly what will happen at the end. after the after part of the interval, the film separates and some unnecessary scenes appear.

The climax also seems a bit forced and is also drawn out with too much melodrama. certain logics are missing from the film, as the mother-son relationship could have been revealed during the pre-climax to make the film even more believable.

The music of the film is a big disappointment as the songs are not recorded at all. brahmanandam’s entry and his episode were added unnecessarily and don’t seem logical.

technical aspects:-

Production values ​​are pretty good. Jodhpur footage looks fresh and has been shot on a large scale. varun tej has been superbly designed and looks fit for his character. puri’s dialogues are good and so is the editing. the script is pretty good and it sticks around for most of the first half.

however, after a point in the second half, puri loses ideas and introduces some unnecessary characters. But the credit must go entirely to him for showcasing Varun in an excellent way and extracting a wonderful performance from the young star.


Overall, loafer is a movie that will do wonders for varun tej’s confidence and career. the lanky hero steals the show in a massive avatar and impresses in a big way. but a predictable storyline, a rushed climax, and below-average music spoil the mood of the film. Finally, don’t expect anything out of the box and just give this movie a chance for typical puri storytelling, mother feeling, and all-round acting from varun. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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